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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: November 2011
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 7

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A brief history of how Firewall came to be a GI Joe & have all grey hair is told. And then a knock down, vicious injury filled fight happens between Firewall, Lady Jaye & Chameleon against Steeler. Blacklight makes an appearance at the end.

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Notes of Interest

Death of Steeler, major injuries to Firewall, Chameleon and Lady Jaye

GI Joe Casualty (misery) List:

BARONESS - CAPTURED! (Assets: Serpentor, Croc Master, Zartan)
KILLED: [9] Hammerlock, Mojo, Apeface, Dragon, Sawed-Off, Knuckles, Slammer, Leadfoot, Mooch
WOUNDED: (3) Recondo, Steeler, Sneak-Peek
OTHER: Discovery of a secret Joe installation

MAJOR BLUDD (Assets: Head-Man, Black-Out, Error-404)
KILLED: (63) Breaker, 1 Fobbit, 61 Unnamed Joes
WOUNDED: (3) Firewall, Chameleon, Lady Jaye
OTHER: Destroyed the Tuna (the Joes HQ after the Pit had been destroyed)

KHALIKHAN - ELIMINATED! (Assets: Slice, Dice)
KILLED: (5) Dojo, Banzai, Nunchuk, T'jbang, T'ginzu
WOUNDED: (2) Bushido, Alpine

TOMAX (Assets: Serpentor, Blacklight)
KILLED: (1) Steeler/Blackout

ODA SATORI or ZARTAN??? (Assets: Storm Shadow, Zartan)
KILLED: (11) Shareware, Winchester, Lawhound, Screw, Brainstorm, 6 Unnamed Joes
OTHER: Killed Joe's only Cobra prisoner, Destroyed the Pit (!!!)

KILLED: (6) Ratrace, Deadcheck, Barbeque, Flakjack, Halfstep, Sandcrab

DR. VARGAS - CAPTURED! (Assets: Serpentor)
OTHER: Created the "Madness Bug" which infected Duke and created a worldwide scare.

KILLED: Crankcase, Ripcord, Poker-Face
WOUNDED: Tunnel Rat

Major Players

GI Joe: Chameleon, Firewall, Lady Jaye, Steeler

Cobra: Black-Out/Steeler, Blacklight,

Creative Team

"Cobra #7 " Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colorist: Arianna Florean
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman

IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: Trevor Hutchison
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Firewall thinks to herself, "I will never be GI Joe." then adds "Not in the way I'd hoped." As she stares at the files of the other female Joes. She thinks back on her career.

After graduating from Annapolis Naval Academy, she distinguished herself quickly as an artillery officer. But then one day as she was traveling by Blackhawk helicopter it is hit by a missile and she was one of 2 to survive the crash. She had a shattered hip and broken clavicle and began rehab right away. As she recovered her hair turned completely grey, prematurely. She worked hard to get back to active duty and into the field. She was given a administrative desk job after her recovery. She excelled at the position so well her boss refused her transfer requests. And then GI Joe discovered her. And now she is the main administrative boss of a facility that is in lock down because of a suicide determined to be a murder. And that a Cobra mole/agent is inside her facility.

As she approaches another office, Lady Jaye is standing outside the door guarding it. She has been kicked out of the Chameleon's office. Chameleon begins to brief Firewall on a theory she has come up with to explain the recent increase of deaths of GI Joes, which is now nearly 70. She theorizes that since the nuclear explosion in Japan. (See GI Joe Cobra Series #13). Cobra has been on the attack. She believes it is either a bounty or a contest with Joe lives as the target. She believes the Cobra mole is looking to cause more damage instead of remaining hidden.

She dismisses them sending them to the armory and begins her report. She is impressed by Chameleon and recognizes a fellow over achiever. Firewall grabs a pistol and heads to where she thinks she might find the mole. Sitting on a tank, Steeler has been waiting. He is surprised that she came armed and as he gets down off the tank he moves close with a super quick turn he punches Firewall in the stomach twice and then in face. He picks up the gun just as a bullet hits the tank. Lady Jaye & Chameleon both armed with pistols are telling Steeler to drop his weapon. He picks up Firewall and puts the gun to her head. As Chameleon calls his bluff, Steeler shoots Lady Jaye in the shoulder. Chameleon returns fire as Firewall elbows Steeler and in return gets punched in the nose breaking it.

Chameleon has moved in close kicking and punching Steeler with little real effect, he is just to tough and punches her back. As she lays on the ground Steeler gets elbowed in the back of the neck by Lady Jaye who then attacks with one of her lances. Steeler takes several hits to the head, now bleeding from those wounds he pulls a knife and stabs Lady Jaye. Chameleon returns to the fight but is brushed off quickly by Steeler. Firewall holds a gun to him but again Steeler spins quickly this time shooting Firewall. He turns around to fire on Chameleon. When Lady Jaye bleeding from multiple wounds stabs Steeler in the leg. Using a helmet Chameleon hits Steeler in the head. But again he just brushes off Chameleon's attacks and punches her back knocking her down. He stands over her with a knife saying "Now I am going to open you slow". The window behind Steeler cracks apart and bullet hole appears in Steeler's forehead. He dies on the spot. Several more bullets come at Chameleon who gets hit once but is able to dive for cover behind the tank.

In a building a long distance away, Blacklight is using the bio-metric data sent by Tomax to zero in on Chameleon trying to kill her. But he misses.

Laying behind cover, Chameleon is bleeding near her is the dead Steeler covered in blood and on the other side of the tank are Lady Jaye & Firewall both laying in their own puddles of blood.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen