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GI JOE #08


YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-GIJOE08-08

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: July 2017
Series: Revolution - GI Joe season 5 Series
Issue Number: 08

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Quick Kick provokes Snake-Eyes into a duel after the ninja resists being placed in the G.I. Joe brig for going AWOL. After an intense combat involving martial arts maneuvers and weapons, Snake Eyes concedes defeat. Meanwhile, in the city of The Hague in southern Netherlands, Duke is conveying the Baroness and Crystal Ball to the International Criminal Court to stand trial when his vehicle is attacked by Cobranarchists and the Dreadnoks. Deep under the earth, Rock ‘n Roll and Skywarp appear to make the ultimate sacrifice when they manually detonate a massive explosion at the heart of the Fatal Fluffies’ home.

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Notes of Interest

The name “Gijón” is stenciled on the side of Rock ‘n Roll’s missile-shaped explosives. The correlation to the name “G.I. JOE” seems to be the obvious intention, but according to Wikipedia, Gijón “is the largest city and municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain.” Wikipida

A female soldier – complete with “ball cap” and dressed in olive-green fatigues - sitting next to Duke in the prison wagon may resemble Lady Jaye in many ways. It is this reviewer’s opinion that this is unlikely, due to the Covert Operations specialist’s permanent assignment and close association with Scarlett’s team aboard the Lemuria, G.I. JOE’s underwater H.Q.

Farooq Shah’s unnamed soccer friend from the last issue is revealed to be Taylor.

Rock ‘n Roll and Skywarp are depicted as possibly dying in a fatal explosion.

Quick Kick triumphs over Snake Eyes in a one-on-one martial arts challenge.

The Dreadnoks return, apparently none the worse for wear after previously being pulled underground by an enormous Fatal Fluffy (G.I. Joe Season 5 #4)

Major Players

G.I. Joe: Helix, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Quick Kick, Roadblock, Rock ‘n Roll, Doc II (Carla Greer), Salvo (female), Tunnel Rat, Spirit, Duke

Cobra: Baroness, Crystal Ball, Cobranarchists
Dreadnoks: Zandar, Zarana, Road Pig, Burnout, Zanzibar, Crusher, Buzzer

Transformers: Skywarp (ex-Decepticon),

Additional Characters: Spitfire Shah (Farooq Shah), Taylor

Creative Team

"GI Joe #8"

Writer: Aubrey Sitterson
Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis and David LaFuente
Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski
Letterer: Tom B. Long & Gilberto Lazcano
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover A: Art by Aaron Conley, Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Art by Giannis Milonogiannis
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C: Art by Tom Whalen
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Retailer Incentive): Art by Santiperez, Colors by David Garcia Cruz
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Editor’s Note = (info in parentheses) is in comic character descriptions; [Info in brackets] are my comments Last Issue:

Having “accepted” Quick Kick’s hubristic dare to determine who is the most proficient fighter, Quick Kick and Snake Eyes stare at one another across the Lemuria’s dojo. After handing Helix his plethora of arms, the black-clad Commando is the first to advance. Quick Kick, the Joe's Silent Weapons, expert adopts a Wing Chun stance and efficiently blocks the Snake Eyes, the Silent Master’s first punch. Snake Eyes attempts several more strikes, but the younger combatant easily avoids them. Somersaulting into an offensive Capoeira kick, Quick Kick lands the first blow. Landing, he again shifts into another form, the Snake Style, all the while arrogantly taunting his opponent that he is the better warrior now because the other has gotten lazy and relied too much on the same techniques for so long. Then the Japanese-Korean youth jabs both hands into the unprepared ninja’s upper torso. As Snake Eyes regains his composure, Quick Kick offers him an “out,” but the only response he is met with is a defiant battle stance.

Simultaneously, Roadblock’s Mongolian operation races to its unavoidable conclusion as Rock ‘n Roll readies to forfeit his life, hoping activate the explosives that will annihilate the epicenter of the Fatal Fluffies’ underground home. As Rock 'n' Roll is surrounded by grave and tearful teammates (Roadblock, Tunnel Rat, Spirit and Doc), Salvo somberly uses a hydraulic lift to load Skywarp with the ordnance needed for the suicide mission. The goodbyes are concluded and the Decepticon Seeker hoists his menacing payload with short cables. Next to him, the former surfer totes duo four-foot Cybertronian-designed blasters. Along with his alien-based firearms, two wide bandoliers of ammo intersect across his broad chest and his army belt is weighted down by Tunnel Rat’s blasting trigger and primers. Only a brief, committed glance backward is left for his friends to remember him by, and then the human and his Transformer companion launch themselves forward with their spectacular arsenal blazing to the surprise of the fuzzy behemoths below.

The clash between the two skilled Joes aboard the underwater headquarters continues as Snake Eyes exploits an undefended opening and delivers a crushing left to his contender’s flank. This is immediately reproduced by a right to Quick Kick’s cheek. The haughty “ranking black belt in Tae Kwan Do, Go Ju Ryu, Southern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, Tai Chi Sword, Zen Sword, and Wing Chun” is undaunted, whipping his muscular right foot around and upside the mute mystery man’s upper cranium. In a move that would seem very uncharacteristic of the honorable Arashikage soldier, Snake Eyes yanks a small knife from its sheath at his waist, and with an upward thrust, he tatters the front of challenger’s best-loved training jacket. Shocked only momentarily, Quick Kick welcomes the introduction of edged steel, for he views all situations as a chance to train, something his rival has forgotten, he explains through gritted teeth under a puffed cheek. His gloved hand reaches out and pulls a heavy bladed guandao (called a “Guan Dao” here), a Chinese pole weapon, from its place on the dojo’s wall.

