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ROM #05


YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-ROM5-05

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: November 2016
Series: Revolution - ROM Series
Issue Number: 5

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After the battle in Revolution #5, Rom continues his fight against Dire Wraiths. He returns to Camilla Byers home to help her fight the Wraith infection. But he is to late, it has mostly taken her. He has to decide to neutralizer her when help arrives.

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Notes of Interest

In ROM-Comments the two Space Knights that arrive at the end are named Orphion (The snake guy), Livia (gun armored one), but not actually named in the issue.

Major Players

ROM's Team: ROM, Camilla Byers, Orphion (The snake guy), Livia (gun armored one)

Transformers: Windblade, Soundwave, Optimus Prime

Action Man

GI Joe: Mainframe, Scarlett, Roadblock, Grunt, Beach Head

Creative Team

"ROM #5"

Plot and Script: Christos Gage & Chris Ryall
Pencils & Inks: Paolo Vilanelli
Colors: Alessandra Alexakis
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editorial Assist: David Mariotte
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Bob Layton, Colors by Mike Cavallaro
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription A): Art by David Messina
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Subscription B): Art by Jeffrey Veregge
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Subscription C): Art by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Cover E (Retail Incentive): Art by Nick Percival
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

The story picks up right after the events of Revolution #5, See Issue 1

The Joes depart from the battleground leaving Rom and the Transformers to return to their duties. Beach Head appears to have his own agenda against the new aliens threatening the Earth and is prepared to wage his own battles with the Wraiths and any other invader.

Rom continues to battle the Wraiths now that they are leaderless. He destroys two careless Wraiths who kill and take over humans repeatedly, first they are street musicians, then a tourist couple and then a cab driver falls to their rampage.

Rom returns to the home of Darby Mason to help her rid herself of the Wraith infection. He is too late as she turns right in front of him and the Wraith taking her over battles Rom. Rom wants to spare Camilla if he can. For a moment Camilla regains control of her body but only for a moment. The Wraith renews its attack and Rom throws the creature to the ground. He is about to use his neutralizer when he is interrupted by two new Solstar Knights who encourage him to end the battle quickly. They have come as reinforcements to help Rom wipe the planet clean of Wraiths.

Summary by Ted Jacobson