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ROM #0


YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-ROM0-00

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: MAY 2016
Series: Revolution - ROM Series
Issue Number: 00

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ROM #0
ROM lands on Earth and is almost immediately attacked by humans. Using his Energy Analyzers he detects that several of the humans are actually Dire Wraiths. After a brief fight ROM destroys the Dire Wraiths leaving the humans alive but amazed at what they just witnessed.

Action Man #1 Prologue
Action Man helped by Agent Ian Noble is fighting to prevent the launch of a missile that will destroy thousands of people. Action Man crawls into the missile as it launches leaving Agent Noble behind to watch it explode up in the air.

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Alternate Covers

What is pictured is the back cover of the Free Comic Book Day book of the cover above. Not a Alternate or variant cover.

Notes of Interest

Free Comic Book Day 2016

Early Head and Body Studies of ROM by David Messina

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Action Man introductory commentary by John Barber

Inside Cover Blurb for ROM:
Far, far away in another galaxy, the knights of the Solstar Order, defenders of justice and truth, have been ambushed by the evil magicians, the Dire Wraiths. The Solstar Order has prevailed and is now seeking out their scattered enemies.

One of these knights has followed the trail of the Dire Wraiths all the way to Earth. This one, the Dire Wraiths fear more than all the others. This one has hounded them and kept them underground for centuries. This one alone could wipe them off the face of creation.

He is ROM.
Lord of the Solstar Order.
ROM, the Wraithslayer.

Major Players


Officer Camilla Byers, Officer Omar Ruiz, a unnamed soldier

Action Man #1
Action Man Team: Action Man, Agent Ian Noble

Others: Prime Minister of England, Director Bestley,

Creative Team

ROM #0
"Earthfall: Prelude"

Plot and Script: Chris Ryall & Christos Gage
Pencils, Inks & Colors: David Messina
Additional Inks: Michele Pasta
Letters: Shawn Lee
Publisher: Ted Adams

Action Man #1 Prologue
"To the Victor the Spoils"
Writer: John Barber
Art by: Chris Evenhuis
Letters by: Shawn Lee

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Zach Howard, Colors by Nelson Daniel
Back of Cover A: Art by Chris Evenhuis
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

ROM #0
In Northern California along the coast; two police officers respond to what they believe is a bonfire. As they arrive an armored transport arrives next to them with four military type soldiers. They spotlight a tall silver robot who is speaking a language they don’t understand. As he begins to translate to English, they shoot him knocking him down by catching off guard. He fires up his Energy Analyzers sending out waves of red energy that detect three of the four soldiers are actually Dire Wraiths. These soldiers highlighted in the red energy along with the guns look different than normal humans.

The Dire Wraiths know this space knight as ROM. And fire at him again. But his Neutralizer sings and destroys the weapons and two of the soldiers/Dire Wraiths. The human one in the middle survives. Hiding behind the trees are officers Camilla Byers and Omar Ruiz, along with one soldier that turns out to be a Dire Wraith. The soldier actually transforms from his human form into the Dire Wraith form. Which is an eyeless, huge mouth, muscle bound, talon clawed hand, two legged creature that grows red wings when it steals a lifeforce.

Officer Ruiz is grabbed by the Dire Wraith and is eaten, which gives the Dire Wraith a surge in strength and grows his blood red wings. He moves to attack another human.

ROM moves to defend the surviving human soldier as the Dire Wraith tackles him. But ROM has been regularly fighting Dire Wraiths and the one attacking him is actually a young one. So he easy grabs the Dire Wraith, flies high up above the ocean, punches the Dire Wraith away from him, then pulling out his Neutralizer again he destroys the Dire Wraith.

He returns to the ground as the soldier and Officer Byers ask him if they are being invaded. ROM explains that Earth has already been invaded and the war against the Dire Wraiths is just beginning. And ROM has come to make the human war his own.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

Action Man #1 Prologue
At MI:6 headquarters in London, the Prime Minister and Agent Bestley are listening in as Action Man is fighting his way through Doctor X’s lab that holds an anti-matter device set to launch. Agent Ian Noble, who has been undercover, is helping him. After dispatching several X’s (Doctor X’s soldiers) they get to the launcher. With less than a minute to spare Action Man climbs into the missile saying good bye to Ian in person and Agent Bestley over the communication channel. The missile launches and blows up almost right away with Action Man inside.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen