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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: February 2014
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 199

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

Joes: Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Trip, Lt. Falcon, Psyche-Out, Mainframe, Skystriker, Dogfight, Ghost Rider, Clutch, Cross Country, Spirit, Alpine, Lightfoot, Charbroil, Hit n Run, Ace, Wild Card

Alpha Team: Rock ‘N Roll, Zap, Gung Ho, Torpedo, Lady Jaye, Flint, DialTone, ShockWave, Mutt and Junkyard, Wild Bill, Payload, Shipwreck
Bravo Team: Leatherneck, BeachHead, Lowlight, Downtown, Bazooka, LifeLine, Lift Ticket, Slipstream, Stalker

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender

Other: Presidente Velez, General Mercado, Lola

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inks: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: S.L. Gallant , Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Continued from issue 198:

Utah: The fake quonset huts above the PIT have been decimated, a HISS driver, a Viper and a Televiper run off into the night, deserting their post. In the PIT command center the power comes back on after a ten minute blackout. Cobra Commander gets a situation report that more men are deserting. The IFF (identify friend or foe) sensors and the GPS in the helmets of the three aforementioned troops have disappeared. DR. Mindbender rattles off the numbers, thirty deserters, a hundred plus in the infirmary, and only a few abductees. He states that there are night vipers on patrol now. The power goes off for a few seconds and when it comes back on, the Tele-Viper that was sitting near Cobra Commander is gone.

Scarlett and Snake Eyes lead the captured Tele-Viper to an elevator shaft and kick him into it. He falls but his landing is soft. He lands on an inflated fuel bladder. Mainframe walks over and says they have hit the jackpot. The Tele-Viper’s helmet contains the IFF and GPS codes.

In Sierra Gordo, Bravo team is moving away from the sawmill (See Issue 198). Bazooka was injured and they are now carrying him on a litter. He insists they should have left him back at the mill but the Joes simply say that was not going to happen. Lowlight returns to the group after heading back to check on the BATS that were pursuing them. There are a dozen BATs with heavy weapons. Stalker assesses the situation and outnumbered and outgunned, he hatches a plan.

The BATs are one KM behind the team. They are wading waist high through a swamp. BAT CBX-241 is damaged. The lead BAT removes his power pack and leaves him behind in the muck. They strip him of

anything salvageable. The BATs on point report that there are no signs of anything metallic or any IEDs ahead. They proceed. The lead BAT estimates the Joes are three hours ahead of them.

Back at the sawmill the rest of the Joes arrive, Spirit reports his tracking findings to Duke. All nine Joes escaped but one was being carried on a litter. There are twelve android tracks following them. The vehicles cannot penetrate the thick jungle. Duke sends two fire teams into the jungle one led by Spirit, the other by Torpedo. The rest of the Joes will head back to the Rio Lindo airport to round up some air support.

In the PIT Cobra Commander sends teams of Vipers and Night Vipers out after the Joes. They will rely on night vision and their IFF devices. The IFF would normally tell the troopers who is a friendly but Mainframe has hacked the system and now they are worthless. He has reversed the identifiers. DR Mindbender wonders aloud if consulting the PIT computers for blueprints to plan the patrol would tip off the Joes.

The Night Vipers begin their search and switch to night vision. The Joes shoot flares at them burning out the night vision sensors.

In the jungles of Sierra Gordo the Joes enact Stalker’s plan and start to cut vines with machetes. Bazooka realizes that the armor on the BATS has a weakness and the weakness would be under the chin.

At the Rio Lindo airport the Mean Dog arrives and pulls up to a CH-47 Chinook. Wild Bill and Payload are already in the cockpit. Presidente Velez and General Mercado greet the Joes in the Mean Dog. The chopper is at their disposal.

Lola and Grunt, now reunited, greet Duke. They tell him they have arranged for Pehr Lovett air freight to transport the Mean Dog back to the PIT. Grunt and Lola board a leer jet and are on their way to meet their daughter, who was left back in the states with her grandmother. Duke and the Joes board the Chinook and head into the jungle.

Back at the PIT the Cobra’s night vision is useless. They switch to relying on the IFF. Snake Eyes throws a wrench at a pipe. Hearing the noise, the Cobras open fire. In the command center, a Tele-Viper tells Cobra Commander all the troops are firing, but they do not know the IFF has been hacked and switched.

In Sierra Gordo the BATs walk right into the traps that Bravo team left for them. Several fall victim to the primitive traps.

In the PIT the firing in the dark continues.

Bravo team attacks the BATs using their machetes. The BATs retreat but they run right into the teams led by Spirit and Torpedo. One remaining BAT that is strapped with explosives is about to detonate when his head explodes. Gung Ho stands on the ramp of the Chinook a smoking M-203 in his hand. The Chinook lands and all the Joes board, they fly back to the Rio Lindo airport and from there will return to the PIT.

In the PIT all the Viper teams are now silent. None of the teams are reporting in. It appears that only Cobras fired weapons, shooting each other. Cobra Commander places both hands on his head and looks to the ceiling in frustration as the command center monitors show the aftermath.

Summary by Ted Jacobson