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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: November 2016
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 234

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Zartan, disguised as Destro, tricks the Baroness into taking him to the Cobra server farm in Springfield. At the same time, Heather Collins sneaks into the facility herself to find out the information that Cobra has on Sean Collins. In New York, a thief stumbles into the Arashikage store and Dawn Moreno tries the trick of jamming his pistol that the Soft Master used in Snake Eyes’ presence. The tactic backfires however since a man outside the shop has called the police.

In Olliestan, Bombstrike continues her escape with the aid of Leila the scavenger. She is being pursued by Black Major and they have a confrontation.

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Notes of Interest

Editorial mistake. In a editorial blurb it says that Wade moved to Rancho Corba. He did NOT. He moved to Springfield. (see below in inside cover blurb for mistake)

Inside cover blurb:
Roadblock and Duke manage To rescue Claire from Benzheen…
Dawn Moreno brings Morning Light to Granny Arashikage…and begins her tutelage under her.
Bombstrike continues her escape…but the Black Major is right behind her!
And Wade Collin’s family moves into Rancho Corba…right under Cobra’s nose.

Dawn Moreno finds herself in a similar situation to that of the Soft Master in See Issue 26
Adder St. and Taipan Ave. are streets in Springfield.
Teeth Straighter Dentistry is the front for Dr. Mindbender two doors down from Monocles Unlimited, there is also a store called Evil Supplies.
Dr. Mindbender uses his birthday for his password.
The fine in Springfield for parking in a handicapped spot is death.
Nod to Peanut’s Lucy.

Major Players

Joes: Bombstrike

Cobra: Baroness, Zartan

Red Shadows: Black Major

Other: Wade Collins, Heather Collins, Obaake Obaasan, Dawn Moreno, Leila, Felipe,

Creative Team

"Snake in the Grass Part 5"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by SL Gallant, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription) : Artist: John Royle & Jagdish Kumar, Colors by John Rauch
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

In Springfield, Zartan disguised as Destro, enters the Springfield Community Center and asks the Baroness to discuss something with him in private. In the parking lot, Wade Collins drives his daughter to the Community Center to break in and find out what happened to Sean Collins.

In the East Village, New York City, a man has his ear to the wall of Obaake’s store. Inside, Felipe is robbing her at gunpoint. Obaake calls for her assistant Dawn to translate as she does not understand what the robber is saying. The old man outside goes to find the police.

Springfield, Heather enters the Springfield Community Center to see “Destro” and the Baroness talking. She also spies a poster of her family on the community bulletin board that says “ Have you seen this family?”

At the Olliestan border, Bombstrike and Leila arrive at the ferry docks. The docks are being patrolled by the OPF, the Olliestan Popular Front. At the same moment, the Black Major comes onto the scene in a his flying Roboskull.

Down in the basement of the Community Center, “Destro” asks the Baroness if she knows where Dawn Moreno is. She tells him the answer to that is in Snake Eyes’ memories in the brainwave scanner backups. They are interrupted as a door opens.

In New York, Dawn disarms Felipe with her broom and disassembles the weapon. She takes out the firing pin and tosses the rest to Felipe.

Springfield, The Baroness finds Heather on the stairs to the server farm. Heather says Dr. Mindbender sent her to check the cooling systems. The Baroness lets her continue and says she will verify with Dr. Mindbender immediately in person. “Destro” is tapping into the system as they talk.

In Olliestan, while the OPF decide whether or not to use an RPG on the Roboskull, Bombstrike attacks them. She takes the RPG and fires at the Roboskull.

Back in Springfield, Heather, realizing it will take a few minutes for the Baroness to head to the strip mall where Dr. Mindbender is supposedly at, bumps into…”Dr. Mindbender” Heather realizes he is Zartan right away because she knows the real Dr. Mindbender is out of town. In turn Zartan calls her by her name.

In New York, Felipe tries to reassemble his pistol, failing. He begins to cry and says he is stealing to pay for the bills for his sick abuella (Spanish for Grandmother).

Springfield, Zartan and Heather strike a deal, Heather knows more about the Cobra security then Zartan does. Sense Heather's skills are more beneficial than turning her in. He will let her go if she helps him break the encryption.

Olliestan, the shot from the RPG knocks the Roboskull from the sky. But Black Major survives the crash and Bombstrike on fierce mission to get some revenge starts to fight with him.

In another part of Springfield, The Baroness goes to the Dr.’s office to find it is closed and he is on vacation. She speeds back to the Community Center.

In New York City, Obaake offers to buy the broken gun from Felipe for a hundred dollars but, embarrassed, Felipe, carrying the gun rushes outside. The old man found a policeman and the two are waiting outside. The policeman does not hesitate and shoots Felipe.

At the Springfield Community Center, Heather gives Zartan the information, prying, he asks her what she was after, and Heather tells him she already got the data she was after while working on his request. The Baroness arrives and calls Heather an impostor but Heather is walking next to “Dr. Mindbender” who says his orthodontist convention was cancelled and he did not have time to take the sign down at the mall.

At the Olliestan border, Leila tells Bombstrike, who is pummeling the Major, that they need to go. She kicks the Major in the head knocking him out.

In Springfield, The Baroness is confused now, Zartan takes advantage of the situation. The Baroness cannot say she knows about the briefcase that Destro took into the facility. Zartan sends Heather on her way and takes the briefcase. The Baroness cannot react.

New York City: Felipe is loaded into an ambulance. Dawn is remorseful that her attempt to use the tactic the Soft Master did in the same situation has failed. Obaake reassures her and tells her she needs to go talk to the policeman who shot Felipe and let him know it was not his fault.

Outside the Springfield Community Center, Heather gets into her dad’s car and tells him to drive away like nothing is unusual. Zartan leaves the community center disguised as Dr. Mindbender. The Baroness watches the car leave from a window.

In Olliestan, Leila tells Bombstrike she wants to be like her, but asks why she did not kill the Black Major. Bombstrike explains that she had no choice with the OPF but to kill them but killing the Black Major would be a summary execution and the Joes abide by the rules. The Black Major climbs out of the water and wreckage and says that is why he will win in the end.

Summary by Ted Jacobson