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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: May 2011
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra Vol. 2 Cobra Civil War
Issue Number: 1

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The Baroness is mad about many things and directs it at Major Bludd, Dr. Vargas and Serpentor, even killing one of her own Vipers. Breaker, reacting to Steeler's anger over a report, calls his sponsor.

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Notes of Interest

Fold Out removal poster included inside the issue

GI Joe Casualty List:
KIA: Dojo, Banzai, Nunchuk, T'JBang, T'Gin Zu
Injured: Bushido

KIA: Apeface, Barbeque, Deadcheck, Dragon, Flakjack, Hammerlock, Halfstep, Mojo, Ratrace, Sandcrab
Injured: Recondo

KIA: None
Injured: None

At the end of all 3 #1 issues, May 2011.

Major Players

GI Joe: Breaker, Steeler,

Cobra: Baroness, Blacklight, Dr. Vargas, Major Bludd, Serpentor (Menasian)

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colorist: Arianna Florean
Letters: Chris Mowry
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Assistant Editor: Tom Waltz
Editor: Tom Waltz

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Artist: Zach Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Zach Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C: Artist: Zach Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Retail Incentive): Artist: Antonio Fuso, Colors by Arianna Florean
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

The Baroness, lying in a bathtub, is contemplating her position in Cobra and her chances of become Cobra Commander. As she gets ready she continues thinking, "I will never become Cobra Commander. Cobra is an old organization. It is ensconced in its own traditions and it is ruthless. This means, by its very nature, it is misogynist. It will never accept a female ruler. Of course, I know this. Of course, I'll pretend I don't." She continues her thinking as she gets dressed for her next mission. "It avails me nothing to complain, Cobra does not suffer disgruntled employees. Cobra rewards loyalty. And it rewards talent. And my talents have never been particularly administrative." She is dressed in a sun dress outfit, with a gun hoister with knife strapped to her thigh.

Later, the Baroness, in an undercover situation, arrives by boat with three other beautiful girls. They join a party that the main man seems to be a drug lord surrounded by bodyguards with automatic machine guns. As the party breaks up, the Baroness steps into his bedroom and shots him in the head as he is between 2 of the women she arrived with. She then downloads a bunch of information. As she walks out she walks past several dead bodyguards. She fires into the air, a hook that has a balloon attached to it. She straps it to a body harness she is wearing then a low flying plane comes and picks her up just as the house blows up.

She arrives back at a Cobra base, informing Serpentor and Major Bludd that the Ecuador problem has been solved. As she is accesses a computer she begins to criticize Serpentor regarding the religion he runs and that Major Bludd is useless and doing nothing. She also points out that even though the campaign for Cobra Commander is on it means that the regular business of Cobra has to continue. And that the Ecuador situation is an example of how important she is to Cobra. She charges out yelling at them that they better not be here when she gets back. Major Bludd response is "I hate that woman. All right Menasian (Serpentor's real name) Let's get back to this business, then."

In an office in the United States, one of the Joe researchers has shown Breaker some interesting information discovered as they were trying to reconnect with a satellite. Based around the news reports about the exploding estate in Ecuador, the fobbit recognizes that a low flying, slow speed plane flies by just before it explodes and then speeds up after it leaves. He suspects the sky hook (Editor's Note: this is the Baroness escaping) and Breaker agrees. Steeler, an officer in charge, steps in to check on the connection and they inform him of the discovery. He doesn't care, he is concerned with what is happening in Panama (See GI Joe #1 and GI Joe #2) and wants more information on Joe team that is in the field. He hates that he always seems to be in the office when a Joe team is out in the field. He takes out some of his anger on them by yelling at them.

In Panama, Blacklight is bandaging his wounds (See GI Joe #1) after attacking the Joe team as he reports into the Baroness. His spotter was killed and he barely escaped alive. She yells at him for his failure and tells him that she will be there in 10 hours with a 10 person platoon and that if the Joe team has already then he will be sorry.

Baroness reports into the Cobra Council that there are 3 GI Joe KIA in Panama, she has eliminated there remaining holdout in South America and stole 75 million Euros. The Council doesn't give her much credit for the work and tells her to kill more of the enemy. She remains pissed after the conversation.

She goes back to her room to change into her tradition black leather but she adds lots of armaments. All of the time she is dressing she thinks "It is wise of the Council to obscure their faces. If I knew who they were, I would surely kill them." She is ready to go to battle.

Two Vipers report in, the Baroness is pissed and rushes off. She finds Serpentor in the office and demands to know where her platoon has gone. He explains that Major Bludd took a few of them with him to Russia. But there are 5 remaining so she plans on taking them. But Dr. Vargas interrupts her saying that those are his bodyguards.

Now the Baroness is really mad and she realizes that the other candidates are working together to under mine her. She goes to kick him out of the building, but he protests, she shots one of the Vipers in the head and tells him that there are no rules and that he is not leaving with "his guards". Vargas turns and leaves.

Then she turns her gun on Serpentor, and continues to insult him making fun of his TV personality and that The Coil contributes very little to Cobra. He reminds her that he is a Kingmaker, she puts her gun away and Serpentor tells her that he has man inside GI Joe and he changes her plans so that she is no loner going to Panama.

In a mess hall, Breaker is talking with the researcher about Steeler and his yelling. The researcher blames it on a field agent stuck in an office. Breaker doesn't like it at all and walks away to his office very suspicious of Steeler. He makes a phone call where he begins describing his concerns about Steeler. He voices his concern regarding talking about another Joe to someone who is not a Joe, cause the Joes are like family. The voice on the end of the line says "No, you have family and we're people that never make you doubt, You know the book. Listen to your reptile brain." The voice encourages him to figure it out. And encourages him to report on Steeler and get the Joes to go to Ecuador. Breaker agrees thanks his sponsor for his help. Breaker sits down in his office to read a book by Menasian called "Shedding Your Skin" on the self behind him is another book by Menasian called "Your Second Skin" and statue of a cobra snake showing its fangs.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen