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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: September 2014
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 207

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Roadblock, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes arrive in Dublin to rescue Pale Peony and Jinx. They battle 921 in a car chase. Pale Peony is vaporized by a new weapon that is part of 921. Duke is shown another mysterious artifact deep in another hidden part of the Pit.

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Notes of Interest

Death of Pale Peony.

Reference to the use of Scarlett's bobby pin used Marvel's ARAH Issue 21

Major Players

Joes: Jinx, Pale Peony, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Duke, Joe Colton, Jane Colton

Cobra: 921, DR. Mindbender, Cobra Commander

Other: Gerry McCarthy

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S. L. Gallant
Inks: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: S.L. Gallant , Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Jinx and Pale Peony are trapped inside separate crates. Jinx pulls a bobby pin from her hair. A trick she learned from Scarlett. Marvel's ARAH Issue 21 This pin though is a small saw. Something that Long Range created for her.

Roadblock, Scarlett and Snake Eyes arrive in Dublin. They are at the security checkpoint. Sgt. Mayo questions them and is about to call her superiors. At that moment Gerry McCarthy arrives and lets them in.

921 loads the two crates with her captors onto the flatbed of a truck.

Deep in the Pit, Joe and Jane go into more detail about the eye (Issue 206) with Duke. Jane reveals that the reason the Joes have a shuttle and an aircraft carrier is so that they are prepared for any contingency that may arise with the eye. Jane also reveals that Revanche has provided assistance with the eye. They drive outside and Jane shows Duke just how large the eye really is.

In Dublin, Gerry and the Joes go to Revanche. They notice 921 leave Revanche with the crates on her truck and begin to follow her. Inside the crate Jinx manages to cut through her bonds using the Houdini handcuff trick. She begins to smash the crate from the inside. 921 notices this action and also notices she is being followed. She uses facial recognition and ID’s Gerry. She attempts to lose him and the Joes by heading to the Father Matthew Bridge. There she hits the brakes tossing the crates into the river. Snake Eyes and Scarlett jump into the water and go after Pale Peony and Jinx. Gerry and Roadblock stay in the taxi cab. Scarlett and Snake Eyes struggle to free the two ninjas. Roadblock climbs outside the cab. 921 sees him and slams on the brakes crashing into the cab this time.

Four ninjas emerge from the water. They commandeer a Guinness truck. Roadblock lands clumsily on 921’s truck. He falls forward and then swings up and kicks 921 in the face through the windshield. She grabs his foot. Gerry reaches 921 and shoots her in the head. 921 knocks him off the speeding truck. Snake Eyes, standing outside the Guinness truck, catches Gerry.

921 grabs Roadblock by the throat. The other ninjas, Snake eyes Pale Peony and Jinx leap to the truck driven by 921. Snake Eyes uses his knife on 921’s arm to make her release Roadblock. 921 rams the truck driven by Scarlett. Pale Peony jumps into the cab of 921’s truck. 921 charges up some kind of weapon and targets Pale Peony. The resulting blast vaporizes Pale Peony and startles everyone else. The two trucks crash and after checking to see if everyone is okay, Jinx finds what is left of Pale Peony. Nothing. Jinx buries her head in Roadblock’s chest and weeps. Carob Tree office park, Dr. Mindbender walks past a boiler room of telemarketers. He tells Cobra Commander there is a concern in Dublin. Cobra Commander says 921 can handle itself. The Pit, Joe Colton, Jane and Duke don arctic gear and head to yet another secret part of the Pit. Jane claims they want to control the eye by giving it a consciousness. Inside the room is what looks like a medical bed or coffin with a viewing port. It is an artifact found in deep water. Duke looks in the window and recognizing what is inside, asks if they are really serious about this.

Summary by Ted Jacobson