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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: April 2011
Series: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 165

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Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow save Billy/Dr. Venom from falling to his death and then return him to the Brainwave Scanner where inside they capture Dr. Venom and drag him to meet the digital Kwinn. At The Pit, Ace and Wild Weasel have a dogfight directly over Tunnel Rat, Stalker, Tripwire and Spirit.

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Notes of Interest

This issue continues the A Real American Hero (ARAH) continuity series that was originally finished in 1994 with issue #155, often called the Hamaverse.

Major Players

GI Joe: Ace, Duke, Mainframe, Snake Eyes, Spirit, Stalker, Storm Shadow, Tripwire, Tunnel Rat

Cobra: Billy, Dr. Mindbender, Dr. Venom (Digital Version Only), Wild Weasel

Additional Characters: Kwinn (Digital Version Only)

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: SL Gallant
Inker: Gary Erskine
Colors: J. Brown
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor: Carlos Guzman

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Herb Trimpe, Colors by Andrew Crossley
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Rod Whigham, Colors by Andrew Crossley
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive): Artist: Larry Hama
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Tripwire climbs out of a trapdoor that leads to The Pit. Ace has just destroyed a whole squad of BATS directly over The Pit. Spirit has disappeared and Tunnel Rat and Stalker join Tripwire as they search for unexploded ordnance and Spirit.

Spirit walks out of the smoke, he survived by keeping low and tells the Joes that they had better take cover because a Cobra Rattler is coming in low and quick.

The pilot of the Rattler, a presumed Wild Weasel, is talking to Dr. Mindbender, who is ordering him to drop bunker buster bombs on The Pit. He acknowledges and changes his course to gain altitude in order to drop them. Inside The Pit, Spirit tells Duke & Mainframe about the Rattler, but they already know about it and have ordered Ace to return and in gauge the Rattler.

In Manhattan, a Cobra helicopter has crashed onto the top of a building and is hanging on the edge about to tip over. Billy, who is mind controlled by Dr. Venom, is dangling from the cargo section. On the ground level Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow enter the building together as a team.

Wild Weasel circles around as Tunnel Rat and Tripwire take cover. Ace comes up behind the Rattler which causes him to take evasive action and prevents a bomb drop.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow arrive in a lower level room as the helicopter finally tips over and falls. Billy, talking as Dr. Venom, is challenging them as he falls. Storm Shadow dives out the window after the falling Billy.

Ace fires a missile and the Rattler does a quick turn which causes the missile to miss.

Storm Shadow grabs Billy as he gets shot in the shoulder just as he knocks the gun out of Billy/Dr. Venom's hand.

Ace dives in on the Rattler trying to get another missile lock. He pulls out of his dive so close to the ground that Tunnel Rat and Tripwire are blown over by the jet wash.

As they fall Snake Eyes catches them with a rope tied to his arm. He grabs Billy's wrist and Storm Shadow grabs Billy's leg and Snake Eyes swings them into and through the windows of the building.

As Ace gets Wild Weasel in his gunsights, but once again the turning radius of the Rattler beats the Skystriker. So Ace shoots skyward using the Skystriker's high rate of climb to gain some distance in order to circle around and come back for Wild Weasel.

Dr. Mindbender screams at Wild Weasel to drop the bombs, but he is out of position and again being chased by Ace. Tripwire discovers an unexploded BAT backpack bomb. Tunnel Rat picks it up and starts walking it away from The Pit.

Ace is coming straight at Wild Weasel, (Wild Weasel's scarred face is seen through his helmet) they both open up with their guns. On the ground Tripwire hears the explosion in the sky as Tunnel Rat continues to walk the bomb away.

In the office building, Billy attacks Snake Eyes with a knife in each hand. Snake Eyes grabs each arm and head butts Billy/Dr. Venom. Then he chops him to the back of the neck knocking him out. Storm Shadow is impressed and says "Nice move, never seen the Arashikage Death Touch executed in non-lethal mode before." They pick up the unconscious body.

Tripwire unsure of which plane blew up sees Ace come flying out of the explosion. Tunnel Rat surprises him and they leave the bomb at a safe distance to be detonated later. Stalker calls for them to come back inside The Pit.

That night in Broca Beach in the National History Museum, several Vipers are patrolling as the ninjas easily sneak by. In the background are exhibits that include Serpentor's armor, Zartan's bow that was used to kill Serpentor and several other Cobra specific historical artifacts.

In the basement, they strap Billy/Dr. Venom into the Brainwave Scanner and give him a huge jolt. On the display scream, Storm Shadow programs the computer and the display shows Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow dragging the digital version of Dr. Venom toward a door that the digital version of Billy is standing in front of protecting. Storm Shadow just punches Billy and they drag Dr. Venom through the door and up into the attic of his brain. Many of Dr. Venom's personal memories are locked in this attic. They come to the edge and a large lake with small icebergs that is connected to the attic. And in drifts a kayak with a dead man who Dr. Venom recognizes, who wears a necklace of weasel skulls around his neck. Kwinn, The Eskimo, was killed by Dr. Venom (way back in Marvel #19) grabs him and drags him into the icy water of eternity.

They both walk back down to the hallway where Billy is recovering, they all head toward the exit door of the Brainwave Scanner. Billy is free of Dr. Venom's Brainwave Scanner brain washing.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen