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GI Joe Cobra #13

February 2010

Cover B

Short Summary

Chuckles makes his way to the nuclear submarine in the lowest level of the main Cobra base. Bleeding and busted up along with Xamot he fires the nuclear weapon blowing up Cobra's main base.

Major Players

GI Joe: Chuckles

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander (the dead body), Big Boa, Tomax, Xamot

Notes of Interest

Death of Big Boa.
Presumed death of Chuckles and Xamot.

Major Continuity Differences

Creative Team

"King Cobra "
Writers: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artists: Chee & Antonio Fuso
Colors: Peter Dawes
Letters: Shawn Lee
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt
IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover Artist: Zach Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Long Summary
Chuckles enters the room where Tomax is just recovering from being him over the head by his brother Xamot. Chuckles is being nice asking him to get up. Tomax isn't afraid and tries to walk away Chuckles punches and grabs him as they walk down the hall. A Viper obeys Chuckles order to stand down over Tomax's. They enter the throne room.

Laying on the floor with a bullet through the his head is the very dead Cobra Commander. Tomax is shocked. And Tomax thinks his brother did it, but Chuckles admits that he did it and blamed it on Xamot. The whole installation knows that Xamot attempted a coup and the Crimson Guards have all been removed. But no knows the Commander is dead.

Chuckles tells Tomax that he needs access to certain rooms to continue the destruction of the facility called Section 20. So Tomax submits and walks him to the areas he asks. Chuckles thinks to himself, "It's always the ones who love to make people hurt that fold the fastest."

They pass many guards, they all ignore them until they run into Big Boa. Tomax yells out that Chuckles killed the Commander. Chuckles tries to lie his way through it but it fails. And Big Boa attacks him, allowing Tomax to run off.

A very painful for Chuckles hand to hand fight happens as Big Boa breaks the gun as he knocks it out of Chuckles hand. Chuckles gets some broken ribs, broken nose, busts his hand punching Big Boa's metal covered jaw and more cracked ribs on the other side. Big Boa gets busted figures, a busted knee and finally to end the fight in Chuckles favor a part of the busted gun is slammed into Big Boa's neck, killing him.

Bleeding from multiple places and barely able to breathe from the broken nose and ribs, Chuckles stumbles into the bottom of the base, where a Cobra submarine is waiting. He needed Tomax to unlock the sub but the hatch is open. He falls down the ladder knocking his head on the floor, he stumbles down the hall as hand with a knife reaches from behind him cutting his face open.

Xamot has been waiting for him and left the hatch open. Xamot then begins to tell Chuckles how he has been inspired by his actions since Chuckles cut his face making him different then his brother (see Cobra #4). His eyes were opened and he was excited to be separated from his brother. Using the knife he pushes Chuckles but he has heard enough, elbows Xamot on the face and then begins punching him on the ground. But Xamot stabs Chuckles on the side of his chest missing his heart. And then he tells him that he can pilot the submarine, so they can escape together.

On the surface above, Cobra Commander's body is being loaded onto an airplane. A Viper reports to the Baroness that all exits are completely secured and a team of Viper's is headed to the submarine base exit. The Baroness figures it out, cause the submarine has a nuclear warhead. She screams an order for everyone to evacuate. She, Tomax and the body of Big Boa are all loaded onto an airplane that takes off.

Back inside the submarine, Chuckles then begins explaining to Xamot how he just doesn't understand. And that Chuckles worked hard to get to where he is at and that he never had any intention of leaving. He is in the Cobra Command Center by blowing it up he can kill thousands of soldiers, kill the Cobra High Command and destroy a multi-billion dollar facility. He walks over to the submarine's dead captain and takes the key card, walks over to the panel that controls the nuclear warhead and turns it on. Cobra doesn't have the same security procedures that most militaries do. So he is able to fire the weapon by himself. He tells Xamot to watch what he is doing.

He thinks to himself as he turns on the system "Jinx you were so much braver than me. You laid down your life not out of anger or despair but for duty to protect others. I never had that kind of strength inside me. All I've ever had is this anger this stupid senseless rage that one general after another has used me for. Pointing me at targets and letting me go. It's that anger that brought me here not strength or courage or love. So I won't disgrace your memory by saying I'm doing this for you Jinx" And he says out loud "I want you to watch this carefully now. Cause I am doing this for me."

With blood coming from multiple places and Xamot sitting next to him, he pushes the button that fires the nuclear weapon. Everything goes white, soldiers are killed, the mushroom cloud destroys everything.

In the plane above, Tomax screams at the loss of his brother.

The End

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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