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GI JOE #01



Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: September 2016
Series: Revolution - GI Joe season 5 Series
Issue Number: 01

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The Joes are working on a Dire Wraith scanner. Scarlett sends Lady Jaye and Gung-Ho on a mission to Greece. Roadblock and his team are headed on a mission to Inner Mongolia where they are going investigate a group called the Dreadnoks.

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Notes of Interest

This issue starts Season/Volume 5 of the IDW continuity.

In the Previously section, Wild Bill is shown, who is a Dire Wraith and dead. Rock 'n' Roll shoots Grand Slam.

First Appearance of the Red Shadows as Arashikage Ninjas and reference to Dr. X (the Action Man villain).

First Appearance of the Dreadnoks including Road Pig, Buzzer, and several others.

First Appearance of Gung-Ho

First time Carl Greer and his daughter Carla Greer, both named Doc, appear together in a scene.

A GI Joe Files of Scarlett appears: all personal information other then gear description is redacted.

The Hasbro Tribune appears with an interview with GI Joe writer Aubrey Sitterson.

Hasbro Universe December Check List appears with the subtitle Reconstruction: Universe United, Universe Divided: ROM #7, GI Joe #1, MASK #2, Revolutionaries #1, Optimus Prime #2, Transformers: Lost Light #1, Transformers: Till All Are One #6, Micronauts #8

GI Joe #1 has the RECONSTRUCTION logo on it. This logo identifies which comics are part of the new shared Hasbro Comic Crossover Universe.

Major Players

GI Joes: Cover Girl, Dial Tone (female version), Doc (Carla Greer), Doc (Carl Greer), Grand Slam, Gung-Ho, Helix, Lady Jaye, Quick Kick, Roadblock, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Shipwreck & Polly, Snake Eyes

Transformer & GI Joe teammate: Skywarp

Cobra: Crystal Ball. & Dreadnoks - Road Pig, Buzzer, Burn Out, Clyde "Gnaw" Hyde

Others: Arashikage Ninja (Dire Wraiths)

Creative Team

Writer: Aubrey Sitterson
Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis
Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski
Letterer: Chris Mowry
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover A: Art by Ariel Olivetti
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription A): Art by Aaron Conley, Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Subscription B): Art by Andrew Griffith, Colors by Josh Perez
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Sketch Cover): Blank Cover
Cover Company: IDW

Cover E (Retailer Incentive A): Art by Sara Pitre-Durocher
Cover Company: IDW

Cover F (Retailer Incentive B): Art by Sonny Liew
Cover Company: IDW

Cover G (Retailer Incentive C): Art by Paul Pope, Colors by Lovern Kindzierski after Leialoha
Cover Company: IDW

Cover H (Retailer Exclusive A): Art by Jae Lee
Cover Company: Kwanchang.com

Cover I (Retailer Exclusive B): Art by Marat Mychaels, Colors by Juan Nunez after McFarlane
Cover Company: Vegas Comics - Planet Awesome - planetawesomecollectibles.com

Full Details

In Tokyo, Roadblock, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Doc (Carla Greer) are chasing three red ninjas. One ninja turns and has four arms throwing throwing stars from each hand. Several hit Rock ‘n’ Roll in the arm and it gets him mad. Doc scans to see if they have any infection connected to them. The second set of arms protects the red ninja from the bullets and the damage to skin reveals that it’s a robot ninja. Roadblock points out these are not Arashikage Red Ninjas but Red Shadows with Dr. X upgrades with Cybertronian technology mixed in (See Action Man #4 for who Dr. X is). As the team contacts Helix for more support, three more multi-armed ninjas in green drop in behind them. Helix dispatches Snake Eyes to fight the ninjas. Firing his Uzi and slicing with his sword he takes out several. A four armed ninja with four swords turns and runs away the whole team chases. They follow into what turns out to be a trap. Now surrounded, Roadblock opens up with his big Cybertronion looking gun. And Rock ‘n’ Roll calls in aerial support.

Above Tokyo, a purple jet plane responds and lands right next them. It is Transformer, Skywarp, a full member of the GI Joe team, who quickly kills the ninjas. The Tokyo Police department shows up to help clean up. Skywarp takes off refusing to give Rock ‘n’ Roll a ride.

Later under the ocean in a weird looking submarine called Lemuria, Shipwreck is feeding Cover Girl, Gung-Ho and Lady Jaye another version of sea weed and an unknown type of fish. None of them like his cooking including Polly, his bird. Scarlett arrives to continue the complaining about the food. She gives Gung-Ho and Lady Jaye a mission to head to Athens, Greece where violent outbreaks of extremists have started. And she wants observers on the ground, they going under cover as backpacking ex pats and as a romantic couple. Dial Tone [in the IDW Continuity Dial Tone is female] arrives to give an update that has been translated from Chinese. Scarlett doesn’t trust the translation and calls for Quick Kick as Lady Jaye and Gung-Ho head out to gear up.

In a laboratory in the Lemuria, they have a Dire Wraith contained and sedated and our taking samples of its tissue in order to create a Dire Wraith detector. Doc, Carl Greer, is working with Grand Slam, who’s head is bandaged and sitting in a chair. When Carl Greer’s daughter, Carla Greer also know as Doc, enters asking about the progress. Her recent attempts in the field in Tokyo at detecting Dire Wraiths were not successful. The detectors seem to inconsistently read the Joes as humans then as wraiths. Rock ‘n’ Roll enters the room both Docs make an exit. Rock ‘n’ Roll walks up to the sitting Grand Slam asking if they can talk. Grand Slam rolls away refusing to talk to him, he is in wheel chair. (In the Revolution GI Joe One shot Rock ‘n’ Roll shoots Grand Slam thinking he was a Dire Wraith.)

In the workout room of the Lemuria, Quick Kick has just finished translating the message for Scarlett. The Chinese are reaching out to GI Joe for help. They have a problem near Mongolia.

In Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, a man with terrible teeth is talking through a megaphone that translates into Mongolian. He is preaching about how the world has changed it’s been invaded by aliens, robots and all kinds of crazy events. Governments and military can no longer protect its citizens. The guy with the megaphone introduces himself as Crystal Ball and their savior, he is surrounded by the Dreadnoks including Buzzer, Road Pig, Burn Out and Clyde "Gnaw" Hyde.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen