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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: March 2013
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 188

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The joes are sent to rescue hostages taken aboard an oil survey ship called the Aden Explorer. President Ngoto is brought along to negotiate with the pirates. The pirates are led by Abdi Ali who has joined forces with the Red Shadows. The Black Major soon takes command when the Joes board the ship.

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Notes of Interest

Return of Dr Burkhart
First Appearance of the Red Shadows, Black Major, and Muton.

Major Players

Gung Ho, Beach Head, Scarlett, Torpedo, Stalker, Duke, Cutter, Shipwreck and Polly, Wild Bill, Lift Ticket, Lifeline, Roadblock

Dr Adele Burkhart, President Ngoto, Abdi Ali,

Red Shadows:
Black Major, Muton

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant
Inker: Gary Erskine
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: S.L. Gallant and Gary Erskine, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Off the East African coast of Kalingaland an oil survey ship has been captured by pirates. Scarlett, Stalker Gung Ho Torpedo and Beachhead are approaching the ship in a zodiac boat. Just out of sight Duke Cutter Shipwreck and President Ngoto are riding a WHALE.

Dr Burkhart was part of a protest group that approached the ship. Her boat was sunk and she and the other protestors joined the Aden Explorer’s crew as hostages. She is on the bridge with Abdi Ali. Abdi Ali tells her they are on the same side and both want the same thing. This angers Burkhart who points out to Abdi Ali that her methods are peaceful, and not violent like the course that Abdi has taken. Abdi says no lives have been lost and he hopes the situation does not escalate to the point where he has to play his trump card.

Lift Ticket, WIld Bill, Lifeline, and Roadblock’s Tomahawk hovers nearby in the stormy seas as Scarlett, Stalker, Gung Ho Torpedo and Beachhead prepare to board the Aden Explorer. The storm and the rough seas overturn their craft. Torpedo and Beachhead are tossed into the choppy waters. Stalker is grabbed by Gung Ho, his beret falls into the sea. Scarlett, Stalker, and Gung Ho are first to board.

A seasick pirate leaves the mess hall where the hostages are being kept. He runs into Scarlett who shoots him with her crossbow. The trio prepare to go into the mess hall. Torpedo and Beachhead are still in the water.

They quickly kill the pirates in the mess hall and free the hostages. Their actions have not gone unnoticed. A Red Shadow trooper reports to the Black Major that an overturned zodiac boat has been spotted. The Black Major orders his troops to clear the aft decks. Abdi protests as he is in charge. The Black Major draws on Abdi and takes command.

The joes in the mess and the Red Shadows engage in a firefight. When the troops call for back up Black Major sends in Muton. Muton is fired upon by the joes to no avail, as it is an armored cyborg. They retreat back to the crew’s mess. Muton breaks down the door and stands there inactive. The Joes open fire again. Torpedo, now on board slaps a shaped charge to Muton’s back. This action elicits a response and Torpedo is knocked overboard by Muton, but Beachhead catches his foot as he falls past him.

Muton explodes leaving a big gaping hole in his chest. Gung Ho kicks the cyborg over the side. Torpedo returns Stalker’s beret to him, he found it when the boat capsized. Now that they have had a chance to regroup the five Joes head to the bridge to rescue Dr Burkhart. The pirates, not hardened trained soldiers but people fighting for a cause, escape on the lifeboats. The Red Shadows continue to attack and the Black Major orders them to “wipe out the Americans, raise the black flag, no quarter no prisoners.”

The Shadows enter the mess only to find shaped charges left by Torpedo. The joes open up on the remaining Shadows commenting “Cobras might not have fallen for that.”

The Shadows send a suicide bomber after them, Gung Ho fires his grenade launcher and blows up the runner. Stalker calls in the Tomahawk for air cover. An RPG team with a Grail 7 fires on the Tomahawk and Wild Bill is hit. Lift Ticket gains control and returns fire with the chin gun. The attack is noticed on the bridge by Dr. Burkhart who identifies the chopper as GIJOE. The Major points out to Abdi that if his pirates had not fled he could probably have dealt with the chopper. Abdi points out that things have escalated beyond what was expected and that President Ngoto is now probably involved.

The Joes defeat the Major’s troops. The Major stating that her usefulness as a hostage is now over, points his pistol at Dr Burkhart.

The Joes on the deck below the bridge hear a single shot.

Wild Bill, Gung Ho and Beachhead are all injured and Stalker requests a medevac. Duke responds and the WHALE is on its way. President Ngoto reveals that Abdi Ali is a relative of his as the Joes find themselves facing a flying red skull.

To be continued...