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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2014
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 198

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The Joes and hostages in Sierra Gordo turn on their captors. Snake Eyes and Scarlett wreak some havoc in the PIT that has now been taken over by Cobra. Falcon coordinates a possible attempt to retake the PIT from the hidden base that was discovered in issue Issue 193. Bravo team is still missing. Pale Peony and Jinx continue their journey and head to Pordenone.

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Notes of Interest

The death of Hunter Pierce Bryson

Major Players

Alpha Team: Roadblock, Rock ‘N Roll, Zap, Gung Ho, Torpedo, Lady Jaye, Flint, DialTone, ShockWave, Mutt and Junkyard
Additional Joes: Grunt (Robert Graves), Shipwreck, Duke, Clutch, Jinx, Spirit, Wild Card, Light Foot, Hit ‘N Run, Alpine, Charbroil, Cross Country, Ghost Rider, Skystriker, Dogfight, Wild Bill, Payload, Ace, Falcon, Psyche-Out, Mainframe, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Trip

Cobra: Dr. Mindbender, Cobra Commander

Others: Pale Peony, Lola, Ernesto, General Mercado

Hostages: President Sofia Velez, Hunter Pierce Bryson, Lance Corporal Matthew Cooper, Robert W. Graves (Grunt), Haydn Strawhacker, Fitz, Cheng, Osenko,

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inks: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Gilberto Lazcano
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: S.L. Gallant , Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Ernesto, or CBX-001, is attacked by Junkyard. Lola swoops in on her commandeered motorcycle just in time to stop Ernesto from shooting Junkyard. President Velez finishes off Ernesto with a clean shot. Ernesto is able to get out one final command and activates plan foxtrot. Lola and Grunt are happily reunited. Ambassador Pierce Bryson dies from the wounds he received in issue Issue 197

The Joes that are being held in the tunnel (Alpha Team) are about to be executed in accordance with plan foxtrot. Roadblock charges the robots and takes a shot to the chest. This diversion lets the other Joes attack with pick axes and whatever else they can scrounge from the mine floor. Flint makes plans to take the Terrordrome, thinking that the hostages are still being held there.

The rescue team in the Mean Dog meets the former hostages at the Terrordrome. Duke salutes President Velez. Cooper carries the body of Ambassador Pierce Bryson. When Alpine offers assistance Cooper replies “Marines take care of their own”. At that moment Flint and the other members of Alpha Team emerge from a hidden hatch in front of the Terrordrome. Spotted by the rescue team, they get assistance from General Mercado. An ambulance rushes the injured Roadblock to a nearby hospital.

At the Rio Lindo airport the terrorists who captured the Joe pilots are just arriving. They quickly offload Ghost Rider, Skystriker, and Dogfight and plan to execute them. They do not get the chance as Wild Bill and Payload attack them with pistols blazing. After a quick battle Wild Bill and the others take the truck and head towards the saw mill which is the last place that Bravo team was seen. Ace stays behind to secure the airfield with General Mercado’s troops.

In Utah the PIT is fully under Cobra’s control. Mainframe Psyche Out and Lt. Falcon managed to escape and are stashed away in the base that was discovered when a Mauler fell off the lift and crashed through the PIT wall. Issue 193 mainframe has set up a command center of his own and has control of all the PITs computers. Lt. Falcon has a plan to take back the PIT but not enough troops to carry it out. From the darkness Scarlett, Snake Eyes and Trip appear. Now that he has ample reinforcements, Falcon sets his plan in motion.

In Sierra Gordo, Wild Bill arrives at the saw mill to find all the Joes gone and signs of a battle. One good sign is that the head of a robot is found.

In the command center of the PIT a televiper tells Cobra Commander they have lost all communications, then the lights go out.

Snake Eyes Scarlett and Trip injure several cobra troopers in the dark. A voice laughs at Cobra Commander over the PIT PA system. The troops report many of their number are injured. DR Mindbender comments that the joes are using a common tactic of injuring as many men as possible so that the remaining troops are occupied by tending to the wounded. Then the lights go out again.

In Sierra Gordo, President Velez holds a press conference. She thanks Duke and Grunt, mentions Pierce Bryson as a hero and a tear falls down her cheek. She then turns the platform over to General Mercado. Wild Bill Joins Duke at the press conference to report his findings at the saw mill. Haydn Strawhacker interrupts the discussion. He threatens Duke with repercussions for his interference in his dealings. Duke patches Strawhacker through to the Pentagon. Hawk is meeting with the Jugglers and tells Strawhacker he had best prepare to be arrested. He also tells him the people coming to arrest him would consider it a favor if he would save them all the trouble and off himself.

Strawhacker’s business associates desert him by fleeing in the limo. Duke informs the Joes they are not leaving Sierra Gordo without Stalker and Bravo team.

In Trieste, the Arashikage driver takes Pale Peony and Jinx to a train, as the train leaves the station, the pair of ninjas realize neither of them know who this mysterious ninja in the sunglasses and suit is. The man disappears as the trolley leaves.

Summary by Ted Jacobson