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GI Joe Cobra #8

September 2010

Cover B

Short Summary

Scoop, who has been writing the story of the The Coil and is being converted, has an unexpected visitor to his cell. His Viper guard tells him the story of how he became a soldier for Cobra. It started with him and several other ex-soldiers, including his brother, parachuting out of helicopter naked with Skullbuster, the Cobra recruit trainer, leading the way. After days of marching and then killing their objective only he and his brother survived. But his brother jumped from the helicopter to avoid joining. Now the Viper is going help Scoop escape, so the real story of The Coil and Cobra can be told to the world.

Major Players

GI Joe: Scoop

Cobra: Skullbuster, A Viper, Venomous Maximus

Additional Characters: Viper's borther

Notes of Interest

Introduction of nameless Viper.

Major Continuity Differences

The origin of Skullbuster and his job with Cobra.

Creative Team

""Serpent's Tale Part Four: Viper's Nest "
Writers: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Serigo Carrera
Colors: Wil Glass
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt
IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Long Summary
Venomous Maximus is reading Scoop's written work, which is the history of The Coil and Serpentor.

In his drugged up, exhausted and almost converted state, he uses what is left of his humor by pointing out that he knows that his guards are actually multiple guards. They are the same height and uniform but they have different body postures.

Scoop is tried so he heads to bed and Venomous Maximus wishes him a good night's sleep.

In the middle of his sleep, the guard points his pistol at his head waking him up. He wants to know if it is true about Scoop winning a Pulitzer Prize. Scoop confirms that he did. So the guard says "I have a story to tell you." And so begins the introduction of Skullbuster.

A group of 8 soldiers from various different backgrounds are preparing to jump out of the plane. When the jump master tells them to get ready by striping down naked. No one can believe it but that is what they are about to do to. The Viper tells Scoop that he has never seen a man like the one who is running this mission. The jump master is also known as Skullbuster. And then he tells them all that only one of them can finish the training.

So they parachute out naked, some get scattered, one soldier buries his parachute showing up with nothing, all of the others used their parachutes as clothing. That man dies the next day from exposure in the bitterly cold desert. But the dead body brings vultures. They kill the vultures then eat them raw cause no fire is allowed.

One soldier throws up from eating the raw bird meat, Skullbuster walks up on him from behind and just breaks his neck saying "Weakness is death." Now there are 6 soldiers left which includes the Viper in Scoop's prison cell and that Viper's brother, who are both ex- US Navy SEAL's.

They continue their march for four days, 1 dies along the way. The group begins to fall apart, but the Viper and his brother help keep each other safe and sane as they march along. They finally march into a poppy field that was guarded by soldiers. Since he and his brother and the remaining 5 soldiers are half starved they fought like madmen, which they partially were. Killing all of the soldiers and only losing one.

Now armed and dressed Skullbuster takes them on a another long march to their extraction point. They come upon a village, where UN aid workers and soldiers are helping the people. The group just starts killing them all. One soldier out of the 4 remaining dies.

They continue on to the extraction point, when the Viper, his brother and Skullbuster are sprayed with body parts as the last remaining soldier steps on a land mine. Leaving only the two brothers alive.

When they reach the extraction chopper, Skullbuster pulls out a gun, both brothers having relied on each other throughout the journey, are aware that they may have to fight each other. But Skullbuster just has them climb into the chopper and they take off. Sitting in the cockpit seat Skullbuster receives a message that his next training mission in Colombia is all set up. They both realize that Skullbuster does this every week and he loves it. The killing they just did happens all the time and the organization they are about to join is massive, corrupt and deadly and it is a lifetime decision. His brother just looks at him and jumps out of the helicopter committing suicide, so he doesn't have to join Cobra.

That was 4 years ago, the Viper admits that after a mission in Vienna where he showed weakness, he was then transferred to doing guard duty for The Coil as a form of punishment. Also so he can be subjected to some of the same treatment Scoop is getting. He takes off his helmet so Scoop can see his face, he grabs him, picks him up and starts to walk him out of his cell. Telling him "You are going to tell the story of The Coil, Leonard. The real story to the world."

To be continued . . .

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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