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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: March 2012
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 11

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The Final issue of Cobra Command. Tomax and Major Bludd both escape from Cobra, Nanzhao is devastated, Cobra Commander is now the autonomous leader of Cobra with the final member of the Cobra Council executed by the Baroness, but Chameleon discovers what the Baroness has done and reports it back to the Joes.

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Notes of Interest

This Chameleon (who later becomes Ronin) is the original Chameleon, who gave up her codename. This is not Erika Le Tene the current Chameleon.

Major Players

GI Joe: Chameleon, Mainframe

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander (Krake), Major Bludd, Serpentor, Savane, Tomax

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa

Artist: Alex Cal & Beni Lobel

Colorist: J. Brown

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Editor: John Barber & Carlos Guzman

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover A: Art by Dave Williams

Cover B:Art by Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean Cover C (Retail Incentive): David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon

Full Details

Santa Cruz, Argentina:

The Baroness sits in a chair drinking wine and laughing, taunting a dictator and member of the Cobra Council as he suffers. His legs are tied together with his hands behind his back and the rope goes straight from his legs to his neck, so when his legs relax he chokes himself. As she continues to laugh, a sword appears at her throat. Chameleon has made a mistake. The Baroness throws her wine glass into Chameleon’s face causing a distraction as she brings up her Uzi, but Chameleon recovers cutting the barrel off the gun. And furious fist and foot fight happens with Chameleon landing on top of the Baroness. Chameleon wants to know who these wealthy men the Baroness has been killing are and why? Baroness has a pill in her mouth that she crushes. It is the antidote and in her hand she releases the poison right in to Chameleon’s face. Chameleon pins the Baroness and kisses her to suck the antidote out of her mouth, as Chameleon suffers the Baroness stumbles away laughing.

Later, Chameleon is reporting into Mainframe at Fort Baxter, how she survived and was unable to save the Baroness’s last victim. But she gathered lots of intel including a possible connection to Cobra through a series of wealthy men who maybe the power brokers behind Cobra.

In the recently conquered Nanzhao, Serpentor is recruiting for The Coil by giving a very inspirational speech when an aid interrupts him with developments.

Cobra Commander and his assistant Savane are talking with Tomax and reviewing the outcome of recent invasion. Tomax points out to the Commander how his personal actions and efforts to weaken GI Joe came to fruition with delayed reactions and confused communications. Cobra Commander not trusting Tomax at all orders him to run every single communication through the main Cobra channels. As Tomax leaves, Serpentor enters.

Later, Tomax sits at his desk thinking as he watches Serpentor and Cobra Commander walk together past the window. He tries to reach several members of the Cobra Council with no answer (unknown to him they are all dead by the Baroness). So he puts together another plan and calls Major Bludd and Serpentor asking them to meet him. His next call is to order his jet fueled and ready to go.

Later, Serpentor arrives late to the meeting with no Tomax around the Baroness shows up unexpected to detain Major Bludd for treason as he believed Tomax’s plot to remove the Commander was real, Serpentor informed on them both. Bludd pulls his gun firing at the Baroness grazing her head. Killing several guards on the way to escaping, he runs through the nearby woods jumping off a cliff into the below water. Lower down the river Bludd comes upon a UN American lead convoy, he walks up to a soldier executes him drops his gun and raises his hands saying “Arrest me.”

In the Trophy Room, Cobra Commander receives a report from Savane telling him that all the BATS are offline leaving Nanzhao with no operational force. She continues the final report, the Cobra Council along with its considerable financial resources was completely eliminated by the Baroness, six Nanzhao population centers uninhabitable, they have the gratitude of China for saving the pipeline and now Cobra Commander is the autonomous leader of Cobra. She tells him of Chameleon’s presence, Major Bludd and Tomax’s escapes and finally that she is preparing to have the treasures in the room transported. He changes her order and tells her to burn everything in the trophy room.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen