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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-COBRA13-13

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: May 2012
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 13

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Ronin (formerly known as Chameleon) is recruited back into active duty; Firewall and Chameleon (Erika Le Tene) join Flint at their new headquarters at Las Vegas casino; Tomax is now working with the Joes to supply them with Cobra information. Flint is the leader of the new Joe off the books covert team.

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Notes of Interest

The former Joe known as Chameleon comes back to GI Joe now known as Ronin.

The introduction of Cobra Commander’s son, Billy, shown only in pictures.

Major Players

GI Joe: Ronin (formerly known as Chameleon), Chameleon (Erika Le Tene), Clockspring, Duke, Firewall, Flint, Lady Jaye

Cobra: Blacklight

Additional Characters: Tomax Paoli

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa

Artist: Antonio Fuso

Colorist: Arianna Florean

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Editor: John Barber & Carlos Guzman

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover A: Art by Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean

Cover B: Art by Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Art by David Williams, Colors by Joana Lafuente

Cover D (Retail Incentive): Art by David Williams

Full Details

In Japan, Ronin (formerly known as Chameleon) is meditating in front of an ancient statue when several Cobra Vipers attack her. Using flips to dodge the bullets, she retrieves her swords and then quickly kills the Vipers. Then she climbs a tree under the Viper Sniper cuts the tree limb causing him to fall to his death.

In Montreal, Cobra agent Blacklight receives a call that activates him and he is given a target that is in Zurich, Switzerland.

Back in Japan, Ronin has just finished being stitched up, when Duke walks in telling her that she was easy to find after the mission that Mainframe sent her to track down the Baroness. the Baroness is now after her so she doesn’t have many places to hide, and returning to active duty with the Joes allows him to help her. As Duke talks to her he calls her a Ronin of feudal Japan and GI Joe is her home. Then he tells her about the collateral damage deaths that happen around her when the Vipers attacked.

In Las Vegas, Chameleon (Erika Le Tene) and Firewall land on a Vegas Casino roof and meet up with Flint, he welcomes them to their new Headquarters. He is impressed by Chameleon’s work and tells them that he is the new commander of all Joe off the book projects. As they walk to their command center its windows look out over the casino floor filled with gamblers. Firewall is dumbfounded that they would be using an active casino as a base of operations. Clockspring continues the briefing as they walk into a briefing room. Where Tomax Paoli is sitting waiting for them. Chameleon, throws her purse at him and attempts to attack, but Flint stops her. She goes crazy and can’t believe that the Joe team is actively working with Tomax and in a place he set them up in. He even gave the Joe team $700 million which is what is funding their operations. Flint informs her that the entire purpose of this new unit is to act on the specific intelligence that Tomax gives them regarding Cobra infrastructure and interests. Plus, this casino is Tomax’s prison. Chameleon still in disbelief agrees.

As Flint relaxes, she grabs his gun out of his shoulder holster and fires four shots into Tomax’s chest. Later, in a prison cell, Lady Jaye is impressed when Firewall walks in telling Chameleon that Tomax was wearing a vest, she talked Flint out of court marshaling her and she lets her out of the cell. Plus, Firewall was also impressed and felt that her shooting Tomax proves she is more of Joe then a Cobra. Chameleon jokes that Tomax was probably furious that his suit was ruined, all the ladies laugh.

At the next briefing, Tomax has discovered a very valuable asset that knows more about the history of Cobra and the high council than anyone. He is sure the current Cobra Commander would have no knowledge of his existence. Tomax pulls up on the screens several photos. A pregnant woman, a car accident, a blonde baby, a graduation ceremony and a young man, they are pictures of the former Cobra Commander’s son, Billy.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen