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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: July 2014
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 204

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Torpedo, Muskrat, Alpine, and Long Range are trying to escape from Olliestan with Dr. Burkhart. Lift Ticket Wild Bill Lifeline and Rock ‘’N Roll are speeding towards them in a Tomahawk. A Fred from Rancho Corba Acres, takes a job as an air traffic controller in Seattle and works for political candidate Wendy Ling.

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Alternate Covers

Cover C was released at the Capital City Comic Con in Austin, July 11th -13th, 2014 and available at (Capital City Comic Convention) and http://capitolcitycomiccon.com/media/c4-exclusives/

Notes of Interest

Debut of another Cobra anagram used as a front. ABROC Dry Cleaners

Major Players

Joes: Scarlett, Stalker, Clutch, Alpine, Muskrat, Torpedo, Long Range, Mainframe, Snake Eyes, Spirit, Duke, Lift Ticket, Wild Bill, Rock ‘N Roll, Lifeline

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Fred Seven Nine Three

Other: Dr Burkhart, Zoe, Chloe, Wendy Ling, Ibraham

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist S.L. Gallant
Inks: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: S.L. Gallant , Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C: Artist: Jamie Tyndall
Cover Company: Capital City Comic Convention

Full Details

Clutch is in control of a drone that is flying over Olliestan. He Scarlett and Stalker watch as the insurgents go after Torpedo Muskrat Long Range, Alpine and Dr. Burkhart. The team is on a cliff and the insurgents are closing in.

The decision is made to split the forces in two, Alpine and Muskrat will take Dr. Burkhart to the LZ. Torpedo and Long Range will go after the insurgents. There are one hundred insurgents, they hope they will split their forces as well. Dr. Burkhart protests the decision. Muskrat tells her there will be far fewer insurgents after Torpedo and Long Range deal with them. Again she protests, saying everything is not always black and white. Muskrat points out that there are no women, children, or elderly in the village they just came from. Insinuating that the insurgents did something. He ties her rope securely and Dr. Burkhart mentions she has a fear of heights.

At Fort Wadsworth Clutch does a flyby with the drone of the insurgents in Olliestan. Stalker recognizes the radio one is using as a Soviet P-838kh walkie talkie. That identification will allow them to tap into the insurgent's communications.

In Utah at the PIT, Spirit positions a dish. Mainframe can now access the insurgent’s communications. Duke orders Mainframe to record the conversations and he orders Pashto speaking personnel to begin translations.

In Olliestan, Insurgent trackers have found the Joe’s trail. They head to the cliff face.

Wild Bill and Lift Ticket pilot a tomahawk. Rock ‘N Roll and Lifeline are in the back. They pop up for a radio burst and hope this does not give away their position to the friendly Olliestan forces who do not know they are there. Rock ‘N Roll and Lifeline discuss the rights of people such as Dr. Burkhart to express their discontent.

On the cliff Dr. Burkhart worries about Torpedo and Long Range facing fifty men. Alpine points out that Dr. Burkhart Muskrat and himself are facing the same odds. Muskrat is confident that Torpedo and Long Range will take out their fifty and and twenty-five more before they reach the cliff.

The insurgents spot Dr. Burkhart on the cliff, as predicted, they divide their forces.

Torpedo and Long Range reach a dead end. They chuck their gear off the cliff where it can be seen. They backtrack their path and Long Range counts forty-eight insurgents coming after them.

At the Rancho Corba Community Medical Clinic, Cobra Commander lies in a hospital bed. He is recovering from the injuries imposed by Road Pig (issue 203). The injuries mirror those that Zarana and Road Pig suffered when Cobra Commander ordered the capture of Zarana.(issue 202) In addition Road Pig broke his arm as a warning. Cobra Commander boasts that he does not take any warnings from Zartan or Destro seriously. Then the TV in his room explodes. The phone rings. It is an automated from Destro warning Cobra Commander that MARS supplies all of Cobra’s technology such as the TV.

On the cliff face, Dr. Burkhart is shot in the leg. The injury is severe enough she cannot walk. The Joes will carry her but she insists she will be fine if they leave her behind to be recaptured by the insurgents. Muskrat asks her if she really believes they were aiming for her leg. He also tells her about the trench Torpedo found outside the village that was not covered up and the blowflies were swarming above it. After seeing the trench, Torpedo changed demeanor and will show no mercy to the insurgents.

The insurgents find the abandoned gear at the switchback. They figure out that Torpedo and Long Range doubled back. The insurgent forces are now reunited and they form a sweeping picket line.

After they had ditched their gear Torpedo and Long Range dug holes. Now the pair surprise the insurgents and pop out of those holes firing. Clutch provides air cover with the drone and drops a cluster bomb on the insurgents. The two joes continue to fire, they pop smoke and disengage. The insurgent leader Ibraham gathers what remains of his forces to press the attack.

In Seattle the Fred leaves Zoe and Chloe, heading to work, he promises to be a better father and husband than the previous Fred. He lets them know that someone from ABROC Dry Cleaners will be by to pick up his red uniform. He drives to the Seattle airport and goes to his job as an Air Traffic Controller.

In Olliestan an insurgent falls to his death. He lands in front of Torpedo and Long Range, tipping them off to the fact there are forty insurgents above them.

Dr. Burkhart feels responsible for the deaths of the villagers and the insurgents. She came to Olliestan to support girls going to school. Alpine, who is carrying the injured Burkhart, tells her that if the human race did not take risks to better ourselves and stand up for the rights of others we would all be living in caves still.

The insurgents extrapolate where the tomahawk LZ will be. They run to the site in the hopes they can catch up to the Joes.

The local Olliestan army, seeing the tomahawk approaching without orders or authorization, fire on it. Wild Bill orders Rock ‘N Roll not to return fire. The tomahawk is damaged. Lift Ticket alters course but this will use up too much fuel if they want to reach the landing zone on time.

Torpedo and Long Range find the insurgent’s tracks. They booby trap the trail. The insurgents, who are right behind them set off an explosive device set by Torpedo.

The drone flies overhead all out of weapons. The main force of insurgents are gaining on Alpine and Muskrat. The tomahawk is running late. In Ft. Wadsworth Scarlett takes a positive view on the situation, but the odds are not good.

In Seattle at the campaign office of Wendy Ling, Fred receives the good news that he will be rewarded when she is elected. Wendy picks up a photo of a high school football team on Fred’s desk. The players are all Freds, The Rancho Corba Cobras. Fred says he was born in Springfield a nice little town, and raised in Broca Beach New Jersey.

To be continued.

Summary by Ted Jacobson