In the Netherlands, an armored six-wheeled transport races through the streets of The Hague. Within, Duke rests indifferently next to an unnamed female prison guard while their two orange-garbed detainees recline, neither overly concerned with their predicament: Crystal Ball mumbles to himself, while the Baroness patronizes Duke with her usual demeaning observations. The Baroness is cuffed by only one hand, while the other remains unbound. Suddenly, the driver of the vehicle warns the former Joe leader that they are under attack from an unknown number of assailants. Cobranarchists pour from every direction and swarm them, intent on taking the two Cobra VIPs back. Duke levels his rifle, as he formulates an action.

Spinning his war staff like a buzz saw, Quick Kick slams the blade down into the Lemuria’s floor, as his foe leaps away in a backflip. A concentrated drive of Snake Eyes’ boot knife results in the guandao being bisected. His determined comrade merely adapts the jagged shaft into a gun staff, jabbing away at his target who manages to avoid each piercing. Dropping his edged cutter, the Joe veteran retaliates by sweeping his powerful left foot under Quick Kick, which drops him heavily upon his spine. Though painful, this is not a deterrent, and the smaller Asian man adjusts his methodology to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as he places the masked master straddling him above in a formidable hold from his back.

Concurrently, in southern Netherlands, Farooq Shah and Taylor emerge from a tall building accompanied by a crowd of panicked citizens as multiple explosions reverberate all around The Hague. The Arabic soccer player spies a device he is more than familiar with from his home country, an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). He orders everyone near him to hit the dirt as he punts the evil contraption into the wind, where it harmlessly blasts apart. Now safe for the moment, the throng around him recognizes the “Spitfire Shah” and begin jubilantly praising him.

Yet, the feud between Snake Eyes and Quick Kick still rages underwater Joe base in the battered dojo, as the former gasps for breath, desperately staving off unconsciousness in the grip of a deadly foot choke. Helix hollers for his release, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. So confident is the young man that there is no defense prepared for his “Hell’s Gate” version of a gogoplata, that he remains paralyzed when the bigger warrior rises to his feet, lifting his baffled nemesis from off the ground, high into the air, only to slam him to the unyielding surface at his feet with unparalleled force. The exertion almost overcomes the choked victim, as he slumps to one knee, reaching wearily for his katana. Behind him, Quick Kick rises, ever resilient, as he places a row of iron rings on each wrist. Planting his feet apart, Quick Kick poses in the Horse Stance, as Snake Eyes adjusts his Japanese-forged sword for another round.

Far below, and half a world away, Rock ‘n Roll and his robot partner have reached the center of the Fatal Fluffies’ world. While Skywarp drills away at their monster enemies with his twin variable-caliber machine guns, the long-haired Joe assembles the parts needed to bury them all under Earth’s crust. The military man commands his sidekick to leave, but shockingly, the Decepticon refuses. He views it an honor to share the same fate as this faithful human serviceman. Rock ‘n Roll does not argue or cajole. After all, they are both Joes in his eyes. He smites the angry red button of the blasting cap with a curled fist. Oblivion engulfs all that remain within the zone of the explosive shockwave.

Nearby, the roar of the heroic last action echoes upward to Roadblock’s team. Tears of sorrow flow from Doc’s eyes as she leans on her Field Commander. Spirit questions if Skywarp made it out, but Tunnel Rat expresses doubt. Roadblock regretfully asks Salvo to prepare the last Mole Pod for departure.

Snake Eyes, the katana-wielding fighter unleashes his fury upon Qucik Kick, the ring-adorned wrestler, but every slash is adeptly parried. A right armored wrist whips out, clipping Snake Eyes left forearm. His sword spirals lazily from his useless palm. The Commando’s obvious shock is followed by a crippling punch delivered into his solar plexus. Groggy and hurting, Snake Eyes attempts to rise from where he has fallen, but he has no will left. The silver rings slide one-by-one from their owner’s wrists as the victor approaches. A clenched fist is drawn back, and Colonel Scarlett attempts to intervene while Helix covers her fearful features, unwilling to see her master humiliated. Quick Kick’s knuckles fly forward, but are arrested in their motion at the last possible second before contact with the humbled man’s visor. “Now, you know who is the best,” Quick Kick crows. Shakily, Snake Eyes raises both hands and concedes the fight.


Continued from the Full Details/Long Summary ...

Duke and the guards fly from their detention van, as the Cobranarchists encircle them from all sides. One soldier wants to fire upon their attackers, but his blonde commander refuses to allow lethal force on civilians. Before he can issue any further orders, he hears the calls of a woman in distress. He glances over and spies a red-headed woman kneeling by a figure who is covered by a large piece of fallen mortar. He sprints over the the two, and attempts to give aid by lifting the heavy block of concrete, only to watch in disbelief as the supposed “victim” slithers out from under it. He does not see the multi-tipped cutting weapon that pierces his left side as he is ambushed from behind by the woman, who has now transformed into the likeness of Zarana. On cue, the downed man is now rising to his feet, his appearance altered into that of Zandar. As the hero collapses in agony, Zartan’s brother rewards him with a merciless kick to the ribs. One of Duke’s fellow soldiers moves to the rear of the van only to be confronted by the sound of roaring engines. The Dreadnoks are now approaching by foot and machine through all the destruction wrought by the Cobranarchists, wicked grins crossing their dark features. They are here at The Hague to reacquire the Baroness and Crystal Ball.

Summary by Sean Eley