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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: August 2011
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 4

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Major Bludd begins his work to prove that he deserves to be Cobra Commander. But also continues to do his job which is being a drug runner for Cobra. He is also secretly working behind the scenes to get the other candidates involved in projects that help him. And Breaker is discovered by Steeler to be a member of The Coil.

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Alternate Covers

Starting with issue #4 no Retail Incentive comic was released.

Notes of Interest

GI Joe Casualty (misery) List:

BARONESS (Assets: Blacklight, Croc Master, Serpentor)
KILLED: [8] Hammerlock, Mojo, Apeface, Dragon, Sawed-Off, Knuckles, Slammer, Leadfoot
WOUNDED: (2) Recondo, Steeler

MAJOR BLUDD (Assets: Serpentor, Steeler(Black-Out))
KILLED: (1) Breaker

KHALIKHAN - ELIMINATED! (Assets: Slice, Dice)
KILLED: (5) Dojo, Banzai, Nunchuk, T'jbang, T'ginzu
WOUNDED: (2) Bushido, Alpine

TOMAX (Assets: Serpentor)

ODA SATORI or ZARTAN??? (Assets: Storm Shadow, Zartan)
KILLED: (11) Shareware, Winchester, Lawhound, Screw, Brainstorm, 6 Unnamed Joes
OTHER: Killed Joe's only Cobra prisoner, Destroyed the Pit (!!!)

KILLED: (6) Ratrace, Deadcheck, BBQ, Flakjack, Halfstep, Sandcrab

DR. VARGAS (Assets: Serpentor)

Major Players

GI Joe: Breaker, Steeler

Cobra: Baroness, Blacklight, Headman, Major Bludd, Serpentor, Tomax

Additional Characters: Major Bludd's wife & 2 children

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Antonio Fuso and Chee
Colorist: Esther Sanz
Letters: Shawn Lee
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Tom Waltz

IDW Publishing
Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

As Major Bludd is eating, he is doubting his ability to become Cobra Commander. In the hallway, he meets Tomax and Serpentor. Where Tomax brushes him off when he suggests they work together since they are more business oriented then rest of the candidates. Tomax walks away saying "Now, if you'll excuse me. I have a vendetta to settle." (See IDW Cobra Volume 3 #3) Serpentor then offers Major Bludd a proposal.

Bludd has a series of flashbacks of himself with his wife alone and then playing with his 2 children (See Hearts & Minds #1). Then a series of his responsibilities as a drug runner and prison warden (See GI Joe Volume 1 #17.)

Later Major Bludd and Serpentor are sitting in the room when the furious Baroness insults Bludd & Serpentor and then goes on own her mission. (See Cobra Volume 3 #1).

Serpentor offers Major Bludd a working together proposal but Bludd declines because he expresses to Serpentor how much he dislikes him the cult he represents.

Much later, he steps away to watch Tomax fly off in his helicopter. He is talking to a client of his, who reports in that one of their main competitors has just been killed in an explosion (See the Baroness's actions in Cobra Volume 3 #1). He then makes another call to inquire about which prisons Tomax controls. Then another call requesting a plane and that it be the Baroness's favorite, he is headed to Myanmar.

At the El Dorado Airport, Blacklight gets out of a taxi cab and in full military gear minus a weapon, walks right past security. Later in a private hanger he steals a parachute and high jacks a private jet and flies away.

In Myanmar, Major Bludd is negotiating with some drug dealers but they don't agree to his demands and several are shot or blown up. Three hostages are taken alive and the much taller and bigger then Bludd Headman (now of African decent) arrives. He walks up to the prisoners with his very sharp machete and cuts off the heads of two of them and they let the third prisoner go free. Then the Cobra agents load up the stolen drugs and drive off.

Major Bludd is in agreement with Tomax in that the contest for Cobra Commander has more to do with business then just the amount of killing. He is also interested in the profits that enterprise brings.

In Breaker's room, he has just woken up and is talking. As he talks he stares at his cobra head idol and the book "Your Second Skin" written by Stephen Menasian (Serpentor's public profile). He talks about how the after effects of his experience in Laos put him into 6 months of psyche rehab and got him assigned within the Joe ranks to working in the Fobit Hole. Everyone is nice to him and also pretends like they like him. That is was depressed him and then he discovered a man and a book. He holds up the Second Skin book and says it helped change his life for the better.

Steeler, who Breaker has been talking to, interrupts pointing out that The Coil is an organization known to have ties to Cobra & considered a cult. Breaker realizes what he has been doing but says his life has improved and even though he was breaking a rule using a discreet communication device to talk to the outside world. He felt it was worth it because it made him feel better, feel apart of something. But then he sees Steeler's point that he was releasing information to Cobra and realizes he has put GI Joe in jeopardy. He is immediately remorseful and decides to turn himself in for his mistakes. His compromising GI Joe was an honest mistake. He puts his head in his hands and begins to cry. Steeler pulls out his pistol, puts it to Breaker's head and pulls the trigger.

He then puts the gun in Breaker's hand, firing it into the wall. Then he punches his arm that is in cast into the wall. The guards that heard the shoots fired come rushing in. The medic attends to Steeler, Breaker's body is taken away and an investigation begins.

Later, Steeler is talking over a discreet communication device to Major Bludd about the events with Breaker. And how it will help to continue to cover his work as an inside man for Cobra. He signs out using his code name of Black-Out.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen