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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: JUNE 2016
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 229

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The Joes return to Broca Beach and are attacked by Cobra EELs. In Olliestan, Bombstrike turns the tables and captures Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones. In Springfield, Dawn Moreno is put in the brainwave scanner. When the Baroness and Zarana attempt to bypass the process, Snake Eyes’ memories and skills are uploaded into her mind. In Brooklyn, Stalker returns to his childhood neighborhood which has undergone many changes. In Ogden, Claire releases Jane Colton. Anouk holds Claire hostage but Claire convinces her to leave. Claire cancels her weekend meeting with Duke when Wendy Ling Torres is scheduled to testify about excesses in the war against terrorism.

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Alternate Covers

Cover C was sold at the 2016 GI Joe Convention by www.plasticempire.com & www.thetoyfederation.com, neither website currently sells the exclusive cover.

Notes of Interest

Dawn Moreno is placed in the brain wave scanner and the skills and memories of Snake Eyes are accidentally uploaded to her mind.

Inside Cover Blurb: After Saving Cobra Commander’s life, Dawn Moreno-a Cobra youth that catches Baroness’ attention-begins her training under Baroness and Zarana. Bombstrike embarks on a new solo operation-infiltrate the Red Shadow’s former development site in Olliestan. There, she finds Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones and Dr. Cassandra Knox working on something sinister. Unfortunately for Bombstrike, the two Cobra operatives gain the upper hand and hold her at gun point.

Major Players

Deep Six, Shipwreck, Cutter, Torpedo, Polly, Bombstrike, Stalker, Jane Colton

Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones, Dr. Mindbender, Baroness, Zartan, Zarana

Dawn Moreno, Aunt Mavis, Ramona, Uncle Wing, Vera Wilkinson, Mr. Sven Singh, Claire Hauser, Ibrahim, Farik, Faoud, Wendy Ling Torres, Anouk

Creative Team

"Cobra Nation Part 4"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by SL Gallant, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Brian Shearer
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (GI Joe Convention Exclusive): Artist: Robert Atkins, Colors by Simon Gough Cover Company: Plastic Empire & The Toy Federation

Full Details

Off the coast of New Jersey, Cutter, Deep Six, Torpedo, Shipwreck and Polly return to Broca Beach. It looks the same as the last time the Joes were there. No development has taken place.The Joes suspect underwater activity. Deep Six and Torpedo take a SHARC below. Torpedo rides under the SHARC. The pair find an uncharted trench. When they move closer to investigate a large hatch opens in the wall ahead of them. Cobra EELs pour out of a hatch. Deep Six exits the SHARC and he and Torpedo battle the EELs in hand to hand underwater combat. Cutter dives down to help, leaving Shipwreck on the WHALE.

In Olliestan, Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones leads Bombstrike around the development site at gun point. When Dr. Biggles-Jones sends the elevator back down to prevent any others from discovering the base, Bombstrike acts fast. She grabs the Dr. and leaps into the elevator shaft. As she falls she tosses her rope onto a protruding beam. She catches the falling Dr. and they swing safely to the bottom. Bombstrike picks up Dr. Biggles-Jones’ pistol and turns it on her.

In Springfield, Cobra Commander orders Dr. Mindbender to run Dawn Moreno through the brainwave scanner process. The Baroness objects. The Baroness feels that the indoctrination program will scramble Dawn’s brains. Zarana has already made plans to prevent Dawn from being scanned. A televiper enters the room and says Dr. Mindbender is needed at the glue works across town. Zarana plans to fake the scan before Dr. Mindbender returns. The scan has already started so they need to replace the indoctrination program with something else. Zartan sheds his Cobra Commander disguise and enters the lab. He says that it will take Dr.Mindbender 40 minutes to return to the lab. Zarana begins to blindly press buttons on the scanner’s control panel. The complete memories and training of Snake Eyes which had been stored in the scanner comes into view. The auto download is activated. Dawn screams.Dr. Mindbender returns, and Dawn has disappeared. He sees that the trio have downloaded Snake Eyes’ memories and training into Dawn. They all panic.

In Brooklyn, Stalker has returned to visit his old neighborhood. There have been major changes,some good, some bad. His mom and Aunt Mavis cook dinner. Afterwards he and Uncle Wing retire to the porch for some ginger beer. They are interrupted by Mr. Sven Singh, the landlord. He assumes Stalker is an unauthorized boarder. Uncle Wing explains that he is Vera Wilkinson’s son. Sing says he tried to run a background check on Stalker and came up with nothing at all, no past, and no current information were available publicly. Stalker says he should think about why that is for a minute in a threatening manner and then for him to leave.

In Greater Ogden Municipal Hospital, Claire Hauser leads Jane Colton outside at gun point. Claire tells Jane she is working deep undercover for an agency known only by the President and Joint Chiefs. Jane drives away. Nearby, Anouk, reports the incident and release of Jane to Ibrahim, her superior. Farik reports this to Faoud who says to have Anouk deal with it.That night as Claire leaves the hospital she is accosted by Anouk who is hiding in the back seat of her car. Claire tells Anouk that the call to Benzheen was traced and drew the attention of Jane. She was diverting Jane’s suspicions to buy time. She reminds Anouk that they have spent years planning for this and asks Anouk if she wants to be the one responsible for throwing it all away. Later that night Claire watches the news on her sofa. The featured story is that Wendy Ling Torres is to testify about possible excesses in the secret war against terrorism. At that moment, Duke calls. He says he is about to board the supply transport to Ogden so they can have their usual weekend together. Claire says they cannot meet this weekend, that something has come up.

Summary by Ted Jacobson