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GI Joe Cobra #9

October 2010

Cover B (Retail Incentive)

Short Summary

Leonard escapes The Coil with the help of his Cobra Viper guard. He makes his way around Los Angeles hiding and unable to get in contact with Hawk. He finally decides to return to The Coil, his only real home.

Major Players

GI Joe: Scoop, Hawk (by voice only)

Cobra: Viper Guard, Venomous Maximus, Serpentor, Crystal Ball

Additional Characters: Gracie (Scoop friend), Phipps (Editor of the newspaper), Officer Hendel

Notes of Interest

Death of Scoop.

Major Continuity Differences

Coil as a religious/murderous cult.

Creative Team

"Serpent's Tale Part Five: Viper's Nest"
Writers: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Serigo Carrera
Colors: Peter Dawes
Letters: Chris Mowry
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt
IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover Artist: Ben Templesmith
Cover Company: IDW

Long Summary
Leonard Michaels, Scoop, is being lead out of his confinement cell by his Viper guard. Leonard is very scared and doesn't really want to leave but the Viper keeps pushing him. They are upstairs in the kitchen when Crystal Ball walks past and stares directly into the eyes of the Viper and then Leonard. He says nothing and keeps moving on. The Viper gets Leonard outside the compound then they take off.

The farther away they get the less Leonard continues to panic and the more the Viper begins to panic. The Viper is so freaked out by Crystal Ball. That he pulls out his pistol and shoots himself in the head. Leonard is all alone, he grabs the gun and runs, eventually hiding in a dumpster. He sleeps, he is confused and lost. But eventually the drugs in his system clear and he begins to regain his focus.

He returns to his car that was hidden, it has had the radio stolen out of it, but the spare key is where he hid it. He goes to his old roommate's girlfriend, Gracie, house to hide out, she feeds him and tells him he has to get out tomorrow. He agrees and borrows her internet and laptop.

The next day Leonard rushes into his old newspaper office with his story in his hand. His old editor Phipps greets him, but is already dismissing him. His appearance is terrible, he is screaming and when the editor touches him he flips out. He has been kidnapped and brainwashed for 2 months and he has the story of a lifetime. The police arrive and usher Leonard out, they also discover the gun he has hidden in pants.

Later at the police station, Leonard is meeting with an old officer friend of his, Hendel (See Cobra #5. But Officer Hendel has seen enough of Leonard's loonyness and books him into a cell. His written story along with gun is confiscated. The Coil have friends in powerful places and later when Leonard is released his story is totally ripped up.

He walks on into the city all alone again. Gracie won't help, he can't get a hold of Hawk, he can't go home, his friends don't return his phone calls, so he settles for sleeping under a bridge in downtown Los Angeles. The bum next to him gives him some advice "You got anywhere in this world where people care about you, you'd be smart to go there."

Leonard sleeps on the street and then next goes to his apartment, knowing that he is probably being watched. Leonard looks at his Pulitzer Prize and the collection of photos he has with famous and powerful people. They are all gone and he believes Hawk is just using him as a tool. His phone rings but he doesn't answer it. It is Hawk talking on the answering machine telling him he is sending someone to collect him, the information that he has is very important and that he should contact Hawk right away. He walks out of his office/apartment.

Later Leonard finds himself at the door to The Coil's Hollywood headquarters. Where it all started 2 months ago and Serpentor is there to give a very welcoming greeting and give him food.

Sitting at a desk clean, healthy looking and smiling Leonard turns over his manuscript to Venomous Maximus. Since Leonard returned on his own free will he has found a home, a place to belong to and a place to contribute to.

Venomous Maximus asks him "Are you ready now for your final contribution? It will be the most important thing you ever do for us." Leonard smiles and accepts.

A large group of people are listening to Serpentor speak, he is dressed in his yellow uniform and green cape. He has gathered them together to celebrate the lunar calendar's special timing and the need for The Coil's idol Golobulus to be feed. Serpentor asks for a volunteer. And Leonard Michaels steps forward. He thinks to himself "My Name is Leonard Michaels. I was a reporter and investigator. I discovered and assembled facts. For that I was celebrated and despised. But the facts are not truth and only truth has meaning. This will be the most meaningful thing I've ever done. My blood is frozen by revelation and the scales fall from eyes."

Leonard lays down on the alter that he first discovered when was sneaking around (See Cobra #5) the Coil's Center many months before. Serpentor pulls out a knife. Leonard is crying with joy, all smiles and willing allows Serpentor to bleed him as he screams COBRA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.

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