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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: MARCH 2016
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 226

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While spreading good will in Springfield by giving away lobster rolls, Cobra Commander recruits Dawn Moreno. Snake Eyes reveals his new uniform and gear. He Scarlett and Jinx investigate the office building that was a former Cobra Headquarters and discover the Dreadnoks have also been investigating. The Arashikage from Trieste appears to formally train Snake Eyes. Tomax and Xamot and the other ostracized Cobras invade Springfield. Crystal Ball hypnotizes the entire town. Cobra Commander is captured by Destro and the Baroness and the rest but Dawn Moreno lurks in the shadows nearby.

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Notes of Interest

Inside Cover Blurb:
Cobra Commander believes he has disposed of Cobra members that were planning to strike against him. But with Destro saving all his men from the Silent Castle and Zartan leading his group away before any harm could come to them, the Commander’s Cobra Nation might be in more trouble than he thinks.

A new uniform for Snake Eyes
The Secret Scroll of the Arashikage will be used to train Snake Eyes.
Destro’s flesh and blood arms have been replaced with Revanche/M.A.R.S. prosthetic.
First appearance of Dawn Moreno.

Major Players

Duke, Roadblock, Psyche Out, Mainframe, Stalker, Scarlett, Jinx, Snake Eyes

Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Zarana, Crystal Ball, Cesspool, Tomax, Xamot, Zartan, Road Pig, Buzzer, Big Boa, Baroness, Destro

Dawn Moreno, The Arashikage from Trieste

Creative Team

"Cobra Nation Part 1"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Stephen Mooney
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Adam Riches
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Cobra Commander and Dr. Mindbender are in a food truck delivering free lobster rolls to the citizens. It is 9 AM on a Sunday.

The free lobster rolls are not being well received. The Commander decides to go to the school once he learns the Cobra Youth Lacrosse Team is having tryouts.

At Springfield High, Dawn Moreno insists on trying out for the lacrosse team. She challenges the coach to pick out ten of his best players and she will face them. They agree to Iroquois rules and the match begins. She bests the team easily and scores a goal by bouncing the ball off the goalie’s head. Cobra Commander arrives at the high school just in time to witness her feats. He rushes over to her and pulls her off to the side.

In the Pit in Utah, Duke and Roadblock talk about how life has settled down for Duke and Claire. She has become a nurse in Ogden. Duke can take a supply plane on weekends to see her. They enter the command center where Scarlett is broadcasting her report.

Scarlett, Jinx and Snake Eyes investigate the office building that Zartan, the Dreadnoks, Crystal Ball, Cesspool, Big Boa, Slice and Dice, investigated earlier and were nearly blown up by the Commander. However the Crimson Twins intervened and recruited the rogue Cobras. (See Issue 225)

The Joes realize who was there before them by the tell tale methods they had used to search the building. They also find grape soda bottles and donut boxes.

In the middle of Scarlett’s report, Duke notices that Snake Eyes has upped his gear. The UZI has been replaced with a more modern TAR-21. The visor has been replaced with night vision panoramic goggles. There is a new gas filter and oxygen respirator in his mask. He has a SIG P210 with suppressor as a sidearm. His new web gear includes pouches for six thirty round magazines, two SIG magazines, and velcro carrying points for various grenades.

The trio of Ninjas are about to leave the office building when the mysterious Arashikage from Trieste (issue #) appears. He has been instructed by Demon Granny to teach Snake Eyes the thirteen esoteric finger knits and the mystic techniques inscribed in the Scroll of the Arashikage.

In Springfield the sister city to Springfield, Zarana’s van is stopped at a police checkpoint. When the officer opens the door to the back of the van to search, he is blasted by Crystal Ball’s hypno shield. The policeman takes them to the police station where Crystal Ball hypnotizes the entire force.

The Crimson Twins lead a convoy of trucks into Springfield. They take over the TV station. Zartan, disguised as Cobra Commander, begins to broadcast. He tells the people to listen and look as Crystal Ball then hypnotizes everyone watching the broadcast. The Commander sees Zartan impersonating him. Dr. Mindbender pulls the Commander’s hood down over his face so he does not see Crystal Ball.

At that very moment Road Pig and Big Boa break down the doors. The Baroness lowers her pistol at the Commander and he surrenders his weapon.

Destro crushes the Commander’s pistol in his hand and explains that after the attack on the Silent Castle, his arms were irreparably damaged. With the help of Revanche and M.A.R.S. nanotech he has replaced his flesh and blood arms with improved prosthetic complete with wrist rockets.

Destro is proposing that bygones be bygones and that all the Cobras forget the past and work together again in this new Cobra Nation. He does so by grabbing the Commander by the throat and arming his wrist rockets.

Cobra Commander uses the word Dawn twice in his efforts to placate Destro. Hearing her name, Dawn arrives, staying hidden in the shadows.

Summary by Ted Jacobson