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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-COBRA16-16

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: August 2012
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 16

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Flint and Chameleon interrogate Firefly in an Alexandria hospital about his attempt to destroy the building they had been staking out, while Ronin and Lady Jaye battle Blacklight in the dark, resulting in the injury of Billy Latta, the Cobra Commander’s son.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

Joes-Chamelon, Flint, Lady Jaye, Ronin, Firewall

Cobras- Firefly, Blacklight

Others- Billy Kessler-Latta, Tomax

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa

Artist: Antonio Fuso & Wertyher Dell'Edera

Colorist: Arianna Florean

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Editor: John Barber & Carlos Guzman

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover A: Art by Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Art by Joe Eisma and Juan Castro, Colors by Simon Gough

Full Details

As they wait to interrogate the saboteur Firefly in the hospital in Alexandria, Egypt, Chameleon reacts both to injury she took in the fight with the saboteur, and memories of violent encounters of her past. Flint recognizes the signs of psychological trauma and encourages her to talk about it, but she shrugs him off, insisting she’s just eager to begin the interrogation.

Flint tells Firefly he is disappointed with the obvious nature of Firefly’s attempts at bombing a building, as his file implied he was all but invisible when he works. He says that Firefly was either trying to make a very specific statement, or to throw them off the scent of something else. Chameleon reminds Firefly he mentioned he was setting bait for Blacklight, and Firefly refuses to talk until Flint threatens to sever his Achilles tendons. Firefly admits he was in Alexandria to destroy the building Flint and Chameleon had been staking out, but that Cobra didn’t tell him why. When he spotted Blacklight, who, as far as Firefly knew, was operating as a free agent now, in Heathrow, he assumed the other Cobra agent was heading to the same place, and set the truck as a trap for him. When Chameleon asks if Blacklight is in the building now, Firefly says they’d better hope not.

Meanwhile, in Zurich, Ronin and Lady Jaye are attempting to locate the intruder who shut the lights off in their hideout. Ronin says they need to untie their prisoner, Billy Latta, who can’t evade injury while tied to a chair, but Lady Jaye assumes whoever the intruder is, is there to rescue Billy. The intruder throws a flashbang grenade into their midst, but Ronin realizes what it is in time to warn everyone to shield their eyes.

Ronin takes the opportunity of the distraction to get behind the intruder, Cobra operative Blacklight, following the sound of his breathing. Ronin strikes him from behind, but he immediately opens fire. Lady Jaye dives for cover, dragging Billy to the floor, but he takes a bullet through the foot. Ronin tells Lady Jaye to run, firing to her left as she goes. As Lady Jaye and Blacklight fire at each other, Ronin manages to get above the Cobra agent, but he detects her and fires upward, causing to lose her grip and fall on top of him. She engages Blacklight in a fight, ripping off his night vision mask and trading blows before

he opens fire on her, forcing her to cover, but giving Lady Jaye an opportunity to try and drag Billy to safety. Lady Jaye finds Blacklight’s mask and puts it on, while Blacklight manages to grab Ronin’s sword and stab her in the shoulder with it. Using the night vision goggles, Lady Jaye fires a shot at Blacklight’s chest. He runs, and Lady Jaye attempts to pull the sword out of Ronin’s shoulder, but Ronin tells her to go after the villain. Blacklight, meanwhile, rips boards off the window, allowing sunlight to flow into the room and overwhelm Lady Jaye’s night vision. Blacklight aims his gun at her, but Billy dives between them, taking the full round of bullets himself. Ronin empties her pistol into Blacklight and Lady Jaye begins to beat him with a baton. He headbutts her, and slams her into the window, but Lady Jaye pulls a flashbang grenade from Blacklight’s belt and fires it off in his face. As he screams in pain, blinded, she kicks him out the window to his death. Lady Jaye calls for an immediate emergency extraction.

Flint continues to interrogate Firefly, asking him to detail the security systems of the building they were staking out. Firefly smugly informs them that by now the corrosive agents he threaded through the building’s mainframes had by now dissolved everything, and any Intel they might have needed is destroyed. Flint and Chameleon leave, just as a nurse arrives to change the drip on Firefly’s IV. Firefly notes that the male nurse is just about his size.

The gunshot wounds he suffered leave Billy in a coma, with no clear indication when or if he’ll pull out of it. Tomax comments that the poor boy tried to avoid the life they were in, but it didn’t pay off.

Later, Flint addresses his team, informing them that Firefly escaped the hospital by stealing the male nurse’s uniform, despite Firefly’s broken leg. All the records were destroyed in the building, ruining their mission. Ronin points out that neither Blacklight nor Firefly knew who sent the other, or why, and Chameleon adds that Tomax is the one who benefited from everything that happened, and that even though he has given them valuable inside knowledge, it had to date not served any purpose. Flint tells them that there was no way even Tomax could calculate a plan complex enough to take everything that happened into account, but he is clearly not certain.

Summary by Patrick Duke