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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: November 2015
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 219

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Hawk goes to Mexico City and finds a Revanche facility making robotic parts. Fred 191 calls Fred 172 to tell him that now he is a Congressional aide, and has been to the Pit in Utah. Zartan calls on several Cobra freelancers to come meet and discuss how to prepare for Cobra Commander’s big new plan. Scarlett takes Snake Eyes to Storm Shadow’s New York hideout in the watch tower for more training. Destro and the Baroness threaten Cobra Commander with a toaster in the Silent Castle bath. Cobra Commander relents lets them be participants in his plan.

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Notes of Interest

Cobra New World issues were released bi-Monthly.

First Appearance of Big Boa

Cobra Commander Rubber Duckie

Major Players

Hawk, Mainframe, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow

Fred 172, Fred 191, Cesspool, Big Boa, Slice, Dice, Crystal Ball, Zartan, Zarana, Road Pig, Torch, Ripper, Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness

Carlos Espinosa Division Intelligencia, Obake Obaasan,

Creative Team

"Cobra World Order Part 1"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Francesco Francavilla
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Adam Riches
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Mexico City, Hawk and Carlos Espinosa are meeting with Revanche Robotics. The person they meet with plays dumb and says she cannot understand why anyone form the Intelligencia would want to investigate them. At that moment Hawk gets a message from Mainframe. The camera in Hawk’s eyeglasses has recorded the representative. The computers at the Pit have identified her as a robot. Hawk says “I thought so” aloud and raises the suspicion of the robot. Espinosa goes for the pistol in his breast pocket. The robot says “This meeting is over and her arms stretch abnormally long beyond normal human reach to grab the throat of Espinosa from across her desk. Espinosa and Hawk shoot her several times in the head. She now has a grip on both their necks. They both break free and Hawk tosses her out a window. Espinosa suggests they visit one of the factories.

In Seattle at the airport Fred 172 receives a call from Fred 191. Fred 191 tells him about how he works for Senator Torres and his recent visit to the Pit (See: (See Issue Cobra World Order Prelude) He says Torres is the head of the over watch committee for GI Joe and that GI Joe has a satellite weapon that can target anyone.

In the New Jersey, Pine Barrens several Cobra freelancers have been called together by Zartan. Crystal Ball, Slice, Dice, Cesspool and Big Boa meet with Zartan, Zarana, Road Pig and the Dreadnoks. Zartan tells them all about how he has learned that Cobra Commander is moving forward on a new plan. He warns them all that everyone who could be a competitor to the Commander might be in danger.

In Mexico City, the Federale SWAT team breaks down the door to a Revanche factory. The Blue Ninjas working in the factory reveal themselves and attack. They are quickly defeated and Hawk finds a suspicious cache of robotic appendages.

In New York City, Scarlett and Snake Eyes/Sean Collins drive through New York traffic in a VAMP until they reach a building with a water tower on top that is all too familiar. Snake Eyes climbs to the top and through the hatch in the floor of the tower. He changes from ACU uniform into a black shozoko. Obake Obaasan and Arashikage Tomisaburo (Storm Shadow) drop from the ceiling to the floor. They ask if Sean is prepared to travel the same path of Snake Eyes/classified, protector of the seven secrets, and guardian of the silent oath.

At the Silent Castle, Cobra Commander eases into his large bathtub after a long hard day of malice and malfeasance. An elevator pops up from the floor and Destro and the Baroness step out. The Baroness is carrying a toaster. The Baroness plugs in the toaster. The elevator is another of the secrets Destro has installed into the Silent Castle. The ability to turn off the GFCI system with a remote is another. As his hooded rubber ducky looks on Cobra Commander protests that he does not like toast. The Baroness balances the now heating toaster at the edge of the tub with the tip of her boot. She then shifts the toaster to the tiny point of her spiked heel. Destro talks to the Commander, explaining that he knows of recent events and that the Commander is planning something. He says he wants to be on the winning side and shows the Commander his finger on the remote to the GFCI switch. Cobra Commander, afraid to be electrocuted if he does not agree to Destro’s wishes, cries out that Destro is in on the plan. The Baroness removes the threat of death and pushes the toaster away from the edge of the tub. The toast pops up with a burned in Cobra symbol design.

To be continued.

Summary by Ted Jacobson