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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2010
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra
Issue Number: Mini-Series II 1

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Hawk recruits then assigns a mission to a new female Joe who looks similar to Jinx. The mission is to find and rescue Chuckles, he is believed to still be working for Cobra but Hawk has lost contact with him. Erika Le Tene, Tomax & Xamot's adjunct is having serious issues with continuing to work for the brothers, especially since Xamot's recent changes. The Baroness & Croc Master make an appearances.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Croc Master.

Major Continuity Differences

Croc Master's origin.

Major Players

GI Joe: Chuckles, Hawk, Jinx look alike

Cobra: Baroness, Croc Master, Xamot & Tomax, Erika Le Tene

Additional Characters: Colonel

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colors: Levorn Kindzierski
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Associate Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Howard Chaykin & Edgar Delgado
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive, Virgin Cover): Artist: Howard Chaykin & Edgar Delgado
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

"Not so Long ago, I joined a criminal organization, I thought I knew what it was going in. I didn't. The things I saw. The things I was made to do. I could have never imagined. There are the faces & moments I see every night in my dreams. Then I wake up and realize the real nightmare is my life." This narration happens as flashback memories of the Extensive Enterprise building, Tomax & Xamot, a gun on a floor surrounded by blood and the Cobra symbol on a door happen.

General Hawk is meeting with a bald Colonel. Hawk is there to poach another man from his team. The Colonel isn't happy about what Hawk is doing in terms of taking his men and then later learning that they have died in a car accident or of cancer and then their files completely disappear. The Colonel knows that Hawk has a super secret deal happening and he expresses how their are many members of the military that don't approve of what he is doing. Hawk just replies that the President approves. Hawk then hands over a file of the next recruit he needs for GI Joe. The Colonel is surprises at which candidate he has chosen. Hawk's response is "right martial arts training, right espionage experience and the right nationality". The Colonel again expresses his dislike of the hidden activities, the fact that Hawk is killing the lives of his soldiers and he won't be apart of it anymore. Hawk just replies "Go get my recruit."

In walks a very Jinx looking soldier, dark hair, Asian and short. Hawk informs her that her furlough has been canceled and she is being reassigned on a special mission with a very special unit. Before he can continue he tells her that in order to become a part of this team, she will have to give up her life as she currently knows it but she will be fighting with the best soldiers on the planet and fighting the worst bad guys of the worst organizations. She agrees.

Hawk hands over a file on Chuckles, the GI Joe agent who is currently working undercover within Cobra. He then gives her a quick back story on Chuckles.

Chuckles communication grew more and more disturbing and then finally just stopped. Hawk then sent in a handler to find him named Jinx, when she also disappeared. Hawk sent in more teams to find them but all they found were destroyed paramilitary locations with no evidence and no links to Chuckles. Later, the corpse of Jinx was found in a mass grave. Chuckles hasn't reported in for a long time and his whereabouts are unknown.

Hawk gives this female soldier her code name which her response is "sorta of silly, huh" but isn't actually revealed. And her mission is to find and bring back Chuckles because the information he has about Cobra is to valuable for him to be out there with it. Hawk finishes with telling her that he knows about her deployment in Japan, her in flirtation assassination skills, her irregular training in "the garden" and her abilities are perfect for this mission plus she has the right look.

Erika Le Tene is walking into a Cobra meeting. Her thoughts wonder how she got to where she is now. She has been Tomax & Xamot's adjunct for the last five years. She has seen them destabilize nations, bankrupt corporations & assassinate anyone in their way. One of the members of the crowd near the entrance calls her Baroness, she corrects him but their is an uncanny likeness between them. Erika is tired of dealing with the comparison, tired of dealing with servants, assistants and gossips. She is handed a folder and asked if she can help with requesting the Croc Master to the meeting. His previous adjunct meet with an accident.

In the cellar of the east wing, Erika enters what looks like a spa but in the water are floating body parts that several alligators are eating. Out of the water rises the Croc Master. He complements Erika on her look and Erika quickly asks him to confirm his appearance at the banquet. Croc Master agrees but only after Erika agrees to have someone take care of the alligators in his appsense, then he returns to the water with the alligators.

In the restroom upstairs, Erika is sitting on the toilet crying, she has reached her breaking point, five years of dealing with Paolis (Tomax & Xamot), she knows they have done horrible things and is trying to collect herself when in walks the Baroness. The Baroness then begins to scold her for her weakness. She acknowledges their history that helped Erika get her job as the adjunct and she reminds Erika that what she does reflects on her, if Erika embarrasses the Baroness she will kill her. She finishes by saying "pull yourself together" and leaves.

Moments later, Erika leaves the restroom and Xamot is standing outside. He watches the Baroness walk away and whisperers in Erika's ear "please remember should you ever need a sympathetic ear or any other part" and he smacks her on her butt. Tomax arrives to interrupt and apologize for his brothers behavior. He asks her if she is ok and tells her she needs to clean up, change clothing and get ready for the meeting.

At a very old style prison, a guard carrying an AK-47 is stabbed with a sword. Two more guards get throwing stars to the head. And finally the guard near the prison cells is stabbed. An arm from within the cell grabs the masked person with the sword. The masked person pulls away as the prisoner pulls the mask off. She turns around to look at the prisoner, who is a bearded, skinny Chuckles. And Chuckles looks at the women in front of him and says "Oh my God Jinx."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen