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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: July 2010
Series: G.I. Joe Cobra
Issue Number: 6

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Scoop has been drugged in The Coil's compound. He can't keep track of the time. Serpentor has been keeping him guarded and locked up, but he has also requested Leonard to write Serpentor and The Coil's real story.

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Alternate Covers

Starting with issue #6 there was no longer a retail incentive cover. Just two covers released equally.

Notes of Interest

A full history of the Serpentor and The Coil is explained but not its connection to Cobra in the past only through Serpentor's connections.

First appearance of the scar faced man. (he is introduced in the next issue)

Major Continuity Differences The origin of Serpentor.

The nature of The Coil as a religious organization.

Major Players

GI Joe: Scoop

Cobra (The Coil): Serpentor (Stephen Minasian), Scar Faced Man

Creative Team

"Serpent's Tale Part 2: The Nest "
Writers: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Sergio Carrera & J.K. Woodward
Colors: Peter Dawes & J.K. Woodward
Letters: Chris Mowry
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Ben Templesmith
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

(Editor's Note: the italic sections are basically complete full pages that are artistic representations and words basically explaining the history of The Coil's religious beliefs that are being implanted in Scoop. They aren't actual interactions between Scoop & Serpentor. When " " are used these are the actual words on the page, the rest is my interpretation of the artwork.)

"There was a Void, which is ignorance and unknowing. The world was unmade. And into the Void penetrated a Will and a Wisdom. Endless in length. Unbroken in continuity." -- A snake with its body circling back into black hole design form the background of the universe. The snake has its mouth open and is emitting a very bright light.

Scoop, Leonard Michaels, has snuck into a party at The Coil's Los Angeles House and once inside again sneaks into a back room which then leads him to a basement area. He stumbles upon a painting of a man with long hair who's body beginning at the stomach is the body of a snake. When a voice comes from behind him saying "I see you have met Golobulus. But you and I haven't had the pleasure." When Leonard turns around he sees Stephen Minasian or Serpentor the leader of The Coil. He is wearing a golden robe with a green cape and has two Cobra guards with machine guns standing behind him.

"Ahi, Shesa, Ngalyod, Amduat, Ophian, Tomungand, Nuwa, Quetzalcoatl. Names remembered from the root of history that sing in our souls still." -- A series of snake images, presumed to be tied with the names list. What is pictured: a coil of snakes (Shesa,Amduat,Tomungand) half snake half rainbow (Ahi), a snake showing it's fangs (Ngalyod), larger snake showing it's fangs (Ophian), a snake with bird like wings (Quetzalcoatl) and a woman's head that has the neck and body of a snake with hood of the Cobra snake encompassing her head as hair.

As Leonard begins to try and explain himself he faints and falls as the guards catch him. Serpentor then explains that a pattern of lights shone into his eyes during the retinal scan uses hypnotics to cause the fainting. He then reassures Leonard that he is home and safe.

"All of them aspects of the Serpent who encircles the world. Who holds the firmament aloft with knowledge. Shutting out the suffocating world of Ignorance and Darkness." -- In a very bright blue cloudy sky a snake showing its fangs and forked tongue coils ready to strike around the entire Earth.

For the next few days Leonard is subjected to a blurry series of memories, A man with many scars on his face injects him with chemicals, many needles, he sees Serpentor's face and he has a fever.

"Who, as an impossible tribute, gave us her avatar: The perfect collusion of man and Serpent. Her spirit made Flesh. Gola-Bulas. And so all lived in peace under his reign in Cobra-La, and harmony was maintained." -- A man with a snake body starting at his stomach, who has long flowing white hair, has his arms crossed over his shirt less chest. His eyes are closed. This image hangs over a village of round huts in a forested area with several figures in white robes in line.

Sitting in a cell with the guards outside the door, Leonard, as his head clears makes an assessment of himself. He suspects that it has been a week, he has lost weight but believes he has been given drugs to accelerate that. He really can't remember much of the last week. When the scar faced man comes into his cell to take him away. He wonders why he hasn't been killed. And what kind of strange torture are they doing to him if he can't remember any of it.

