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GI Joe Cobra #12

January 2011

Cover B

Short Summary

Xamot puts into action his plan to have Chuckles kill Cobra Commander. The Commander see through the plan and places Chuckles in the room with every intention and reason to kill Xamot but Chuckles takes the opportunity to kill Cobra Commander. Then he plans to kill everyone in the building.

Major Players

GI Joe: Chuckles

Cobra: Baroness, Big Boa, Cobra Commander, Tomax, Xamot

Notes of Interest

The death of Cobra Commander

Major Continuity Differences

Creative Team

"Rattler "
Writers: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colors: Peter Dawes
Letters: Shawn Lee
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt
IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover Artist: Zach Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Long Summary
Tomax is confronting his brother Xamot about his erratic behavior and how it is damaging their standing with the Cobra High Command. As they enter a training area, Xamot's pass card has stopped working, apparently it has been restricted. But Tomax lets him in and walks away.

Chuckles is watching Big Boa spar with a Cobra Viper, as Xamot approaches, he makes a comment about Chuckles killing his lover and GI Joe member Jinx, which causes Chuckles to attack Xamot. He knocks him down but before anything else can happen Big Boa grabs Chuckles holding him in a headlock.

Xamot recovers and is kicked out by Big Boa. As Xamot leaves he smiles to himself as he pockets Chuckles ID card.

In a planning room, Tomax is meeting with the Baroness and Cobra Commander, when a Viper reports to them about the fight between Xamot and Chuckles. Cobra Commander orders that Xamot be confined to his quarters, Tomax is very unhappy about it all, but especially Xamot's confinement.

Later, Tomax enters his brother's confinement room which is guarded by a Viper. When he enters he sees a wig that looks like his hair on the bed stand, Xamot appears from behind him and hits him on the head knocking him out. He exchanges clothing and covers the facial scarring. Then walks out of the room as no one notices the difference.

Dressed as Tomax, Xamot begins to move around the Cobra complex setting his plan in motion. Using a radio communicator, he gives instructions to his secretary, who is a Crimson Guardsman. The Crimson Guardsmen soldiers are loyal to the Twins more than Cobra.

He enters the armory using Chuckles ID badge, has his secretary turn off the security cameras, grabs a rifle and executes 6 Vipers. As he rushes out he orders the Vipers to secure the area telling them that Chuckles has gone crazy. He gives more instructions for the Crimson Guardsmen to start creating chaos, start fires inside and outside the complex and make everyone totally confused as to what is really happening. Now he drops off the wig and removes the make up that covers the facial scar.

He enters Cobra Commander's chamber, again using Chuckles ID, wearing Tomax's clothing but obviously as Xamot. The Commander acts surprised to see him. He is sitting as two Crimson Guardsmen stand next to him on each side. Xamot begins to explain that Chuckles has gone on a rampage by killing Vipers and destroying the building. The Commander response is "I find this very hard to believe." Xamot begins to frame a situation where the Commander gets what he deserves for bringing a GI Joe agent into the organization. Because Xamot's plan is to kill Cobra Commander himself and blame it on Chuckles. The High Command will wonder how Chuckles was able to kill Cobra Commander, but will praise Xamot for killing Chuckles before he could create more chaos in Cobra. The Commander just laughs at him and tells him he has already figured out Xamot's plan.

The Crimson Guardsman on his right removes his helmet, it's Chuckles. He grabs the rifle from the other Guardsman and points it at Xamot. Chuckles was standing there as part of Cobra Commander's plan to trap Xamot. Cobra Commander turns to Chuckles telling him that his chance to finally kill Xamot has come. Chuckles says "Yo Joe" shifts the gun from Xamot to Cobra Commander and pulls the trigger.

One bullets enters Cobra Commander's helmet near his mouth and exits out the top of his head. The body falls over dead.

Chuckles then turns the gun toward Xamot and pulls the trigger. The gun clicks on an empty magazine, the gun only had one bullet in its chamber. The second Crimson Guardsman attacks Chuckles as Xamot flees, but Chuckles easily knocks him to the ground then breaks his neck.

Chuckles thinks to himself, "I've been so patient. Waited for the perfect moment. And it's come and now I am going to kill everyone in this building."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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