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GI Joe Cobra #10

November 2010

Cover B

Short Summary

Cobra Commander gives Chuckles the grand tour of Cobra, sets him up in a very nice room as his prison cell and gives him opportunity to escape, which he takes. Cobra Commander then corners him and gives him a choice die in the cold or join Cobra and get his revenge on Tomax and Xamot.

Major Players

GI Joe: Chuckles

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Tomax, Xamot

Notes of Interest

Major Continuity Differences

Creative Team

"Sidewinder "
Writers: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: SL Gallant & Antonio Fuso
Inker: Gary Erskine (Pages 1-9)
Colors: Peter Dawes
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt
IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover Artist: Josh Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Long Summary
Chuckles enters Cobra Commander's chambers where the Commander begins to give him a detailed report of how the Cobra organization works. He starts first with explaining cognitive dissonance. Which is basically when a person lies to themselves about their current position. An example he gives is a study done where people where paid a low wage for a boring job vs people paid a higher wage for the same boring job. Then those people where asked to tell someone else about the job. The people paid the higher rate complained more than the people paid the low rate. Basically, the lower paid people tell themselves they like what they are doing even when they know they don't. It makes everything okay for them, even being paid a low rate for a boring job. The basic principle is how people choose to define themselves is based on their own actions not necessarily how other people chose to define them. Adding money then simply justifies what others find acceptable. Cobra Commander finishes his speech by saying "We define are own parameters. We are free. But only those who realize it are truly free. Cognitive dissonance. It's what separates us from the animals."

During this speech, Cobra Commander has been giving Chuckles a tour of the Cobra installation that he is currently being imprisoned at. They see Cobra techs monitoring a vast room filled with computers, Cobra Vipers practice their martial arts skills on manikins, an area with Bengal tigers, the maintenance area for the HISS tanks, the massive submarine Dreadnaught (To see the story of this submarine, see GI Joe #20) and they finish the tour at a rocket.

Chuckles is then returned to his "cell", which is actually a well furnished room with a fireplace, comfortable bed and flat screen TV, which is showing areas of the Cobra facility. Chuckles can't figure out why he is being treated so well and given all of these tours. He knows that Cobra Commander knows that he is a member of GI Joe. It doesn't make any sense to him.

In a conference room, Tomax and Xamot sit on one side of the table debating why Chuckles is being kept alive and how dangerous he is especially to them. Xamot loves the fact that he is alive it helps to keep him on his toes and Tomax doesn't like the risk. The tension between the two brothers is very evident. Cobra Commander, sitting on the other side of the table, simple tells them Chuckles is alive because he wants him alive and the debate is over. Cobra Commander doesn't like Tomax's complaints and walks out of the room mad.

On one of Chuckles tours, they use flex cuffs instead of manacles and a use a new guard. They walk past the HISS Tank maintenance hanger. He knows he is being set up for an escape attempt but he has to try anyway. So he busts the cuffs and turns around knocking the guard into the wall, pulls his knife and stabs him in the back. Now he has to make a run across the open hanger to get in a HISS Tank. When Chuckles worked for Cobra before his cover was blown, he had trained on how to run a HISS Tank, (see Cobra #3) so he starts blowing up the Vipers and other HISS Tanks. Using the HISS tank's computer, he pulls up a schematic of the complex and literally cuts the map into his arm as reminder. He sets the HISS Tank on auto pilot and it charges out of the door. He sneaks into the air ducts and makes his way out a back door on the opposite side of the complex.

He starts analyzing where he is at, its cold and wooded he thinks Russia, he starts running, when a dog attacks. He lets the dog bite into his non-dominant arm and then decks the dog busting its nose. His arm is bleeding bad, so he stops to fix it, thinking that he is alone & reasonably safe. Cobra Commander walks out of nowhere holding a pistol that's pointed at Chuckles and tells him he made a mistake by forgetting to take a flak jacket from the HISS tank. Chuckles pulls his own pistol and threatens the Commander. Cobra Commander gives him the chance by dropping his own pistol but before Chuckles can fire. He asks Chuckles to join Cobra. Chuckles just laughs and then Cobra Commander says "I'll give you Tomax and Xamot." The phrase changes everything for Chuckles. Cobra Commander points out that Chuckles has hurt Cobra more than any man ever has before by hurting the Tomax/Xamot relationship. They are starting to fail at their jobs cause of the damage done to them by Chuckles.

Cobra Commander points out that Xamot was the one who put the gun in his hand when he executed his lover and fellow GI Joe member Jinx (see Cobra #3) but Chuckles was actually serving both GI Joe and Cobra by killing her. The Commander offers him an opportunity to take out the brothers and then take over the organizations they run, keep 80% of the profits and use the resources however he sees fit. Cobra Commander reminds him that he is a very talented man and his skills are very useful to Cobra. Basically, he offers him a job and a chance for revenge. Or he can die on the spot in the cold.

Chuckles puts down his gun and says "Ok, let's see what you can do for me."

Several Viper guards off in the distance lower there guns and take their scopes off Chuckles.

Later as they watch Chuckles entire escape played back on monitors, the Baroness is questioning Cobra Commander if he is sure about Chuckles change of heart. The Commander explains "If he'd lost less maybe you'd have cause for concern. Mild initiations make for disloyal and disgruntled members. But the harsher the trail for membership, the more intense the desire to accept the gift of allegiance. A man will distort any hardships to believe the end result is worth it. GI Joe depends on this, so do we. Cognitive Dissonance."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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