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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: June 2013
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Files
Issue Number: 3

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Flint hires the Night Creeper organization to break into the Pentagon without Duke’s approval as a trap. The Night Creeper’s capture Flint and begin interrogating him. Tomax continues to manipulate Clockspring.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

Joes: Chameleon (Erika Le Tene), Clockspring, Duke, Flint, Lady Jaye, Ronin

Cobra: Tomax,

Others: Billy (William Kessler-Latta)

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa
Penciler: Antonio Fuso
Inker: Emilio Lecce
Colorist: Arianna Florean
Color Assists: Azzura Florean
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Consulting Editor: John Barber
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Michael Lark
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: Tom Whalen
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

-- Las Vegas
Tomax walks in on Clockspring as he is watching footage of Chameleon from the surveillance system. Clockspring was rebuffed by Chameleon when he expressed his love to her and since then she has been having a relationship with Flint. Tomax has been using Clockspring’s feelings for her to get him to give him information. He tells him she plays these games and is very good at them. She is carrying on with Flint to hurt him.

-- Washington, DC
At the Pentagon, Flint is meeting with Duke about a plan he has to capture the Night Creepers in action. He wants to hire them to break into the Pentagon section of the GI Joe system. Duke thinks its completely crazy. Both pass through several ID checks as they make their way into secure area. As Flint lays out the plan, Duke calls it for what it is, Flint stretching to get a win for his team. He refuses to authorize the action, Flint points out that his team is perfect for discovering and defeating these kind of threats. And he admits that six weeks ago he hired them, they did their initial break in last night and in 3 hours they have consultation meeting. Duke is amazed that they were successful without anyone knowing. He wants to be at that meeting.

Hours later at the meeting, they confirm that they were able to breach the GI Joe system.
-- First step was finding out what contractor built the GI Joe section inside the Pentagon.
-- Next was determining what kind of security systems where in place. Since the location was on the first floor and underwater, it proved very difficult
-- Next they infiltrated the Pentagon through copied IDs and retinal scans, that was the easy art.
-- Next, in order access the section through the underwater section, they numbed plates by changing the pressures which allowed them to access through the walls. Which gave them access and that is where they stopped.
-- The failures where human intelligence, reliance on only one major security trigger and lack of additional fail safes.

Duke is very disturbed by their success. Flint walks out the consultation asking if he can meet the men who actually did the break in cause he would like to offer them a job. The consultant shakes hands with Flint to say goodbye and in his hand is a needle that pokes him, Flint passes out, the consultant puts him in his car and drives away.

Elsewhere in Washington DC, Chameleon, Lady Jaye and Ronin are waiting in a completely empty office space. Ronin is having patience issues not seeing why her skills are needed. Lady Jaye points that the Night Creepers have killed people with edged weapons before and they will need her skills when they show up. Chameleon realizes that Ronin is scared.

Flint wakes up in dark room tied to a chair. The Consultant is now interrogating Flint. The Night Creepers figured out the trap that Flint set and are prepared to defeat Flint’s trap.

Chameleon sensing that something is wrong breaks radio silence and calls Flint’s cell phone, of course there is no answer. Chameleon makes the call that the Night Creepers are making their move now. She gives her best speech telling Ronin she is best field agent she has seen in either Cobra or GI Joe and Lady Jaye is the bravest person she ever met. They take off to save the day. Chameleon sits down on her computer to figure out the Night Creepers next move.

Sitting in an unknown area on the floor in between two pair of feet is the bio weapon the Night Creepers stole from Los Alamos lab.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen