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GI Joe Cobra #11

December 2011

Cover A

Short Summary

Chuckles meets Big Boa and continues to be informed about the inner workings of Cobra by Cobra Commander. And he passes a test. Tomax and Xamot have an argument about their relationship.

Major Players

GI Joe: Chuckles

Cobra: Baroness, Big Boa, Cobra Commander, Saki, Tomax, Xamot

Notes of Interest

First Appearance and Introduction of Big Boa in any GI Joe comic, ever.

Major Continuity Differences

Creative Team

"Constrictor "
Writers: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Antonio Fuso & Chee
Colors: Peter Dawes
Letters: Shawn Lee
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt
IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover Artist: Josh Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Long Summary

After receiving a massage from Saki, Chuckles arrives at meeting with Cobra Commander, Baroness and Tomax. But there isn't much happening at the meeting and Chuckles antagonizes Tomax about his brother. Cobra Commander closes the meeting and asks Chuckles to go on a tour with him to the fourth level.

The Commander tells him that he can't kill them, yet. Chuckles response is "Exactly, how much self-control do you think I have? Have you met me?" They both know that the brothers relationship is falling apart and it is because of Chuckles action against Xamot. (see Cobra #4). As they enter a new area Chuckles has not seen before, the Commander tells him that he is his new rising star.

Tomax enters his office as Xamot leaves with a girl following him, girl is one of the Cobra chefs, the hired help and Tomax is extremely mad at Xamot. Tomax doesn't understand why Xamot is acting in such a dangerous way, why he is embarrassing them. He points out that it is going to destroy them. Tomax is all distraught over the Commander hanging Chuckles over their head and planning to use him as their replacement. Xamot, totally calm, reminds Tomax that the Commander is playing a game with them and that is what Xamot has been trying to show Tomax. That he can play the game also.

Down in level 4, Cobra Commander shows Chuckles, Extensive Enterprises (Tomax & Xamot's company) newest emerging technology. The newest corporate toy is going to be a "Meeting Bot" which is a pre-programmed agenda or syllabus tool with a built in projector, an intelligence that monitors everyone in the room, has language translation abilities, plus it uses gaze technology to help keep peoples attention on point and helps keep everything on track for the meeting. Chuckles makes a joke. The Commander points out that inventions and patents make Cobra very rich, secondly Cobra's end goal is to stabilize the world, not terrorize it. Chuckles doesn't understand why the Commander wants him to be in charge of such things. He could care less about the Meeting Bot.

Cobra Commander is not about creating mayhem like the Tomax and Xamot had Chuckles doing when he worked for them. But the Commander understands that generally the best road to success is not a violent one. And that is the approach he tends to take cause it works the best.

They enter a room where a huge man with a metal application attached to his chin is beating up several fully armored Vipers with his bare hands. The Commander introduces Big Boa, Cobra's head trainer for on-site security, to Chuckles.

Chuckles believes he could defeat Big Boa but the Commander forbids him from fighting him, instead he encourages them to have lunch together. At lunch, Big Boa gives Chuckles his story of why he is in Cobra.

Big Boa was in Marines fighting in one of the Middle East wars. He didn't care why they were there he only cared for his fellow soldiers. One day he was driving his Hummer on patrol when they were attacked. He drove like mad to escape and ran over a woman crossing the street. He panicked. He was about to be court-martialed and his fellow soldiers were not backing him. So he went AWOL and joined Colossus Security (See Origins #21 for more about Colossus). Then he moved onto fighting in Southeast Asia where he made a lot of money beating people up. After moving around for a little while, he eventually hooked back up with Colossus which lead him to Cobra.
Big Boa, reinforces to Chuckles, that he is with Cobra because of Cobra Commander. Some are their for religious reasons but they all are accepted, Cobra encourages lost people, people without a country or life or place to live to find a home. Chuckles understands. Then the Baroness arrives to call him to a meeting with the Commander. She wonders why he is eating with the disgusting people of Level 4.

At the meeting the Commander informs him that they are on a deserted island between Japan and Russia. The neighbor island has a small fishing village and a helicopter was spotted arriving on their island. So the Commander has decided to blow up a dam and flood the village in order to keep the secret. He hands Chuckles a donator but Chuckles see right through it and calls it for what it is, a test. He pushes the button and says "I passed now. I need some lunch" and tosses the detonator back to him and walks away. The Commander impressed says "That boy will go far."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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