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GI JOE #03


YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-GIJOE03-03

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: February 2017
Series: Revolution - GI Joe season 5 Series
Issue Number: 03

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The Joe team fights the Dreadnoks in Mongolia and Rock 'n' Roll is successful in capturing Crystal Ball. Gung-Ho and Lady Jaye in Athens, Greece begin fighting Dire Wraiths at a Cobra rally. And at the Joe base, Skywarp is just about to receive his repairs from Grand Slam and Doc, Sr. when it all goes wrong and an explosion occurs. Doc sacrifices himself to save Grand Slam and huge secret he has been keeping is revealed.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Salvo, the IDW continuity version is from Samoa and female.

GI Joe Files : Shipwreck with Polly
The Hasbro Tribune interviews Transformer's writer Mairghread Scott.

The Baroness appears in the "previously" section but not in the direct story of GI Joe #3.

Major Players

GI Joe Cover Girl, Doc, Sr (Carl Greer), Doc (Carla Greer), Grand Slam, Gung-Ho, Lade Jaye, Quick Kick, Roadblock, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Scarlett, Salvo

Cobra: Crystal Ball, Buzzer, Torch, Ripper, Burn Out, Clyde "Gnaw" Hyde, Road Pig, Zandar, Zarana

Transformer: Skywarp

Creative Team

Writer: Aubrey Sitterson
Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis
Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski
Letterer: Chris Mowry
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover A: Art by Aaron Conley, Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription A): Art by Giannis Milonogiannis
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Subscription B): Art by Paolo Villanelli, Colors by John-Paul Bove
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Retailer Incentive): Art by Brandon Graham
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

In Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the Joe team of Cover Girl, Doc (Carla Greer), Quick Kick, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Roadblock are fighting citizens that are mind controlled by Crystal Ball. They are trying not to hurt the citizens. Meanwhile, the Dreadnoks are also attacking with Crystal Ball standing on a balcony screaming orders. Rock ‘n’ Roll fights Road Pig, Cover Girl punches Buzzer, Roadblock deflects a sword attack by Zanzibar and Quick Kick continues his battle with Clyde "Gnaw" Hyde

In Athens, Greece, Lady Jaye and Gung-Ho attend a rally where they all put on capes with the Cobra logo on the back. The leader, on stage, preaches the goodness of joining Cobra and turns into a Dire Wraith right in front of the crowd. Many of the crowd around them also turns into Dire Wraith. Gung-Ho throws off his cape and rips off his T Shirt and begins to fight. Lady Jaye pulls out her electrified javelin.

In Mongolia, Torch tries to light up the Joes but Doc tackles him before his flamethrow goes off. Rock ‘n’ Roll rushes up the stairs to get to Crystal Ball. He uses his rifle to knock out Burn Out. As he grabs him, Crystal Ball touches the center of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s forehead. As flashes of Rock ‘n’ Roll shooting Grand Slam appear in his head he punches Crystal Ball and throws him over his shoulder. Ripper shoots blades at Quick Kick, who is able catch them and throw them back at him. Roadblock defeats several citizens as the rest of the Joe team follows Rock ‘n’ Roll out of the building. Cover Girl is missing.

In Lemuria, Transformer Skywarp is sitting waiting for Grand Slam and Doc, Sr. (Carl Greer) to fix his teleportation functionality. They hit the active button, a huge charge flows into Skywarp, and an explosion occurs that sprays debris at them. Doc jumps in front of Grand Slam, who is in a wheel chair after being shot by Rock ‘n’ Roll, (See Issue GI Joe #1 Volume 5), the debris is deadly. Doc, Sr. turns into a Dire Wraith as he is dying. His dying words as Grand Slam holds the Dire Wraith known as Doc, Sr. “Listen to me, She doesn’t know, you have to tell her she can be whatever she wants.”

In another part of the base, Scarlett is giving a introductory tour to the newest member of the Joe team, Salvo. Who is much taller and wider then Scarlett and a female Samoan. She receives a call from Skywarp to immediately report to the lab.

Back in Mongolia, Roadblock and Quick Kick are holding the door closed from the outside keeping their attackers trapped inside. Rock ‘n’ Roll is still trying to subdue Crystal Ball, who keeps trying to hypnotize Rock ‘n’ Roll. Just as the door is about to be busted down, Cover Girl arrives in open top Jeep. All of the Joes pile in with Rock ‘n’ Roll throwing Crystal Ball in the back just as they rush off all of the Dreadnoks with Zarana leading, charge after them on their motorcycles.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen