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GI Joe Cobra #4

June 2009

Cobra Part 4: Eyes

Cover B

Short Summary

Chuckles now in charge of the Special Projects division is overseeing the creation of BAT's. He has finally decided to make his move to take down Cobra. He busts into Mr. X's office with a gun. His friend Semyon is unable to stop him and his girlfriend Erika Le Tene is there. Mr. X turns out to be Tomax & Xamot and they reveal that they have known he is GI Joe for awhile. Then Chuckles blows up the BAT factories and releases the uncontrollable BAT's in Mr. X's office building causing a diversion that allows Tomax, Xamot and Erika to escape. Later, Chuckles resolves to never give on destroying Cobra.

Major Players

GI Joe: Chuckles

Cobra: Mr. X (Xamot & Tomax)

Additional Characters: Semyon, Erika Le Tene, Max

Notes of Interest

A page from Andy Schmidt includes special thank yous to the creative team of Cobra and promotes the Cobra Special #1 coming in the fall as well up coming Joe books.

First official introduction of Tomax & Xamot.
And they are still in charge of the Crimson Guard.

First appearance of the BAT's.

Major Continuity Differences

Xamot's scar is explained.

Creative Team

Writer: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colors: Levorn Kindzierski
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Andy Schmidt

IDW Publishing

Cover Credits
Cover Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Long Summary

Chuckles is working in the Special Projects division. He has recently been transferred there because the last two project leaders were killed. He is working with Max, a straight out of Cal Tech graduate, on trying to perfect the Battalion Automation Tactics (B.A.T.'s for short). Their current problem is that the BAT's can't differentiate friend from foe nor do they have any concept of their environment and they tend to self destruct. Three serious problems.

In the lunch room, Chuckles over hears Semyon talking about him. Complimenting him on how crazy he is and telling the story of his execution of Jinx. Chuckles hears this and comes to the conclusion that he is taking down Cobra.

As he walks through the base to the research lab. He sees HISS Tanks, a stealth jet, missiles and tons of soldiers dressed in a red armor. He goes through what Cobra does. Which is send in mercenaries to an already unstable country and have them cause serious trouble that threatens the life of the citizens. Then that country hires Cobra's military, the Crimson Guard. Additionally, they send in shell companies to create more chaos in financial world. Eventually the local population begins to trust Cobra more then their own government and that is how Cobra gets its influence and money.

That night Erika Le Tene, his girlfriend and high level Cobra operative, walks out without a word, but with a quick glance are Chuckles' gun. Chuckles has reached a point where he just doesn't care anymore. There is no feeling between him and Erika anymore. He just wants it all to be over.

The next morning he walks into the main Cobra office. Semyon, as usual, is guarding the door to Mr. X's office. No visitors are allowed and Semyon prevents Chuckles from entering. A moment of decision passes as Chuckles contemplates his next move. He closes his eyes, thinks and decides to do it.

Next, Semyon flies through the door and Chuckles rushes up to Mr. X holding him at gun point. He has Mr. X walk him to the Commander's office. This time he enters the office holding Mr.X with his gun pressed to his right cheek. Erika Le Tene is in the office actually talking to Mr. X already. The Commander who is seated in shadow turns around. And Chuckles and Erika are both surprised to see another Mr. X sitting in the chair. The Commander introduces himself as Tomax and the Mr. X with the gun pointed to his face is Xamot, twins. He then makes a specific point that he is definitely not the Commander and the Commander has never been to these offices. The Commander that Chuckles thought was there wasn't who he thought it was. It was all a very clever deception.

Chuckles now points the gun at Tomax and says "I want you to know my name." But Tomax answers first "Oh, I already know your name, Chuckles".

He goes on to say that he knows Chuckles works for GI Joe and that they have known for months. In fact, Erika noticed that his chest vibrated in code. A brief flashback to them in bed with her head on his chest. And she reported it to Mr. X. From there they figured it out. And since then they have been restricting his access. Erika makes a comment about being hurt by the one who she thought loved her.

So Chuckles gathers himself after recovering from his surprise and gets back to his plan. Still holding Xamot, he triggers two explosions. One is the refinery plant and the other is the base with all of the soldiers. But Tomax tells him that they evacuated all of the soldiers and that they were planning on pulling out anyway, so he is helping to cover their tracks. They already knew his plan. He then brings up the Jinx execution. Xamot says that Erika didn't believe that he would do it, but they knew he would. So they have been one step ahead of him the entire time he has been working for Cobra, always monitoring him, always having Erika & Semyon report on him and making sure that he only sees what they wanted him to see and report back to GI Joe. They wanted him to confirm to the Joes that the Crimson Guard force was serious threat.

In rushes Semyon with several guards. Chuckles is now forced into action. He fires his gun at Tomax. But nothing happens. Tomax just laughs. They had Erika put blanks in his gun. Now furious Chuckles, still holding Xamot at gun point, clicks a different trigger. This one activates the BAT's that have been waiting outside the office building, they begin to rush in attacking and destroying as they make their way to the office. Tomax tells Chuckles that there is no way of escaping. Semyon makes his move to tackle Chuckles as the BAT's reach and attack the guards. As Semyon is tackling him Chuckles fires his gun with only the blanks into Xamot's right cheek. Tomax grabs Xamot, they then along with Erika head to a chopper on the roof. Tomax gives Erika a chance to kill Chuckles but she drops the gun and leaves.

As total chaos breaks out in the office building, Semyon and Chuckles continue to wrestle. Semyon gets the upper hand, but Chuckles gets Erika's disguarded gun and shoots Semyon in the head.

He then makes his exit, he briefly sees someone he thinks looks like Jinx. And then Max arrives. Chuckles just walks right past him out the front door as the BAT's self destruct totally destroying the building.

Later on a roof top, Chuckles is contemplating his next move. He can't go back to the Joes after what he has done. He has nothing. He only has what Jinx died for his mission. He resolves by thinking "I will find them if it's the last thing I do and it will be."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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