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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2012
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 1 Annual 2012

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Starting with his birth in a war zone and following his rise through the drug trade, his early meeting with Major Bludd where he gets his name, followed by an invite into Cobra by the Baroness which he turns down and just his flat out ruthlessness that finally leads him to making a deal directly with Cobra Commander which finishes his transformation into Krake, the future leader of Cobra.

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Notes of Interest

Krake is born in Southeast Asia.

Major Bludd gives him the name Krake.

Major Players

Cobra: Krake (Tiger Eyes), Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, Baroness, Cobra Commander

Additional Characters: Ngam (Tiger Eyes Father, Deceased), Hanuman Parang (Deceased), Tranh (Deceased), Jummum (Team Mate, Deceased) Uncle Ho (Deceased), Xaing (Tiger Eyes Friend, Deceased), President Mrubu of Free Republic of Bruwunda,

Creative Team

"Cobra Annual #1 "
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: SL Gallant
Inker: Gary Erskine
Colorist: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman

IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Menton 3
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Robert Atkins, Colors by Simon Gough
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: Robert Atkins
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

"Born on a battlefield. In a country with no name. A land without a flag." The Golden Triangle, an area sprawled over the borders of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos & China, a place of constant war over and for drugs, every acre is filled to grow opium for heroin and where villages with no names are destroyed, the women and children become slaves and work in the opium fields.

Krake, the future Cobra Commander, was born in this area. His mother gave birth to him in the middle of battle over an opium field. His father, Ngam, blinded by war but still helping load mortars is right next to his mother. The nursemaid helping his mother looks into baby Krake's eyes and nicknames him Tiger Eyes. Moments later the village is over run, his father is killed and he and his mother are taken captive.

Years later when Krake is a pre-teen working in the fields, he does a nice gesture to his mother of cutting off a flower and giving it to her. The guards notice and later drag his mother off, young Krake grabs the guards gun and starts firing away emptying the entire magazine. He kills the 2 guards and possibly his own mother. He picks up an AK-47 along with the ammunition and walks off.

Years later as late teenager or early twenties he is leading a group of teenagers through a rice paddy when a helicopter comes racing in firing away. He stands his ground aiming for the pilot. He hits the pilot causing the helicopter to crash. He is fearless.

Later at their camp, out of the bushes appear some very highly trained, highly armed soldiers with laser sites and night vision goggles. They are so quick they catch the entire camp off guard and approach without a single gun fired. They are looking specifically for Tiger Eyes.

At the Thai Air Force Prison at Udon Thani, Tiger Eyes is a in-ground cell that is filling with water from the rains. The guard asks him if he will kill a man for his freedom. His response "I would kill a man, any man." The guard releases him and brings him to the prison commander. Who hand him a picture asking if he would kill this man. Later, he knocks on the door ask "Are you Hanuman Parang?", the answer is yes and he puts bullet in his head. Later, when he meets up with the be commander to receive his payment, he kills him and his driver, takes all of the money and its done right in front of a street camera.

Years later in a tributary of the Mekong River south of Phongali, Tiger Eyes is leading river boat and group of soldiers on mission to meet Tranh a local drug dealer. When he arrives everyone is dead. When Major Bludd, along with Storm Shadow, and some camouflaged Vipers surround them. Major Bludd is acting like he is working for the People's Republic's anti-drug Force. But Tiger Eyes doesn't believe him. Major Bludd tells him that he has traitor in his group. Tiger Eyes in a super quick fashion steals a pistol and shoots all three of his own men. Major Bludd is impressed. Storm Shadow grabs him from behind and holds a sword to his throat. Bludd says "You're fast, Mate. Like a Krake." He then tells Tiger Eyes that he is now working for him, hands him a briefcase full of money and Tiger Eyes doesn't even know his name or the group he works for.

In Bangkok, Tiger Eyes is trying to find out more information on this mysterious organization. The man he has just been talking to hangs up the phone asking Storm Shadow is that was good enough. Storm Shadow agrees and kills him. As Tiger Eyes hangs up the phone in bust 4 Vipers, he fights hard is shoot twice, gets beat up and knocked out.

Later he wakes up in shower, bandaged with a broken nose. The Baroness quizzes him asking why he is looking for information. Defiant as always, Tiger Eyes wants to know everything about the partners he works for. She points out it is a secret organization and she is here to welcome him into Cobra. He jumps up slamming the Baroness into the wall as Vipers rush in to subdue him. He says he doesn't work for anyone but himself. She stops the Vipers from beating him up more, walks out saying he has made enemy and the Commander wants him alive.

Tiger Eyes wakes up on the street in the city Kowloon. At the same time a picture of him is being shown to Uncle Ho, who orders a bounty on his head and sends out payments to his friends. Tiger Eyes goes to his friend Xaing's place who gives him food, clothing and some information. As Tiger Eyes is leaving, Xaing calls Uncle Ho to inform on him.

That evening at a dock 4 men are waiting in a car, when the door busts open a machine gun is grabbed and all 4 are killed. Later, Tiger Eyes returns to Xaing's place and kills him.

In Monaco, President Mrubu receives a phone call from the battlefield of the Free Republic of Bruwunda, the country he is the President of, Major Bludd is giving him a status update on the war he is managing. As Major Bludd retires for the day to his room, Tiger Eyes is waiting in the shadow. Bludd recognizes him calling him The Krake and says the Baroness wasn't to happy he turned down the offer of joining Cobra. Tiger Eyes tells blood he wants a new face, one that cant be recognized and in return he has information on the mainland Chinese triads he is willing to trade.

The Chinese triads control billions of dollars worth of goods and drugs. The leaders of these triads every year have a secret high level meeting where they elect a leader. Tiger Eyes has this information and as he stands in front of a monitor on an airplane talking to Cobra Commander. They make deal, the information in exchnge for the resources for Tiger Eyes to get a new face. Major Bludd & the Baroness also along on the flight talk about how Tiger Eyes seems to have already become part of Cobra. Cobra Commander agrees orders the plane to land in Zurich, tells him the funds will be available and "We look forward to hearing from you when you are fully recovered, Krake."

Later after a surgery that totally reconstructs his face the doctor and his assistant are found dead.

In Valparaiso, Chile, Major Bludd & the Baroness are standing on dock watching crates get loaded, when Krake in the uniform he is known for including his helmut walks up to them. The throws to the Baroness a flash drive with all of the information that was promised about the Chinese triads.

In Hong Kong, Uncle Ho is driving in his armored car when a missile destroys it. Krake walks up to the almost dead Uncle Ho and shoots him.

Cobra Commander is reporting that business is good since he has been able to infiltrate the Chinese triads and is in control each leader of them as the pay money to Cobra. And none of the triads know it about Cobra's influence. The success comes from Krake's information. Standing in front of Major Bludd, Baroness, Storm Shadow and Dr. Mindbender Cobra Commander introduces Krake as the newest member of Cobra. The Baroness still doesn't like Krake and Major Bludd recognizes jealousy in her and smiles.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen