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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: August 2015
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 217

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Zartan returns the Evening Shade sword to Storm Shadow and the Arshikage. Fred 191 meeets with Fred 172 to discuss misgivings about the current state of the Crimson Guards. Duke and the rest of the Joes think about Cobra’s latest activity. The Baroness spies on the Malta conference and is caught but rescued by Destro. In Fort Wadsworth, Scarlett and Sean return to the original Pit, Sneak Peek talks with Sean about hiding his death from his mother. Scarlett has an emotional moment when she sees Sean standing on the port rail of the ferry to Manhattan

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Alternate Covers

Cover C was released by Heroes Haven Comics comic book store in August of 2015 and available at there website heroeshavencomics.com

Notes of Interest

Zartan returns to the Arashikage compound and gives Storm Shadow Evening Shade.

Inside cover blurb:
After an unsuccessful attack from Cobra’s Night Creeper units, Sean Collins-the new Snake Eyes-infiltrates Cobra Commander’s inner sanctum and sends a very direct message…while in Seattle; Fred 172 agrees to meet with Fred 191.

At the Pit Duke orders the undreground hidden base to be sealed and classified until further notice. Meanwhile hawk assembles a coalition of international military specialists to start looking into Revanche and Cobra’s business dealings.

Major Players

Joes: Storm Shadow, Jinx, Duke, Psyche-Out, Cover Girl, Chuckles, Mainframe, Hawk, Scarlett, Throwdown/Sean Collins (as Snake Eyes), Steeler, Stalker, Sneak Peek, Clutch

Cobras: Zartan, Fred 191, Fred 172, Baroness, Destro

Other: Obake Obaasan (Demon Granny), Raymond, Zoe, Chloe, Gerry McCarthy, Carlos Espinosa, Russ Sheath, Jorge Argiz, Marie Fournier, Simone Calleja

Creative Team

"Cobra Rising Part 2"

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: Pablo Villanelli
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Pablo Villanelli , Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: S.L. Gallant, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retailer Exclusive): Art by Robert Atkins & Elias Chatzoudis
Cover Company: Heroes Haven

Full Details

Storm Shadow wakes up in the Arashikage compound. Obake Obaasan (Demon Granny), Raymond and Jinx continue to sleep. Storm Shadow goes to the abandoned manor on the other side of the woods. An owl passes up a meal, the cicadas stop chirping. Alerted, Storm Shadow smells beeswax, resin, and clove oil. An arrow is let loose and Storm Shadow deflects it away. Zartan appears.

Zartan talks of the past and the guilt he carries for killing the Hard and Blind Masters. He is there seeking absolution. Storm Shadow says he cannot give absolution. They talk of when Storm Shadow gave Zartan the Evening Shade sword. Zartan goes into detail of how the two swords were created. The Morning Light sword, the sword that Evening Shade was copied from, resides in a New York art museum. Morning Light had a character for truth etched on the blade and Evening Shade had a character for forgiveness. Zartan kneels and gives Storm Shadow Evening Shade. Storm Shadow says Raymond is back at the compound and Zartan vanishes.

In Seattle, Fred 191 and Fred 172 meet at an internet cafe. Fred 191 has been looking into the activities of other Siegies. He also was spooked by the visit from Firefly that forced him to set off an explosive at an armory. Fred has discovered that Firefly blew up the Collins home. All Fred 191 knows is that Fred was a former Siegie. He wonders aloud how expendable he is. Just then Zoe and Chloe enter the coffee shop. They lead both Freds out into the street at gunpoint. They are going for a ride.

Duke and Psyche Out are under attack by Alley Vipers and what they call a Pac Rat. Psyche Out is shot in the chest by the lead Alley Viper. This ends the training simulation. Duke and Psyche Out are wearing special training uniforms with sensors. During the action, Psyche Out wonders why Cobra has gone underground. After the training they go to the Pit’s control center and see Mainframe and Chuckles. Chuckles and Mainframe discuss the recent activities of Revanche, the Red Shadows, Zartan, and Destro.

In Malta, Hawk meets with the international coalition. The Baroness watches from a nearby car as all the members file out of the chip shop. The Baroness follows Hawk, Simone, and Marie, who are on foot. Hawk jumps on the hood of the car. Simone points a gun at the Baroness from the other side of the car through the passenger window. Hawk and Marie get in the back seat of the car and Simone gets in the passenger seat. They direct the Baroness to drive them. The Baroness lets loose that it is not entirely uncommon that she should be curious why the meeting of all the countries that have Cobra, Revanche, and Mars facilities is taking place. Destro pulls alongside the Baroness’ vehicle in a red sports car and a van full of Iron Grenadiers rides the other side. Outgunned Hawk lets the Baroness go and she walks away. Hawk now knows that MARS and Destro have something at stake, but what?

At Fort Wadsworth, Scarlett drives Sean to the Pit. She chastises Steeler as he calls Sean by his name and not by Snake Eyes. Clutch lowers the VAMP into the Pit where they meet Stalker and Sneak Peek. Sneak Peek flew in to console Sean about dealing with pretending to be dead and hiding the fact he is actually alive from his family. Sneak Peek breaks down when he talks about how his mother never knew he was alive when she died. Scarlett pulls Sean away and takes him to go clothes shopping for less conspicuous outfits. They take the ferry into Manhattan.

The ferry is deserted except for someone sleeping on a bench. Scarlett warns Sean not to eat the sauerkraut. She suggests they go outside to the port side rail to see the view. She talks about how beautiful the Statue of Liberty is at that time of day. She talks about how certain images get burned into our souls and pauses. She bows her head and tears flow. She sees Sean at the rail, standing there, the Statue of Liberty on the horizon behind him. He is wearing a mask, the same type of mask that slipped and itched on Snake Eyes. The same mask that looked just like Snake Eyes. Stunned eyes wide open, she asks Sean to just stand there for a little while, she says “I want to remember.”

Summary by Ted Jacobson