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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: June 2011
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 2

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A Joe team follows up a lead discovered by Breaker. Serpentor with knowledge of the Joe teams movement, uses his influence to help the Baroness in killing more Joes. And also supports Tomax and Major Bludd in their quest to become Cobra Commander. As for the Joe team, Steeler is the only survivor.

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Notes of Interest

Induction and death of Sawed-Off, Knuckles, Slammer, Leadfoot

GI Joe Casualty (misery) List:

BARONESS: (Assets: Blacklight, Croc Master, Serpentor)
KILLED: [8] Hammerlock, Mojo, Apeface, Dragon, Sawed-Off, Knuckles, Slammer, Leadfoot
WOUNDED: (2) Recondo, Steeler

MAJOR BLUDD (Assets: Serpentor)

KHALIKHAN: (Assets: Slice, Dice)
KILLED: (5) Dojo, Banzai, Nunchuk, T'Jbang, T'Ginzu WOUNDED: (2) Bushido, Alpine
OTHER: Captured Snake-Eyes (!)

TOMAX: (Assets: Serpentor)

ODA SATORI: (Assets: Storm Shadow, Zartan)
KILLED: (3) Shareware, Winchester, Unnamed Joe
OTHER: Killed Joe's only Cobra prisoner

KILLED: (6) Ratrace, Deadcheck, BBQ, Flakjack, Halfstep, Sandcrab

DR. VARGAS: (Assets: Serpentor)

Major Players

GI Joe: Breaker, Firewall, Knuckles, Leadfoot, Sawed-Off, Slammer, Steeler

Cobra: Baroness, Blacklight, Croc Master, Crystal Ball, Dr. Vargas, Major Bludd, Serpentor, Tomax

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Inker: Arianna Florean
Colorist: Rumulo Fajardo, Jr
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Editor: Andy Schmidt

IDW Publishing
Cover Credits:
Cover A: Artist: David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: David Williams
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Serpentor is thinking to himself, "I am never going to be Cobra Commander." He is walking through a room filled with paintings & pictures of important people that have been apart of Cobra since the beginning of America. Pictured are a monk, pilgrim and an American Indian Chief that all have a version of the Cobra symbol on them. "Of course, I am not even a candidate and thank goodness for that." He walks into the room with the Baroness, suited up and armed, who is yelling at Major Bludd and Tomax. (See Cobra Volume #2 #1 for what she is yelling.).

Serpentor, whose professional and public persona is Dr. Menasian, is shown talking on a news program on a popular TV show, advising the Governor of California, meeting with construction workers and everyday people. Then in Serpentor yellow armor and green cape, he walks past a prison cell, offers a blood sacrifice to a statue of Golobulus and walks around being followed by Crystal Ball and some Vipers.

In the room with Major Bludd and Tomax, Serpentor hands Tomax a picture of Hawk and tells him that this is the man who ordered the GI Joe undercover agent Chuckles to work in Cobra. Since the death of his brother Xamot by Chuckles, Tomax has been in a severe depression and Serpentor is working on guiding his depression in helping him be a successful candidate for the Cobra Commander position. Tomax leaves the room.

Serpentor then sits down with Major Bludd to talk to him. Major Bludd says "All right Menasian. Let's get back to this business, then." (This quote and scene follow directly after the Baroness has left the room seen in Cobra Volume #2 #1.) Bludd wants to know how much money it will cost him, Serpentor just tells him that he wants to be proud of him. Serpentor is working as the guide for them all.

Elsewhere, Firewall is briefing a Joe team on a mission. The members of the team are Slammer, Knuckles, Leadfoot, Steeler and team leader Sawed Off. Breaker is also in the room to help with the briefing, but is not a member of the this particular team. Another Joe team has encountered Cobra in Panama and lost Joes in the field (See GI Joe Volume #2 #1 & #2). They suspect that the sniper has already left the country but they have discovered another lead in Ecuador thanks to Breaker's intelligence gathering. She concludes & dismisses them, Steeler stares at Breaker who doesn't even look at him.

In Panama, Cobra agent Backlight, who is working for the Baroness, tries to report in but only gets a dead signal. He packs up, blows up his hide out, steals a jeep and drives away.

In Ecuador, Sawed Off is leading his team. He has left Leadfoot at the dock as a read guard, Steeler is with him and Knuckles and Slammer are sent to circle around the building they are investigating. (This is the compound that the Baroness destroyed in Cobra Volume #2 #1.)

On the dock, Leadfoot gives the all clear as he sees a snake in nearby water. Two Cobra Lampreys jump out of the water and catching Leadfoot unaware and kill him quickly. But all of the Joes hear the gunfire. Slammer and Knuckles rush to the dock. But they are intercepted by two more Lampreys, one kills Slammer with a head shot, Knuckles takes cover. Steeler rushes off to the dock leaving Sawed Off behind, when he gets there he kills one of the Lampreys. But the other forces him to take cover, he uses a grenade to kill the second one.

Sawed Off and Knuckles come running being chased by the two Lampreys. Steeler kills one as Sawed Off and Knuckles jump in the water to take cover. Steeler is shot in the leg.

As Sawed Off and Knuckles make there way to safe land a large crocodile rises up and bits Sawed Off, Knuckles is also attacked and both are killed by numerous crocodiles that just appear. Steeler on shore sees Croc Master rise out of the water and then a crocodile attacks him. His gun runs out of bullets so he grabs the Lampreys flamethrower and burns up the crocodiles. He runs for the woods and calls The Pit telling them the mission is a bust.

Later, Croc Master reports into the Baroness, with Serpentor sitting next to her, that he has gotten 5 of the Joes. The Baroness turns to Serpentor and says "Well Menasian, it seems maybe you aren't totally without use after all."

Serpentor's response is "I live to serve." But he thinks "she doesn't get it, none of them do. None of them see how, by benefiting from my council, by taking me into what they think is only an advisory position. That is how they start to need me." He continues thinking as he walks past the pictures again and into his newly upgraded by the Baroness room. "Money, power, status. These are small transient things, easily lost and of no lasting value. They are not of themselves goals, they are simply levers. Levers to move hearts and souls to mold men." As he enters his room, "Sometimes I think I am truly the only person who understands what this entire organization is for. To be worshipped. And that is what Cobra is."

Using his cell phone, he calls Pythona to see if the Joe has checked in yet. Serpentor knows that the Joe will call as soon as he learns that the mission resulted in total casualties.

Steeler, later after extraction and on the operating table to fix his leg, vows to get payback.

summary by Josh Eggebeen