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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: March 2016
Series: Future Noir / Deviations
Issue Number: Deviation

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Fort Wadsworth is attacked. Weather patterns across the globe are disrupted and Cobra defeats G.I.Joe. Five years later, Cobra Commander has become bored with the hum drum day to day activities of ruling the world. He pulls together the last remaining G.I.Joes and attacks his own island, destroying Cobra so that he may rebuild his empire in a new way and take over the world again.

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Notes of Interest

A what if scenario depicting what might happen if Cobra had beaten G.I.JOE
A short letter from Paul Allor
Corey Lewis character designs
Corey Lewis process pages.
Includes nods to the Fensler PSA videos and the original PSA scenes at the end of the original cartoon series.

Major Players

Roadblock, Scarlett, Duke, Gung Ho, Snow Job, Jinx, Snake Eyes, T’Jbang

Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Tomax, Xamot, Storm Shadow, Dr. Mindbender, Destro, Zartan, Major Bludd, Hot Wire, Big Boa, Croc Master, Nemesis Enforcer

Creative Team

Written by: Paul Allor
Art by: Corey Lewis
Lettered by: Gilberto Lazcano
Edited: by Carlos Guzman
Published by: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Corey Lewis
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Brian Shearer
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

While teaching two kids that knowing is half the battle in Fort Wadsworth, Roadblock and the G.I.Joe team are attacked by swarms of Cobra aircraft. Cobra uses the weather dominator all across the world to a devastating effect. While facing Cobra Commander, Duke is struck by lightning and killed in front of Scarlett. Cobra then takes over the world and creates a new world order.

Five years later a meeting is taking place at Cobra Island, Global Capital of the Cobra World Order. Cobra Commander is now the Global Leader and Potentate of the Seven Continents and the Seven Seas. After 45 minutes of discussion there is nothing to report.

Cobra Commander brings up his plan to disable world wide communication. The other Cobra leaders, The Baroness and the Crimson Twins, try to explain to the Commander that since they are in charge now they do not want to disrupt the global communications network.

The Commander goes on a rant about weaponizing the world’s fish, giving all the statues of the world laser eyes and even destroying the Earth’s core. Frustrated with the new bureaucracy, the Commander leaves the meeting.

There have been many switches in responsibilities since Cobra was placed in power. The Baroness and Destro have settled down with Destro taking a fatherly role. Zartan has gone on tour with a rock band. Storm Shadow now uses his stealthy ninja skills to do corporate spying. Major Bludd is in security and watches cameras all day. Hot Wire has taken on the duties of information technology.

The Commander wants things to change. Cobra Commander sends Major Bludd to Cobra Square in New Cobra City, New Cobra.

Inside one of the giant electronic billboards reside the last four members of G.I.JOE.

Scarlett, Jinx, Roadblock and Snake Eyes are all that remain.

Major Bludd surprises them and then convinces them to attack Cobra Island.

The attack commences and the Joes drop onto the island from a plane. Scarlett defeats Big Boa. She places an explosive charge. Snake Eyes and Jinx team up and defeat Croc Master and his crocs. They also place explosive charges. Roadblock runs into Nemesis Enforcer in the commissary and pretends to choke on a sandwich. The ruse works by confusing Nemesis Enforcer and he places a charge in the cafeteria.

As the attacks continue and Major Bludd tells the Commander his plan is working, the Commander refuses to evacuate and locks down the entire island trapping the Joes and Cobras both. The Island erupts in a series of explosions.

The Baroness, Destro and their kids escape in a small plane.

The destruction of the island and death of Cobra Commander are all over the news. The Baroness has been placed in charge of the world now. She says they will rebuild.

A man in a trench coat and hat boards a bus. He thinks to himself that the process of ruling the world was what drove him, not ruling the world itself. He ponders his future and even contemplates selling used cars again.

His thought process is interrupted by the bus driver who tells him he has to pay to ride the bus. Cobra Commander says he is above paying for the bus ride.

The bus driver calls him a nobody. This moment the former Cobra Commander decides to change his plan of going back to being a cog in a machine. He smashes the driver’s face into the steering wheel. T’Jbang shows up and tries to stop the Commander.

The Commander breaks his neck. The Commander will start a new, new world order and conquer and rise to power again. He tosses the driver out the window of the bus. As the bus drives off he screams “The world will be mine! Mine! Miiiiiiine!

Summary by Ted Jacobson