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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: November 2010
Series: Future Noir / Deviations
Issue Number: 1

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The Joe team, which includes a cyborg like Sci-Fi, enter Tokyo to trace down a chemical that is being used by Cobra to make insane transformations in people and insects. They fight off a swarm of insects and then Snake Eyes arrives as member of the Arashikage Clan to save them from an even larger one. Later, the Joe team assaults a chemical plant where they are attacked by Nemesis Enforcer and the Baroness.

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Notes of Interest

Snake Eyes is not part of the GI Joe team.

Sci-Fi is half robot/computer.

Major Players

GI Joe: Duke, Hawk, Helix, Roadblock, Scarlett, Sci-Fi

Arashikage Clan: Hard Master, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander (King Cobra), Dr. Mindbender, Nemesis Enforcer, Zartan

Creative Team

"Future Noir Special #1"
Writer: Andy Schmidt
Art: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Helix and Sci-Fi are reporting in to Hawk regarding their last mission. Duke begins to explain:

Sci-Fi, who has tank treads for legs and is cris-crossed with computer wires, basically he is a cyborg, is flying the Argonaut (a fancy helicopter) with Helix supervising Scarlett and Duke dropping by rope out the back. Their mission is to collect a package.

Scarlett and Duke drop down right in the middle of a group of soldiers, they start killing them as Duke and Scarlett dodge around. Sci-Fi informs them that the package is four floors below, so Duke & Scarlett jump out the nearest window using Scarlett's crossbow rope they swing down into the room with the package. Helix monitoring informs them that more reinforcements are coming. Duke radios to Roadblock for help, who is on the ground already he uses Lucille, his mini-gatlin gun, to knock down a walkway bridge blocking all on coming reinforcements. Duke retrieves the package, Sci-Fi collects them all, mission accomplished.

Hawk hears the report doesn't like the way it was a achieved but can't argue with the positive results. He dismisses the team.

The next day the team has tracked the contents of the package to Tokyo. They arrive in the Argonaut, Tokyo is surrounded by the Serpent's Coil a structure that completely surrounds the city originally intended to intimate visiting politicos now after years of decline its purpose is containment and everything and everyone in Tokyo is threat. Plus, their are references to snakes and the Tokyo Tower has a large snake coiled around it.

None of it bothers Duke, Scarlett and him enter a bar filled with drunks and prostitutes, Scarlett is immediately assaulted but she easily breaks the arm of the man then knocks him out cold. They sit down and order beers. Duke grabs Scarlett's face and kisses her. Then pulls out a test tube filled with a liquid that they got from the package the day before. As the beers are served, Duke spills one and mixes the liquid with the beer, he grabs the bartender slams his head into the mixture and a spidery type of tentacle attaches itself to the bartender. Duke stands up saying "This was manufactured here. I need more or it. I'll be back tomorrow, so you can tell me who to talk with." They walk out of the bar.

The bartender calls the event into a bald man with a snake tattoo all along his arm. This could be Zartan. He orders four Vipers to scramble. He then runs to report in person to the King Cobra.

King Cobra, who has a tattoo of the traditional Cobra symbol starting at his forehead and covering his complete faced. Tells Zartan to call off the Vipers and fall on his own fang for his stupidity.

Outside the bar, Scarlett punches Duke for his stupidity and the kiss. Duke argues that it created a scene and by drawing attention to themselves they will get what they need faster because they will come them, instead of making GI Joe hunt them down. The Vipers can be seen arriving in the background. Duke & Scarlett enter the Argonaut as Roadblock, Helix and Sci-Fi listen to the two of them argue. Next the ship is rocked and in fly a flock of double winged insects with a stinger as its tail, each about the size of a human arm. Roadblock ducks as Scarlett & Duke begin firing at them. Sci-Fi opens up with his machine gun as one sticks its stinger complete through Sci-Fi's chest from the back. Helix shoots the creature off Sci-Fi's back. Roadblock recovers and opens up with Lucille pretty much killing all of them and doing heavy damage to the interior of the ship. Just when they think they are safe, a half scorpion/lizard mix of an insect busts through the rear door. Everyone opens fire on the larger then a human insect.

Its pincher like claws grab Scarlett, when a mysterious figure, clad in black, appears on the back of the insect and swinging a sword that decapitates the insect.

Elsewhere in Tokyo, King Cobra and Dr. Mindbender are arguing. Mindbender doesn't agree with King Cobra regarding his inaction against the Joe team. He reminds him that Cobra is strong and that Serpentor, the rightful heir, is on his way to replace him. Mindbender tries to use his hypnotic eye to bend King Cobra to his will but it doesn't work. King Cobra grabs Dr. Mindbender and tells him "I need your brain, Mindbender the rest of you is expendable."

Back in the Argonaut, the man clad in black is standing on the dead insect. All are very impressed, especially Scarlett, when a voice speaks up for Scarlett's savior saying "Snake Eyes has taken a vow of silence." The Hard Master arrives telling them that they should follow Snake Eyes. Both Scarlett & Helix are very impressed with Snake Eyes. Later on the top of a building, Snake Eyes points his sword towards the traditional Cobra symbol. The Hard Master begins to inform them of the history of Cobra in Tokyo. Members of Cobra first appeared with tattoos, then graffiti on the walls, then killings, then the churches appeared and people lined up to become one with the snake spirit. The police wear killed by groups of poisonous snakes, the children started disappearing. Then the transformations started happening. Massive physical deformations of the people who worshipped the snake spirit.

The Arashikage Clan became the cities only protectors.

Duke doesn't believe any of it, Roadblock thinks its funny, Sci-Fi, a transformation of his own kind is saddened to hear this news and Scarlett and Helix are still interested in Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes then goes and busts into one of the churches that is filled with snake ideology. Duke and Roadblock don't believe it even though they see it.

The Hard Master expresses his disappointment with the team, he thought they were there to help. Snake Eyes and him walk away from the team.

Back at the Argonaut, the team is cleaning up the mess of insect bodies, Sci-Fi using his built in computer functions analyses the insects. He determines that they are genetically modified, kind of like him, but they aren't by choice. He tells the team they have to go take care of them and he can help them find out where they are located.

Sci-Fi has tracked down a chemical company that makes one of the chemicals used in the transformations. The Joe team has broken into the office and is stealing the computer records when a large noise draws their attention to the factory floor. The team runs to the exit but it is blocked by a massive demon looking beast with large octopus type tentacles coming out of its back. And standing next to the demon is the Baroness and she says "So this is GI Joe? so young, Nemesis Enforcer, slaughter them."

The team divides Scarlett and Duke swing away on one of her crossbow arrows and Helix and Roadblock jump for cover as they are chased by a swarm of the flying insects. The Baroness using a whip, swings after Scarlett & Duke. Duke is impressed with the Baroness's looks and speed. Scarlett slaps him and attacks the Baroness.

Roadblock opens up with Lucille killing most of the swarm, Helix firing two pistols takes out the rest. When two very large tentacles surround them.

Sci-Fi in the Argonaut finishes his analysis of the mutant agent and it is an unstable reptilian DNA. He recommends destroying the plant completely.

Scarlett is disarmed by the Baroness' electric whips, she wraps it around Duke's leg and starts electrocuting him. She introduces herself. Scarlett showing no fear reminds her that she has friends.

In the other room, Nemesis Enforcer has Helix pinned to the ground with one arm and Roadblock wrapped up in a tentacle.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen