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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: October 2015
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: PRELUDE

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Duke gives Senator Wendy Ling Torres and her aide, Fred 191, a tour of the Utah Pit. The Joes continue the tour and overview of their operations even after they discover Fred is a Crimson Guard. At the end of the tour Duke plants some misinformation by telling Fred there is a mole in Cobra.

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Notes of Interest

Interview with Larry Hama
Interview with S.L. Gallant
Re-telling of the Origin of Cobra
Images of the Pit, Ft Wadsworth, San Francisco Martial Arts Academy, Revanche, the Silent Castle, and Castle Destro

Inside cover blurb:
Quartered in Top-Secret armored underground bunkers-deep beneath a secret base in the Utah desert is America’s elite Counter-Terrorist strike force! Code named: G.I. Joe- the most fearsome rapid deployment team of all stands ready to fight-any time-any way!

Major Players

Lift Ticket, Wild Bill, Lady Jaye, Duke, Roadblock, Mainframe, Psyche-Out, Chuckles, Ghost Rider, Clutch, Steeler, Cover Girl, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Budo, Jinx, Long Range, Muskrat, torpedo, Alpine, Joe Colton, Jane, Storm Shadow

Fred 191, Cobra Commander, DR. Mindbender, Baroness, Destro, Zartan, Buzzer, Ripper, Torch, Zarana, Zandar, Road Pig, Monkeywrench, Thrasher

Wendy Ling Torres, Obake Obaasan

Creative Team

"Cobra World Order Prelude"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Paul Pope, Colors by Jordie Bellaire
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retailer Incentive): Artist: Stephen Mooney
Cover Company: IDW (Artist's Edition)

Cover C (Subscription A): Artist: Francesco Francvilla
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Subscription B): Art by Phil Jimenez, Colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr
Cover Company: IDW

Cover E (Subscription C): Blank Sketch Cover
Cover Company: IDW

Cover F (Retailer Exclusive A): Art by Rob Liefeld, Colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr
Cover Company: SoCal Comic Con

Cover G (Retailer Exclusive B Black & White): Art by Rob Liefeld
Cover Company: SoCal Comic Con

Cover H (IDW Convention Exclusive): Art by Pablo Villanelli, Colors by Mattia Iacono
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Wendy Ling Torres, head of the Senate GIJOE oversight committee, and her aide, Fred, ride a Tomahawk to the Pit in Utah. Torres won a special election after the incumbent was indicted and then died in a suspicious car crash.

Lady Jaye and Duke meet the Senator and introductions are made. The four talk as they drive to the command center. Lady Jaye and Duke explain that the Pit was built on top of an already existing facility. They drive by Roadblock and he recognizes the Senator’s aide. Mainframe is about to investigate using a facial recognition scan when Duke and the tour enters the command center.

Duke uses the multifunction holographic situation display to bring up images to show the Senator and her aide.

Chuckles and Psyche-Out deflect Fred’s question to know more about the restricted areas of the Pit. The tour continues and images of the elevator, the surface quonset huts, the stealth catapult and the Pit perimeter defense are all shown to the Senator.

When an image of Fort Wadsworth appears Snake Eyes is at a desk with the others doing clerical work. Fred slips and calls him a commando. At that moment Mainframe’s facial recognition program identifies Fred as a Crimson Guard.

Chuckles informs the two about the Arashikage Martial Arts Academy in San Francisco. When images of the Joes at the academy appear Psyche Out tells him not to bother memorizing their faces, by the time he recognized them it would be too late.

Chuckles continues and elaborates on the Arashikage. Senator Torres asks about their involvement with GI Joe and how does a former Cobra become involved with GI Joe. Duke tells her that all that information is classified Ultra Ultra.

Mainframe tells about the Satellite Particle Beam and the team in New York in charge of that operation. He says that certain people within Cobra are pre-targeted individuals and they can hone in on their cell phone signals.

Duke goes on to tell about the origins of Cobra. How it started as vitamin and cleaning supply sales and grew into a full scale global terrorist organization with its own private army.

Mainframe shows the different troops in Cobra’s army including pilots, helmsmen, and armored vehicle drivers. Mainframe then explains how Crimson Guards or Siegies operate by infiltrating important occupations and positions of power. Then Mainframe jokingly says that the aide resembles the Fred series of Crimson Guards in front of the Senator.

Duke talks about the Silent Castle, Springfield, Broca beach and Rancho Corba. Chuckles explains the connection between M.A.R.S. Destro, the Baroness and Cobra. Mainframe elaborates on the Blue Ninjas and Revanche Robotics.

When Senator Torres says she did not know anything about Revanche Duke tells her she must forget what she saw or they will have to kill her. He then says he was only kidding.

Psyche-Out tells about Zartan the dreadnoks and their role in things. He even gives a brief Psych profile on Zartan.

Duke ends the briefing saying they need to get back to business. The Senator and her aide Fred board a C-130 to leave Utah. Fred asks another question as they board. He wants to know who the pre-targeted individuals are. Duke replies that Cobra High Command, their weapons techs, saboteurs, assassins, and known Crimson Guards are on that list.

Fred then asks what Duke meant by getting back to business. Duke tells him they are acting on intelligence from a Cobra turncoat.

Lady Jaye and Duke watch the C-130 leave. Lady Jaye comments on how everyone did a good job covering up any confidential information once they knew Fred was a Crimson Guard. Mainframe was able to shop a restricted banner on the image of the lower levels of the Pit just in time. She then asks how about the mole in Cobra. Duke says there is no mole and that he made it up on the spot. He wants to see what the reaction of Cobra Commander will be.

Summary by Ted Jacobson