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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: April 2017
Series: Revolution - Optimus Prime Series
Issue Number: 06

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The Junkicons and Autobots battle it out as Metrotitan destroys the Junkicon ship. Marissa Faireborn, Flint, Chameleon and Thundercracker arrive after the battle with a plan of action to help the Transformers.

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Notes of Interest

Talon is former member of the Earth Defense Command and character created in the Transformers comic, who is now a GI Joe.

Major Players

GI Joe: Talon, Flint and Chameleon (Erika Le Tene)

Transformers: Arcee, Frenzy, Metrotitan, Rumble, Optimus Prime, Wreck-Gar, Rum-Maj, Soundwave, Victorion (Combiner), Midnight Express, Slide, Gimlet, Roulette and the deceased Oiler, Thundercracker, Jazz

Other: Marissa Fairborn, Buster the Dog, President of the US

Creative Team

"New Cybertron End: Feel Safe Without Regrets"

Written by: John Barber
Art by: Kei Zama
Colors by: Josh Burcham
Letters by: Tom B. Long
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Kei Zama, Colors by Josh Burcham
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription A): Art by Casey W. Collier, Colors by John-Paul Bove
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Subscription B): Art by Andrew Griffith, Colors by Josh Perez
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Retailer Incentive): Art by Jin Kim
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Full Summary can be read at Transformers Wiki tfwiki.net. See Issue Optimus Prime #6

Editor’s Note = (info in parentheses) is in comic character descriptions, [Info in brackets] are my comments

Above Matterhorn Mountain in Europe, Transformers Frenzy (Sonic Attack) and Rumble (Earthquake Attack) are inside the Junkicons ship, both are damaged from fighting but the Junkicons soldiers have left them alone. In another section of the ship, Arcee (Fighting for her friends life) has cornered Wreck-Gar (Junkicon Patriarch), she is holding a sword to his throat as Frenzy and Rumble come upon them.

Outside the Junkicon ship, a massive battle between Autobots and Junkicons is happening. Metrotitan (Autobot City) [a massive space ship Transformer] is destroying the Junkicon ship, Aileron (Saving Presidents) is protecting the several Presidents including the US President and Talon (GI Joe Field Leader) rushes to support Aileron.

As the battle comes to a conclusion, the Autobots assemble together with the GI Joe team and the Presidents. Victorion (Combiner), Midnight Express, Slide, Gimlet, Roulette and the deceased Oiler along with Optimus Prime start to help clean up the destroyed Junkicons. Soundwave is able to talk to some of the Junkicon soldiers telling them to stop fighting.

In Italy, Flint (Warrant Officer) and Chameleon [Erika Le Tene] (Intelligence) watch as the remaining Junkicon soldiers fly away. On the ground, Marissa Faireborn (Ex-Earth Defense Commander) [ Flint’s daughter] with Buster (dog) and Transformer Thundercracker (Taking in the Sights) talk about how all Transformers seem to do is fight and destroy parts of Earth.

Back inside the Junkicon ship, Acree and Wreck-Gar are furiously fighting as a swarm of Junkicon soldiers come streaming at Arcee. Victorion comes busting through the side of the ship to help Acree fight the soldiers. Rum-Maj arrives to help Wreck-Gar escape but Arcee decapitates him.

Optimus Prime and Mum-Raj meet up. Prime opens his chest and the Matrix of Leadership shines out. He speaks of creating peace and his disappointment at how annexing Earth has not worked out very well for anyone. Optimus Prime orders Metrotitan to put down the Junkicon ship and Mum-Raj orders the Junkicons to stand down.

Jetfire (Warrior/Scientist) and Aileron wonder if the peace will last. Marissa and Buster arrive in Thundercracker where she begins to reveal an idea that can work for everyone.

In Mexico City, Jazz (Kind of Blue) has been following around a lady, who during a battle he hurt by accident, she is an intern at a cable news station and asks him to tell his side of the Cybertronian story.

The Bikni Atoll, a week later, Marissa in her Earth Defense Command uniform is monitoring the resettlement of the Transformers into a old EDC base, it’s a new refuge for the Transformers.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen