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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2016
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 223

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The Joes head out to stop Cobra’s plan. Several of the Fred series of Crimson Guard are curiously stopped in the midst of carrying out Cobra’s grand plan of sabotage and terror throughout the U.S. Chuckles, Colonel Bright, and Cover Girl are all shot in the melee. Fred 172 is killed before he can carry out his mission at the Air Traffic Control tower. Cobra Commander orders Dr. Mindbender to destroy the brainwave scanner used to brainwash Senator Wendy Torres. Senator Torres will be credited with the success of stopping the widespread attacks which could prove useful in the upcoming election cycle. Cobra Commander’s plan is going perfectly.

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Notes of Interest

Death of Fred 172
First Appearance of Watch Tower

Inside cover blurb:
G.I.Joe prepares for the Cobra World Order, calling in the top Special Ops brass to the Pit to discuss options…until Wendy Ling Torres - the junior senator in charge of G.I.Joe’s overwatch committee- shows up with information on Cobra’s plan! Not a moment too soon, as Cobra activates its Crimson Guard members all over the United States!

Major Players

Mainframe, Lady Jaye, Clutch, Tripwire, Dusty, Snow Job, Duke, Flint, Psyche-Out, Dial Tone, Shipwreck, Hawk, Wild Bill, Lift Ticket, Ace, Cover Girl, Chuckles, Scarlett, Snake Eyes

Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Fred 172, Fred 191

Junior Senator Wendy Ling Torres, Colonel Bright, Spec Ops officers, Miranda

Creative Team

"Cobra World Order Part 5"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Derek Fridolfs
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Stephen Money
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Adam Riches
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

The Pit command center is a bustle of activity as the Joes coordinate the flight plans necessary to move the team all over the U.S. in time to stop Cobra.

Deeper in the Pit, Hawk leads the joint command team’s efforts as Senator Wendy Ling Torres and Fred 191 look on.

Ace and Cover Girl take off in a skystriker on the way to Seattle. Tripwire’s orders are to go to a nuclear plant targeted by Cobra. Chuckle’s objective is a transformer farm in the midwest that controls the power grid. Hawk mentions that identifying the assailants was easy because most of them were Fred series Crimson Guardsmen. Wendy Ling Torres says that all these efforts to stop the attacks will not go unnoticed. The public will have questions and must be informed, in addition someone will have to take the credit for the operation. Hawk says the existence of GI Joe cannot be made public.

In the Seattle airport Fred 172 is mulling over what he has to do. Chloe and Zoe are stationed outside the airport, sniper rifles at the ready to make sure he goes through with everything. Across the country Freds are waiting to initiate their attacks.

In the Silent Castle, Dr. Mindbender offloads the brainwave scanner from the same van used to abduct Senator Torres. Cobra Commander tells him that the brainwave scanner has to go away and there must be no evidence of Senator Torres’ abduction.

While the rest of the Joes are spread out across the states, Mainframe, Lady Jaye, and Duke wait in the command center. Hawk orders the three of them to a secure location for a meeting. A situation has arisen.

In Seattle, after Ace and Cover Girl land they are greeted by Colonel Bright in a humvee. He briefs Cover Girl on the situation in the control tower. Fred has taken hostages and managed to sneak a briefcase into the tower past security.

At a nuclear plant, Tripwire is told that “Crazy Fred” is barricaded inside and has access to start a meltdown. Tripwire orders an evacuation of the plant.

Chuckles arrives at the transformer farm. He is suspicious that Fred gave himself away long before the zero hour for the coordinated sabotage.

At a dam Scarlett is told that Fred took a guitar case into work with him. When coworkers asked what was in the case he said it was a machine gun. Snake Eyes is there with her at the dam acting silently and out of sight.

Cover Girl is puzzled that Fred would take hostages, which would hamper him carrying out his part of the grand plan.

At the power plant, Tripwire disables the booby trap devices on the control room booth door. He enters the room and tells Fred that he disabled the meltdown switch.

Chuckles breaks down the door at the transformer farm. Fred shoots Chuckles. Chuckles punches Fred and knocks him out cold.

At the dam, Scarlett finds the open and empty guitar case. Fred is behind her and has her in his sights. Snake eyes drops down from the ceiling and captures Fred at knife point.

In Seattle, Colonel Bright breaches the door to the control tower after Fred shoots his coworker Miranda. Fred 172 shoots Colonel Bright in the shoulder. Cover Girl pops up the hatch in the floor of the tower and tells him to give up. Fred then shoots Cover Girl. Cover Girl returns fire and hits Fred 172 in the chest.

Outside the Pit in front of the quonset hut Hawk meets with Lady Jaye Duke and Mainframe. There is a concern about the very public nature and massive scale of the attacks, how they will be well known, that there will be videos from cell phones, and not something that will just be forgotten. Chief among those concerns is the possible exposure of the GI Joe team and the compromised safety and mission capability of the team if its members are identified. Hawk says that someone will have to step up and claim responsibility and credit for the successful prevention of the coordinated attacks. The Joes and the Jugglers cannot do this so it will be Senator Torres who will take the credit. This could give her a key advantage in the upcoming presidential election. Wendy and Fred 191 are watching the conversation on a monitor in the Pit. Wendy has Fred stop the feed at this point and says she has heard all she needs to. Hawk is not finished however and adds that if Wendy Ling Torres is placed in that position, because Fred is her aide it may give Cobra an edge. Duke stops the meeting as a Skystriker lands in front of them. He is in a rush to get to the hospitals where Chuckles and Cover Girl are being treated.

In the Silent Castle, Dr. Mindbender congratulates Cobra Commander for the success of the plan. Cobra Commander again asks Dr. Mindbender if he got rid of the brainwave scanner.

Summary by Ted Jacobson