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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: April 2017
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 239

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Dawn Moreno has arrived in Springfield after an interesting road trip. Heather Collins disguises herself as A Crimson Guard Immortal to rescue her parents from the Brainwave Scanner. Senator Wendy Ling Torres arrives for her regularly scheduled Brainwave scanner treatment. Zartan, Throwdown, Storm Shadow and Granny Demon aka Obake Obaasan drive right into Springfield to help or stop Dawn whichever the case may be. In Darklonia, Katya and the Joes encounter a group of Blue Ninjas. Sneak Peek is injured when the Joes stop a shipment of a cargo container.

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Notes of Interest

Sneak Peek is injured.
Zartan’s Van has an exterminator facade.

Inside Cover SitRep:

Wild Bill, Lift-Ticket, and a crew of battle-hardened JOEs infiltrate Darklonia in a daring support mission that quickly turns into an all-out air-to-sea battle with Cobra forces. The JOEs are able to repel the enemy and soon rendezvous with the partisan leader Werewolf One... who turns out to be none other than the enigmatic resistance fighter Katya, a literal blast from Sneak-Peek’s covert past!

Elsewhere, Dawn continues to be haunted by memories from another past—this one belonging to the late Snake Eyes! As dark as her dreams are, however, it seems her waking reality is only getting darker! Meanwhile, Cobra Commander invites Destro over for a chat that turns deadly in a heartbeat! But Destro is not so easily tricked…

Major Players

Joes: Throwdown, Storm Shadow, Spirit, Roadblock, Sneak Peek, Flint, Lady Jaye

Cobras: Zartan, Dr. Mindbender

Other: Obake Obaasan (Demon Granny), Grosz, Katya (Werewolf One), Senator Wendy Ling Torres, Fred 191, Heather Collins, Dawn Moreno, Officer Forester,

Creative Team

"GI Joe #239"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Robbie Robbins and Christa Miesner
Editor: Tom Waltz
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by SL Gallant, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription) : Artist: John Royle & Jagdish Kumar, Colors by Juan Fernandez
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

The Springfield Police department has set up a roadblock. Bus 8675309 is stopped and searched. The driver tells the officers that Dawn got off at the last stop. The police head out to the Shelby rest stop. Ten miles away at the Shelby rest stop Dawn is approached by an overweight man driving a beat up car with rust spots. When she gets in the car he puts his hand on her knee and warns her that pretty little girls should not be hitching rides. She tells him to pull over somewhere secluded so he can explain it to her.

The Springfield PD arrive at the rest stop and begin to search when they are stopped by a State Trooper who tells them they are out of their jurisdiction. Except the State Trooper is really Zartan. They turn back and set up roadblocks into Springfield.

In Darklonia, Grosz, Roadblock, and Spirit watch the activity at a Revanche factory complex. A truck leaves the complex. Sneak Peek and Katya drive by the truck in a van and see that the driver is a Blue Ninja. The Joes block the truck from front and behind. The Joes are after the contents of the trailer.

At the Springfield city line, Officer Forester investigates an abandoned vehicle, she opens the trunk to find a scared man tied up with the word perv carved into his forehead. Dawn grabs Forester from her hiding spot under the car.

Snake Eyes uses his phone for directions in the van two miles away from Springfield, Storm Shadow asks Zartan if they should go in on foot and Zartan changes the appearance of the van to an exterminator truck. A truck that no one would want to go near or look under the tarp on the trailer towed behind them.

At the Springfield Airport, Fred 191 meets Senator Wendy Ling Torres. She enters the limo to see Dr. Mindbender seated, pointing a gun at her. He shoots her with a tranquilizer.

At the house next door to the Collins’ residence, Heather watches the Cobra news service put out a watch for herself. She rips the tape off her neighbor’s mouth and demands to know where the uniforms and weapons are kept.

In Darklonia, the Blue Ninja driver is able to get a distress call out. Sneak Peek and Katya are surprised as the Blue Ninjas inside the trailer rip open the trailer and begin shooting at their van. Sneak Peek pushes Katya down out of sight and is shot. Spirit tosses the driver’s head into the trailer. It explodes. The Joes unload the cargo container from the truck into Flint and Lady Jaye’s van. Katya calls to them to help Sneak Peek. Hiss Tanks and Cobra Rages speed towards them. They load the badly injured Sneak Peek into the van. Spirit, Grosz, and Roadblock stay behind as the van leaves to fend off the column of Rages and Hiss Tanks.

Senator Wendy Ling Torres is taken to the brainwave scanners in the Springfield Community Center. Heather’s parents Wade Collins and his wife are already strapped into scanners. Dawn arrives at the Springfield Community Center in Officer Forrester’s uniform and patrol unit. She left him naked and tied up in the back seat of the perv’s car. Dawn is carrying the swords Morning Light and Evening Shade. She is met by a Crimson Guard Immortal. The Siegie is actually Heather Collins in her neighbor’s uniform. The two women pair up and decide to work together. Dawn will help rescue Heather’s parents and Heather will try to erase Snake Eye’s memories from Dawn’s mind using the brainwaves scanner.

Outside the Community Center, Zartan’s exterminator van pulls up and Granny, Throwdown, Storm Shadow and Zartan head into the Community Center to find Dawn. They don’t know if they will find Dawn or the recently unleashed dark side of Snake Eyes.

Summary by Ted Jacobson