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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: August 2017
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 243

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The continuation of the story of the invasion of the U.S. Embassy in Trucial Abysmia. Airborne, Leatherneck, Long Range and Rock ’n' Roll along with the Ambassador and his security detail fight their way to the desalinization plant with the assistance of Mafood and Ishmael.

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Alternate Covers

Cover B has no notation as to whether it is a subscription or incentive cover. It is not an exclusive

Notes of Interest

There is a ship mentioned called the U.S.S. Heartbreak Ridge, a Korean War battle and also a 1986 movie starring Clint Eastwood and Mario Van Peebles.

Airborne’s call sign is Golf India Juliet Five Niner.

SitRep:(Inside cover blurb)
In Springfield, Granny Demon, Storm Shadow, Zartan, the New Snake-Eyes, the Collins family, Dawn Moreno, the Dreadnoks, and Senator Ling-Torres have escaped the clutches of Cobra Commander and soon part ways, with Granny and Storm Shadow promising to care for the troubled Dawn, who still holds the memories of the original Snake-Eyes in her mind.
Meanwhile, Dr. Venom, having possessed Dr. Mindbender’s body, proves to a doubtful Cobra Commander and his nefarious entourage that he is truly who he claims to be, exposing Zartan’s double-cross at the same time. And in Trucial Absymia, Leatherneck, Airborne, Long Shot, and Rock & Roll are inserted into the failed state to rescue U.S. Ambassador McCrory and his bodyguards from the besieged U.S. embassy. But the stealthy insertion quickly goes FUBAR, forcing the JOEs and the Ambassador’s team to switch to Plan B. But what Plan B is exactly, nobody knows…

Major Players

Leatherneck, Airborne, Long Range, Rock ’N Roll

Additional Characters:
Akbar, Ali, Yasir, Mafood, Ishmael, Hamid, Abdul, Ambassador McCrory, Emerson, Lake

Creative Team

"GI Joe #243"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Tom Waltz
Assistant Editor: Chase Marotz
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by SL Gallant, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription) : Artist: John Royle & Jagdish Kumar, Colors by James Offredi
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

In Trucial Abysmia, the U.S. Embassy is surrounded by local militias led by Akbar. The battle has ceased and everything is very quiet, no sign of the Ambassador or the Joes.

Akbar sends in three units led by Hamid, Ali and Yasir. They storm the Embassy and find the bodies of their fellow insurgents. The Joes have stripped and booby trapped the bodies. Hamid turns over the body and grenades are activated all over the compound. Akbar is enraged and vows revenge.

Airborne leads the Joes and the Ambassador outside under the trucks. Airborne takes out Abdul and they load the Ambassador into the trucks. Emerson and Lake, the Ambassador's security detail along with the Ambassador are driven by Ishmael. Mafood drives a second vehicle with Airborne and the other Joes. Airborne radios to the USS Heartbreak Ridge for extraction.

Akbar sees that the Joes and the Ambassador took to the sewers and finds that the trucks are gone. He calls the local seven militias into the battle.

Mafood drives right into a roadblock. The Joes fire on the roadblock. Emerson and Lake are hit.

As they escape Ishmael’s truck plows into a gas pump knocking it over. Ishmael was killed in the attack.

Leatherneck jumps to the truck. He goes to the Ambassador, a former Marine and helps with Emerson and Lake. Airborne offers to help but Leatherneck tells him Marines take care of their own.

Akbar is approaching fast. The Joes have lost their advantage. Ambassador McCrory tells Leatherneck to lend him his cover and sidearm. He stays behind as the Joes and Mafood drive to the plant.

He only takes Leatherneck’s pistol with him and makes a stand. Akbar and his insurgents surround him.

Akbar orders the Ambassador taken alive. He has special plans for him. He tells him to drop his pistol, and McCrory says “What are you going to do, shoot me?” He says John 15:13 and then “We’re done here.” he fires his pistol into the pool of gasoline that has built up around himself, Akbar and all his insurgents and they are engulfed in flame.

The Joes, Mafood, Emerson and Lake arrive at the desalinization plant, the helicopter is overhead.

To be continued.

Summary by Ted Jacobson