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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: September 2011
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 5

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Steeler is interviewed by Chameleon & Firewall. Blacklight continues his escape and Major Bludd begins to make his move to be Cobra Commander by giving Black-Out his orders to proceed with his operation.

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Notes of Interest

Steeler's filename has been changed from Ralph Pulaski to Thomas Stall.

GI Joe Casualty (misery) List:


BARONESS (Assets: Blacklight, Croc Master, Serpentor)
KILLED: [9] Hammerlock, Mojo, Apeface, Dragon, Sawed-Off, Knuckles, Slammer, Leadfoot, Mooch
WOUNDED: (3) Recondo, Steeler, Sneak Peek
OTHER: Discovery of a secret Joe installation

MAJOR BLUDD (Assets: Serpentor, Steeler(Black-Out))
KILLED: (1) Breaker

KHALIKHAN - ELIMINATED! (Assets: Slice, Dice)
KILLED: (5) Dojo, Banzai, Nunchuk, T'jbang, T'ginzu
WOUNDED: (2) Bushido, Alpine

TOMAX (Assets: Serpentor)

ODA SATORI or ZARTAN??? (Assets: Storm Shadow, Zartan)
KILLED: (11) Shareware, Winchester, Lawhound, Screw, Brainstorm, 6 Unnamed Joes
OTHER: Killed Joe's only Cobra prisoner, Destroyed the Pit (!!!)

KILLED: (6) Ratrace, Deadcheck, BBQ, Flakjack, Halfstep, Sandcrab

DR. VARGAS (Assets: Serpentor)
WOUNDED: (1) Duke (Infected with a deadly disease)

Major Players

GI Joe: Chameleon (Erika Le Tene), Firewall, Hawk, Steeler

Cobra: Blacklight, Black-Out (Steeler), Headman, Major Bludd, Tomax

Creative Team

"Cobra #5 "
Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Werther Dell'Edera
Colorist: Arianna Florean
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor: Carlos Guzman

IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: Danny Cruz, Colors by Esther Sanz
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Chameleon, formerly known as Erika Le Tene, is taking a bath thinking "I will never be GI Joe". In rushes a soldier requesting that she meet with the General, she is only allowed to wear her robe. As she enters the video room, General Hawk is on the screen saying "So your our tame Cobra." He then proceeds to explain that he has discovered a Cobra operative inside GI Joe and a major operation as been compromised. She agrees and acknowledges she has heard of the events which she wasn't supposed to have. And it proves to Hawk that she is a very capable intelligence officer.

Hawk is suspicious of it all and wants a proper investigation. And since she knows Cobra, she is the perfect person for the job. So he gives her a new title of Main Operative in Charge of Counter-Espionage Operations. He closes by saying "I chose you because you have something to prove. Now go prove it." He cuts the line.

The luxury jet flying over the mountains is not responding as Blacklight, having just shot the pilots, jumps out with a parachute. The plane crashes. He lands collects his bag and hitchhikes from a passing truck.

Firewall & Chameleon are working together to interview Steeler about Breaker's suicide and his failed mission (See Volume #3 Cobra #2 & Volume #3 Cobra #4). They briefly go through Steeler's history.

Thomas C. Stall, recruited shortly after he escaped from a militia group in Syria. His entire squad was killed except Specialist Daniel Philip who he dragged to safety before being captured himself. It was recorded and became a news sensation for weeks. Then he single handily broken out killing his captors walked 30 miles in the desert, all of this made him A Real American Hero.

They then move onto what happened inside the room with Breaker and his suicide. Steeler talks about how his mission was a set up and Breaker leaked the information on accident. So he went to visit Breaker armed with his gun. Breaker was a mess and was about to turn himself in and when he grabs Steeler's gun and shoots himself. Chameleon takes his final statement and releases him. (To see the truth Volume #3 Cobra #4)

Later as they are wrapping up, Firewall points out to Chameleon that she is now working on the side of the angels not the devils.

Driving a very expensive fancy car, Tomax arrives at an airfield where Major Bludd is waiting. He tosses the keys to Headman. And arrogantly walks to his plane as he makes fun of Major Bludd. He wishes he could break the candidate rules and kill Major Bludd. Headman asks if he can kill Tomax, Major Bludd declines. Error, Major Bludd's computer tech, hands Bludd an incoming call from Black-Out. Steeler calling in under his Cobra code name of Black-Out, reports that he has been investigated and cleared of any wrong doing. Major Bludd is pleased and asks him to accelerate his operation. Headman asks him if it is wise for Steeler to blow his cover by getting to involved. Bludd doesn't care then he goes on a rant talking about how when he is Cobra Commander he is going turn Cobra into a bigger business and deal less with the likes of GI Joe. As his rant continues, he points out that anybody he doesn't trust gets executed on his first day in office. And Black-Out will be first. Then he gets in Tomax's plane.

Black-Out after finishing the call has a unnamed Fobbit who was in the room when Breaker first discovered the information of Steeler's failed mission discover him. He steps up to the communication panel and talks about how this comm center is taking over for a lot of the missing communication traffic from the recently destroyed Pit until their new base is up and running.

Steeler is interested and heads down to the main computer center where on the display is the Tuna, the GI Joe submarine captured from Cobra. (see IDW GI Joe Volume 1 #20 for how the Joes captured the Tuna).

Summary by Josh Eggebeen