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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-COBRA21-21

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2013
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 21

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A Cobra attack creates unexpected cover for Flint and his team to escape capture by the Oktober Guard. Major Bludd turns the incident to his advantage, but Clockspring may have made a dangerous mistake.

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Notes of Interest

This is the last issue of the series. G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files begins the following month.

Major Players

Joes: Flint, Lady Jaye, Chameleon, Ronin, Clockspring, Firewall

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Major Bludd

Oktober Guard: Colonel Shtern, Daina, Horrorshow, Shturmovik, Gorky

Others: Tomax Paoli

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa

Artists: Werther Dell’Edera

Colorists: Arianna Florean

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Editors: John Barber and Carlos Guzman

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover Artist: Antonio Fuso

Cover R1: Joe Eisma and Juan Castro

Full Details

An explosion rocks the former Cobra base currently used by the Oktober Guard as Cobra attacks. G.I. Joe prisoners Flint, Lady Jaye, and Chameleon hear the attacks in their below ground cell. Flint wonders who’s attacking, but Chameleon suggests the answer is obvious.

Cobra helicopters bombard the compound from the air, as Cobra soldiers land and assault on foot. Inside, Daina wonders how they got past the early warning defenses, but the imprisoned Major Bludd tells them that Cobra built those defenses and know how to bypass them. Outside, Horrorshow blasts through waves of Cobra troops with his heavy machine cannon, and Shturmovik knocks helicopters out of the air with anti-tank weaponry. Below, Gorky is continuing his torture of Ronin, but hearing the assault, he leaves her. As soon as he leaves, Ronin breaks the chair she is bound to against the wall, injuring her side in the process, but is free. She enters Daina’s quarters and finds clothing and a pair of ice skates, which she takes to use as a weapon.

As Flint and Lady Jaye discuss escape options, Cobra troops enter the cell area and blast the Oktober Guard guards. One of the Cobras recognizes Chameleon as a traitor. He thinks out loud about what the Commander will do with her once she’s brought in, but before he can act, Ronin enters and kills both the soldier and his partner. She sarcastically thanks Flint for the rescue mission.

Outside, the Oktober Guard continue to fight the Cobra invaders. Colonel Shtern, still inside, tells them to neutralize the air attack, since they can’t move their powerful Czar Cannon if they’re fired upon from the air. An explosion rocks the building, and Shtern drops his sidearm, which slides near enough to Major Bludd for him to pick it up. He threatens Shtern to release him, but Shtern refuses. Instead, Bludd kills him and shoots the lock off his cell. Bludd escapes through the tunnels in the Colonel’s clothes.

Chameleon leads Flint, Lady Jaye, and Ronin through the tunnels, but with all the gunfire and ordnance, she’s afraid to move on. Flint inspires her to continue by saying they are all moving on together.

Outside, Bludd uses the Czar Cannon to shoot down Cobra’s air support, along with two other shots. Gorky appears beside the escaped Cobra prisoner, and asks what his other targets were. Bludd says he destroyed the Cobra base they were staging their assault from, and a government building in nearby Vladivostok. He has now ruined any connection and good will the Oktober Guard had with the government, and with their leader dead, he declares that they have no one capable of commanding them, and effectively makes himself their new leader.

In a hospital back in the US, Chameleon comes to visit Ronin, asking her how she is capable of fighting and killing without letting it get to her. Ronin tells her that even though she, Flint, and Lady Jaye are all adept at violent acts, no one is completely incapable of feeling. They’re all flesh and blood.

As Flint discusses the mission with Clockspring and Firewall, he says that they got Intel from Ronin, but he’s unsure how useful it is, not knowing how many of the Oktober Guard survived, or what happened to them in the meantime. Ronin was badly injured, and Chameleon may have suffered psychological damage. He declares that they have to be more careful in the future.

Later, Clockspring is approached by Tomax, who makes subtle threats that he wants Clockspring’s cooperation. If he refuses, Flint and, especially Chameleon, who Clockspring has a crush on, will learn that Clockspring gave Tomax information on the Oktober Guard that Tomax leaked to Cobra, leading to the assault that allowed the Joe team’s escape. Tomax leaves, expressing a desire to continue their “friendship”.

Summary by Patrick Duke