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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: August 2010
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra
Issue Number: 7

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Venomous Maximus, who is continuing to convert Scoop, tells him the history of the Croc Master. His negative upbringing in Florida, his unique ability to handle crocodiles and he is one of the best eco-terrorists Cobra has working for them. The point is he has found a home in The Coil/Cobra, even though he is a total non-believer in The Coil's religious beliefs.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of Venomous Maximus (not even remotely related his cartoon/figure story line)

Major Continuity Differences

The origin of Croc Master.

Inclusion of Venomous Maximus in the Cobra organization.

Major Players

GI Joe: Scoop

Cobra: Venomous Maximus, Croc Master, Xamot

Additional Characters: Croc Master's father

Creative Team

"Serpent's Tale Part Three: Green Dreams"
Writers: Christos N. Gage
Artist: Sergio Carrera
Colors: Peter Dawes
Letters: Chris Mowry
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Ben Templesmith
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

(Editor's note when parenthesis are used it is the narrators voice not the actions happening in the past)

Scoop is being told the origin of the Croc Master as part of his conversion to The Coil.

(The narrator points out that not all members of The Coil are true believers, in fact the narrator doesn't believe in every tenet of The Coil gospel. But everyone has a place. The Coil is a family, a home for lost souls, especially those that don't fit anywhere else.)

In the Florida Everglades, many years ago at an alligator farm called Croc Master. A man is buying a baby alligator in a box from the "Croc Master". He makes a comment about the young boy not being in school, the croc master points out that he is to stupid to be in school and the man better get on his way and asking to many questions. The croc master then tells the young boy to go feed the merchandise.

(The boy's father was abusive and used the boy as slave labor, doing most of the work at the alligator farm. The boy knew nothing of his mother. The boy never considered running away because there was one thing that made him feel alive. And that was the real crocodiles that he kept to justify his name.) The boy is literally sitting on the back of crocodile as it lays on the shore. The boy grows up with the crocodiles hand feeding them since they were babies and still hand feeding them when they full grown adults. When the boy (now as teenager) returns from feeding the alligators. The father has killed one of the crocodiles and has skinned it to sell the skin. He wants the boy to help him dispose of the carcass by feeding it to the alligators. The boy refuses at first but the father hits him and pulls a gun and points it at his head. The boy agrees and so they each grab a end of the bloody carcass. As they are standing over the alligator pit the boy bumps the carcass into the father, getting him bloody and then pushes both into the water. The alligators close in and the father asks for help. But the boy just hits him in the head with a stick and the alligators eat the father.

There is a new Croc Master at the alligator farm. And it is now a closed business.

But later the businessman who wanted to buy the crocodile carcass arrives to pick it up. Now the crocodiles are literally sitting on the porch with the new Croc Master. And the boy just stabs the businessman and feeds him to the crocodiles.

(The new Croc Master then begins trafficking drugs to make money and he uses he crocodiles as his protection. He did very well and was able to pursue his true passion which was fighting the invaders of the natural world, ie bulldozers and businesses that want to destroy the Everglades.)

(The Croc Master uses his profits from the drugs to buy explosives and guns then turns himself into an eco-terrorists. One of his first acts is blowing up bulldozers. Then he is hunting the hunters of the Everglades. Which stopped poaching, he also stops any real estate developments.)

(Unfortunately for the Croc Master when he destroyed the bulldozers it was Extensive Enterprise or Cobra's bulldozers. So they tracked him down)

Xamot arrives at his door with several fully armed Hummers. Xamot, in his business suit, steps out to try and recruit him into Cobra because of how successful he has been.

Cobra needs more eco-terrorists and Croc Master fills those shoes. Croc Master having heard enough pulls his gun, but a voice from the car says "Wait, Please there's no need for this."

The scar faced man with his arm in a sling gets out of the Humvee. He introduces himself as Venomous Maximus, his special is chemical and biological innovation and he also represents the religious fanatics part of Cobra. Maximus throws down on the ground several photos of accidents and he tells Croc Master that they kill a lot of people. This makes the Croc Master interested.

In the Scoop's cell, Venomous Maximus is staring into his eyes telling him this story. Croc Master doesn't believe any of The Coil's beliefs but he works in the cellars protecting the building with all his pets, he is accepted and welcomed.

Looking completely exhausted Scoop, drugged up, is starting to believe what he is hearing.

To be continued . . .

Summary by Josh Eggebeen