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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: September 2013
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 194

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Continued from issue 193 The Joes have formed two teams are awaiting orders to initiate a rescue mission for Robert W. Graves, Grunt, and several hostages including the Sierra Gordon President from hostage takers in Sierra Gordo. Pale Peony and Jinx battle and individual in the hidden basement of a Revanche facility in Lauhar Olliestan.

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Notes of Interest

Rock ‘N Roll remembers Doc fondly

Olliestan, Lauhar appears to be an homage to Laurel and Hardy. Stan Laurel and Oliver or Ollie Hardy.

Major Players

Alpha Team: Roadblock, Rock ‘N Roll, Zap, Gung Ho, Torpedo, Lady Jaye, Flint, Dial Tone, Shockwave, Mutt and Junkyard
Alpha Team C-130 Transport: Wild Bill, Payload, crew chief Shipwreck
Bravo Team: Leatherneck, Beach Head, Low Light, Downtown, Bazooka, Life Line
Bravo Team Tomahawk Transport: Lift Ticket, Slipstream, crew chief Stalker
Command Center: Lt Falcon, Psyche Out, Mainframe, Chuckles
Air Support: Skystriker, Dogfight, Ghost Rider
Air to Ground Vehicles: Tiger Rat, Mudfighter
Air to Air Vehicle: X-19

Others: Pale Peony, Robert Graves (Grunt), Haydn Strawhacker Dinah Lum, The Jugglers

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inks: Brian Shearer, Juan Castro, Steve Bird
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Neil Uyetakev
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: S.L. Gallant and Gary Erskine, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: Jim Rugg
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

The Joes have left the Pit and are in a holding pattern near the Sierra Gordo border. Flint on board the C-130 tells Lady Jaye she should have sat out this mission just as Chuckles did. She explains that Chuckles was held back at the Pit for “exceeding body count standards” in Southeast Asia (see issue #191). The joes in both aircraft banter back and forth.

Inside the Tomahawk all is normal, the planes escorting the transports report in. In the Pit Lt. Falcon and Mainframe monitor the entire mission via closed circuit cameras and satellite live feeds. Dialtone, inside the Tomahawk, interrupts everything with a new development. It is a live news feed from Dinah Lum.

The terrorist known as “Ernesto” states that they have no demands, that they are there to make examples of the Americans. While the camera is on him, Grunt uses the opportunity to blink Morse code as he is beaten. Dialtone translates it as RLXSSE.

In a basement in Lauhar, Pale Peony and Jinx are in close quarter battle with a man with a machine gun. They work together as a team and disarm him. Pale Peony slams his head backwards on a gurney and he says “bzzzt”. The pair of ninjas unmask him and look surprised. Jinx says they need to report this to the Pit right away.

At the Pentagon Hawk is continuing to try to persuade the Jugglers to give the mission permission to proceed. They stand firm until an intern comes into the room and whispers in one of their ears. A video of an American diplomat being pistol whipped has gone viral. The Jugglers immediately approve the mission.

The Joes leave their holding pattern and head south. The Joes in the C-130 attempt to decipher what RLXSSE could mean. Roadblock vaguely remembers that RLX is the designation for the Rio Lindo airport. The same airport where a rescue mission was launched for Stalker and Breaker (See Marvel Issue 13).

Rock N roll remembers how Doc was in on that rescue attempt, and misses the medic saying it is hard to believe he is gone. Duke orders the group to head to the Rio Lindo airport.

We see What Grunt is dreaming. He sees the towers of the Rio Lindo Airport when his blindfold slips off. He sees Scarlett. He sees the deceased Doc screaming at him to remember those towers. He sees the group of hostages being led out of the vehicles. Grunt wakes up as he is kicked by a fellow hostage. Grunt explains that he knows where they are as he was sent in on a HALO mission to this area before and recognizes it. The Marine, Cooper, (See Issue 193) also a hostage recognizes that Grunt must have had Spec Ops training. Grunt admits he is ex-army and that he knows a Marine with a large EGA tattoo on his chest.

Rio Lindo Continental Hotel, Haydn Strawhacker and the other three who escaped the hostage taking are meeting and having lunch discussing how the situation interrupted their plans to take over the government and create a puppet leadership. Their lunch is interrupted by a reporter who grills them with questions. They hide their faces and a goon of theirs attacks the camera crew, wrecking the equipment. Back at the Pit Chuckles watches the report and recognizes Strawhacker and the others and says that their connections are worrisome to him.

In Lauhar, Jinx and Pale Peony head to their safe-house with the information they gathered at the Revanche plant. Their way is blocked by three individuals who look out of place. When Jinx sees their very strange platform footwear she orders Pale Peony to run.

Chuckles approaches Lt Falcon about Strawhacker, but it is a critical moment in the mission where the Stealth pilot is ordered to jam the Sierra Gordo radar and SAMs. The Radar operators notice the blackout but chalk it up to faulty equipment.

The Joes jump and parachute to the ground where they begin to move out.

Back at the Pit, Lt. Falcon gets a communiqué from Jinx and Pale Peony about what they have discovered. Cobra has placed large orders for parts from the Revanche factories. The Revanche factories are connected with the Blue Ninjas technology (See Issue 175) Jinx produces a BAT head that has been infused with Blue NInja technology. Chuckles realizes that Cobra is upgrading their BATS and building an army.

Summary by Ted Jacobson