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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2013
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 186

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Lt. Falcon lands a small unit of Joes in Benzheen to rescue Dusty and Airtight from prison. Darklon and Colonel Faroud go to the prison to use the kryton device to set off a nuclear weapon stored in a hidden underground lab. Destro and the Baroness discuss parity with the Minister of Trucial Abysmia. Zartan races to the scene following Darklon with Tunnel Rat aboard his van as his prisoner.

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Notes of Interest

The running gag of not being able to remember Ghost Rider’s name continues.

Major Players

Ghostrider, Spirit, Zap, Leatherneck, Lt. Falcon, Ripcord, Tunnel Rat, Dusty, Airtight, Clutch, Rock ‘N Roll, Stalker, Psyche-Out, Duke, Scarlett, Mainframe

Darklon, Zartan, Zarana, Road Pig, Destro, Baroness, Cobra Commander, DR. Mindbender

Colonel Faroud, Pale Peony, Minister of Trucial Abysmia

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: Ron Wagner
Inker: Juan Castro
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: S.L. Gallant and Gary Erskine, Colors by J. Brown
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Retail Incentive): Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Off the coast of Benzheen a modified X-19 stealth flies in low carrying Lt. Falcon, Spirit, Zap, and Leatherneck. Ghostrider lands the plane on an abandoned runway, which is lit up by Ripcord who had HALO jumped in earlier. Their mission is to rescue Dusty and Airtight (See Issue 185). They move out over the desert towards the prison.

In Benzheen City Darklon and Colonel Faroud are riding in a limo. They are being followed by Zarana, Zartan, Road Pig, and Pale Peony in a minivan. Tunnel Rat is tied up in the back of the van as their prisoner. Zarana mentions Zartan should have rigged the minivan with holographic projectors. They follow the limo undetected. The limo turns onto a desert highway and Zarana is forced to pull over. Zartan turns on the holographic projectors and now the minivan looks like a fuel tanker.

Hours later the limo arrives at the prison. Darklon and Colonel Faroud walk past the prison into a bunker. Dusty and Airtight peek through the prison window and watch until they disappear around a corner. The former Emir in their cell tells them that the bunker was built before by his predecessor to start a secret nuclear weapons program.

The rescue team watches from nearby as the events unfold. Zartan’s truck arrives and crashes through the front prison gate. Colonel Faroud and Darklon are deep underground in the labs. They pass the Chemical labs and go even deeper to where a nuclear device is stored. Colonel Faroud tells Darklon of his plan to test the Kryton on the device in front of them. The plan is to get rid of the political prisoners above them loyal to the former Emir and to dispose of the chemical weapons labs as well.

Destro and the Baroness are meeting with the Minister of Trucial Abysmia to sell him a kryton device. The Baroness points out to the reluctant buyer that right now in Benzheen Colonel Faroud is about to test a kryton of their own. The Minister scolds her as the women of his country do not speak out of turn. Trucial Abysmia have no nuclear devices so the kryton would be of no use. Destro suggests they talk parity, the quality of being equal.

Clutch and Rock ‘N Roll return to Utah for a debriefing. Psyche-Out and Stalker ask them about what happened in Rancho Corba and if they felt it was going to be another Springfield or Broca Beach. Clutch dismisses the notion lightly and says they would better spend their time looking into other things. This odd behavior by Clutch tips off Duke and Scarlett who are watching the interrogation. They suspect that he and Rock ‘N Roll have been brainwashed again.

In Rancho Corba DR. Mindbender tells Cobra Commander that the three youths (See Issue 185) have been returned to their families as sleeper agents. They can always reactivate their programming later. The same with the Joes.

Cobra Commander is informed of the actions of Darklon, Zartan, and Destro. Cobra Commander points out if both of those unstable factions have a kryton device it will trigger Armageddon.

Mainframe has been studying the prison area where Dusty and Airtight are being held. Shipments of lead paneling and other evidence points to it being a secret nuclear facility. A report comes in of a 20 mile radius of the prison being evacuated as they talk. Duke is put on alert because that is a blast radius. He orders Scarlett to place the rescue mission on standby to abort. Lt. Falcon shoots the comm device so that no other orders can be received. He mounts an attack on the prison. Zartan rams open the front gate as the Joes attack. Colonel Faroud and Darklon are trapped in the prison now and can’t evacuate. Colonel Faroud orders the guards to shoot the prisoners. Pale Peony leaves the back of the van and tells Tunnel Rat not to worry as she is on his side. Road Pig, Zarana, and Zartan battle the prison guards. The guards go to the Joes cell and are going to shoot Dusty and Airtight first.