"However in our arrogance we scorned our Teacher and instead exalted ourselves. We mistook something given for something invented. We are clay which believes it Shapes itself, and sees the sculptor's hand not as Maker, but as Assistant. And men came to push the serpents into something low and small. To slander. To cast doubt on truth by calling it a lie." -- Standing in pyramid formation 6 humans all dressed in white robes stand in front of normal looking, non-threatening, snakes that are on green grass. 5 men, 2 with long grey hair and long beards along with another bald but with long beard appear to be the leaders. Standing further back are two men with brown long hair, one holds his staff above his head. The sixth is a woman with brown hair.

The man with scars on his face also with his arm in a sling enters Leonard's cell again. He tells Leonard that he should begin accepting his new life. And then injects him again with more medicine, telling him "It's good for you."

"The "great" men who called humanity divine and wrestled the Serpant underground rewrote history in their own image. An image that fosters separation. Individuality. Disharmony. That pits us all against each other in eternal strife." -- Four heads are pictured with a blue cloudy sky background. One Greek, another wearing a blue hat with a long beard, another in 1800's style clothing (names of these 3 are unconfirmed to but probably Aristotle, Socrates and Issac Newton) and then Albert Einstein.

Scoop now in a chamber room is kneeling with the guards right next to him in front of Serpentor, who is sitting in King style chair. Serpentor is disappointed that Leonard has not come along faster. He keeps rejecting the medicine and its mental controls. Leonard has a ironic sense of humor that he uses in almost every interaction. His answer is "Why's that, "Dad". I haven't dropped enough dress sizes to perform in the little miss rattlesnake pageant?"

"But ever has the serpent had her champions. Figures in history who strove to unite the Earth, once more. To constrict reckless "freedom" with truth. To encircle the World. Some worked directly in her interests. Other were tools, unknowingly doing her work. Each epoch has had its champion. And fell before the dream was complete." -- Pictured again against a blue cloudy sky are Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte. (All people who in previous versions of Serpentor were part of his actual DNA.)

Later walking in a courtyard, still completely blurry and weak, Leonard still hasn't conformed and calls Serpentor and his organization kooks, hucksters and frauds. Again, Serpentor is disappointed. But he wonders how a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist has fallen into becoming a private investigator. He then reminds Leonard of his fall from his position by rehashing Leonard's life. And tells him that the story he was about to uncover that cost him his career was so dull and complex that the public wouldn't have cared about it anyway. Then he goes on to tell him the subject he was about to uncover wasn't even the truth and he really needs to stop believing that he was actually doing any good.

"Yet as a snake sheds its skin, hope is reborn again. And so comes Serpentor, The Final Disciple, combining the finest qualities of those who preceded him. Our Spiritual Leader and Protector." -- The Serpentor that we recognize in his traditional yellow armor and cape basks in the power of the light. Again the blue cloudy sky background is used.

Continuing the conversation, Leonard remarks that he has been responsible for putting people in jail because of his reporting. Serpentor then tells him that he has been brought to him to write about him. Again, Leonard sense of humor comes out "And what's so important about you?". He then starts reeling off the basic background of Serpentor from childhood.

"Touched by the Avatar Golobulus Himself. Arrived on this plane to finally wrap humanity together once again within his Coils." -- Golobulus, with white hair blowing in the wind and snake body coiled stands above a bowing Serpentor. Golobulus has one hand on Serpentor's head the other with his hand in a swear in type of pose.

Now sitting down eating, Leonard continues reeling off Serpentor's history that he knows about him. "Born July 17th 1972 in Ventura, California, father killed in an accident in 1985, mother worked in library. One brother, Ben, 3 years younger, an epileptic that Serpentor saved when he was 14 when Ben fell in a pond, but he later died of pneumonia. He left home at age 16. 1986 Leonard found his name on a ship's manifest headed to India. In 1992, he returned to California in Ojai just a few miles from where he grew up and started working for an alderman. He then became active in local politics, community outreach and self help groups all based on a pamphlet he created, published and distributed called "The Coil". As the pamphlet got popular he gained more followers and more pu