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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: January 2017
Series: Revolution - ROM Series
Issue Number: Annual

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Not a G.I.Joe related story as it takes place two hundred years before Rom’s arrival on Earth on the planet Elonia.

The Dire Wraiths attack Elonia with an unknown meteoroid weapon that infects the planet’s inhabitants and turns them into Wraiths. ROM’s family becomes Wraiths and he finds the ore they were seeking. When ROM touches the ore it creates armor and weapons for him. His friends also are transformed into knights. ROM returns to the Solstar Order and more knights are created.

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Notes of Interest

No G.I.Joe references.

Major Players

ROM, Livia, Orphion

Additional characters: Benna, Shah, Reyn, Fy-Laa, Whrr, Diavod, Maur, Q’B, Imperiator Cariax, Prim,

Creative Team

"The Origin of Rom Cold Fire"

Plot and Script: Christos Gage & Chris Ryall
Pencils: David Messina
Colors: Alessandra Alexakis & David Messina
Inks: Michele Pasta
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editorial Assist: David Mariotte
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by David Messina
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Art by JK Woodward
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Meteoroids penetrate the impenetrable energy shield that protects the planet Elonia. Rom, who loves geology, is not at home. His brother Reyn begins to collect rocks for him to study. His parents are cautious but do not know what to think of the event. Reyn brings a meteoroid to his parents, it is glowing.

Rom, Livia and Fy-Laa are excited about the meteoroid shower, especially Rom. He heads home to see it erupt in a gigantic explosion right in front of him.

The Solstar order investigates the site. Orphion and Diavod find Rom’s mother. She is miraculously alive but appears to be mutating.

The survivors of the attack are taken to the Solstar medical center. Rom, Livia and Fy-Laa watch as she is treated. Inside the quarantine tent, Rom’s mother awakens. She is a Wraith. She kills those tending to her.

The other victims sit up and begin to awaken. They are all Dire Wraiths also. Diavod tells Rom and his friends to run. Rom’s former mother taunts him from behind the glass observation deck. She smashes through and attacks. Rom takes Diavod’s Neutralizer and blasts her.

Maur and Q’B arrive and finish her off. The rest of the flying wraiths escape.

Orphion , Diavod, Rom, and the others meet with Imperator Carax. Caraz reveals they knew of the Wraith threat, but could not warn people, and now they must fight.

Rom, Livia and Fy-Laa train to be knights. Rom wants to go to the field to fight. Diavod and Orphion agree.

Livia and Rom’s romantic relationship grows, much to the dismay of Fy-Laa whose race no longer have such desires.

Prim, who is of a cat like race, and Butin are assigned to an island volcano. Rom, Livia and Fy-Laa are sent to the site of his former home at the Thrail mineral mine. Rom wanted a real mission and he and Prim object. Livia suggests there are ways they can “pass the time.”

The trio go to the mine with inferior neutralizers. The mark three weapons are not yet available in large numbers, the model they carry will have to do.

The mine is seemingly a rookie assignment. Then the Wraith attack. Livia calls Orphion but the Wraith have blocked communications. The three are on their own. Livia is injured and loses an eye. Rom blasts a hole in the ground and the three plunge below.

Rom’s father and the other Wraith sense that the ore they are after is below. They follow.

Rom raises his Neutralizer but it has no charge. He picks up a random rock to battle the Wraith. The rock causes him to transform soon he is completely covered in a silver armor. The Wraith think he is dead and go to retrieve the ore.

Rom awakens. His weapon is now a part of his armor and he blasts the Wraith.Livia and Fy-Laa have no choice. They find ore and they too are transformed. With their newfound powers and armor they defeat the Wraith.

Livia accepts her new form with relish. Soon the other knights of the Solstar Order use the remaining ore to change themselves. They can morph their form to their liking. Rom is the only one who has internal weapons but Livia and the rest are eager for battle.

Rom returns to his former home and fires into the planet core. He creates a beacon, a memorial to his family and home. As a Knight of the Solstar Order he now has a duty to find all Wraiths and erase them from the universe.

Summary by Ted Jacobson