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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: February 2017
Series: Revolution - Optimus Prime Series
Issue Number: 04

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Optimus Prime begins to work a plan to bring Earth into the Council of Worlds. Marissa and Flint continue to talk about her mother, their non-existent relationship and she warns him the deal that the Earth Defense Command/GI Joe is making with the Transformers and Junkicons is a no win situation for Earth. The Junkicons attack.

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Notes of Interest

Marissa Faireborn’s mother is talked about but not named. Lady Jaye is also ruled out as the mother based on the back story conversion.

Major Players

GI Joe: Mainframe, Flint, Chameleon, Hi-Tech

Earth Defense Command/GI Joe: Talon, Spike,

Transformers: Optimus Prime, Aileron, Soundwave, Arcee, Jetfire, Pyra Magne, Thundercracker, Wreck-Gar, Rum-Maj, Cosmos, Rumble, Frenzy, Roulette, Midnight Express, Oiler, Slide, Gimlet, Bump, Sideswipe

Other Transformers: Skyburst, Rust Dust, Stormclash, Jumpstream, Dust Up, Sky Lynx

Others: D.O.C., Marissa Faireborn, Buster, President of the United States

Creative Team

"New Cybertron Part 4: Dance Among the Shadows"

Written by: John Barber
Art by: Alex Milne
Colors by: Josh Burcham
Letters by: Tom B. Long
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: Ted Adams

Cover Credits
Cover A: Art by Kei Zama, Colors by Josh Burcham
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription A): Art by Casey W. Collier, Colors by Joana LaFuente
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Subscription B): Art by Andrew Griffith, Colors by Josh Perez
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Retailer Incentive): Art by Nelson Daniel
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

Full Summary can be read at Transformers Wiki tfwiki.net. See Issue Optimus Prime #4

Long Summary. Editor’s Note = (info in parentheses) is in comic character descriptions, [Info in brackets] are my comments

Inside the Transformer's Junkicon ship, Cosmos (Disgruntled Observer), Rumble (Earthquake Attack) and Frenzy (Sonic Attack) are fighting a losing battle against the Junkicons soldiers. Cosmos is unsuccessful in contacting Soundwave with a warning. Junkicon leaders Rum-Maj (Junkicon Matriarch) and Wreck-Gar (Junkicon Patriarch) are planning on meeting up with Optimus Prime to in order to discuss dividing up Earth.

Optimus Prime (Autobot Leader) and Aileron (Idealist) return through the space bridge to Earth from Cybertron. A whole group of Autobots including Pyra Magna (Leader of the Torchbearers), Jetfire (Warrior/Scientist), Arcee (Cautiously Optimistic) and Roulette, Midnight Express, Oiler, Slide, Gimlet and Bump ([all] Colonist Soldiers) all want to hear the news from Cybertron. Optimus Prime is rushed to a meeting with Jetfire and gets briefed on the Junkicon ship and Soundwave’s activities. He orders Soundwave to gather Earth’s leaders for a meeting. With reluctance and doubt, Soundwave begins to attempt to bring Earth’s divided leadership to one place for one meeting.

At the Junkicon ship near the Matterhorn in Europe, Mainframe (Computer Specialist) along with Earth Defense Command veterans Talon (Field Leader) and Spike (Special Warfare) are unsuccessfully working to get a read on the ship and unable to communicate with Cosmos, Frenzy or Rumble who have not returned from entering the ship.

In Cairo, Egypt, Thundercracker (Taking in the Sights), is following Marissa Faireborn (Ex-Earth Defense Commander) as she shops in an open air market, Buster (Dog) is with her. Thundercracker is talking to her about her father, he doesn’t really understand the father/mother/child dynamic. She explains that her father, Dashiell Faireborn aka Flint got her mother pregnant and her mother never told him about her. She also references that her mother is a drunk. Which Thundercracker also fails to understand. She continues saying as an adult she tracked down Flint, but a few years ago when he joined GI Joe and then Megatron invaded Earth, she lost track of him. When GI Joe was put in charge of the Earth Defense Command, she lost her job, he resurfaced in her life. She was able to connect back to him with the help of Ayana Jones aka Mayday, the current leader of a squad Earth Defense Command Joes, Transformers and Micronauts defending Earth. [ See Issue Revolutionaries #1]

Above the Junkicon ship, Optimus Prime is talking with Aileron about a method to bring Earth to becoming a full member of the Council of Worlds. An agreement with the Junkicons on Earth is the perfect basis for that entry.

Flint (Warrant Officer) and Chameleon (Intelligence) are flying in a Skyhawk to the Junkicon ship, Flint just meet with his daughter. [See Issue Optimus Prime #3 ] She wants to know more about her, but Flint doesn’t want to talk about it. When Thundercracker in jet mode comes flying up next to them. Marissa in the pilot’s seat points to the ground asking them to land.

In the Catteorale di Palermo, Chameleon is playing with Buster as Thundercracker confirms that their plan to get Flint and Marissa talking again worked. Flint, who never knew Marissa existed, is surprised that Marissa has his last name. Marissa doesn’t like her mother much again referencing to much drinking. She then turns the conversation to the Transformers. She believes they are going to take over the world and Flint’s team is getting involved in a no win situation for humans and Earth.

The next day at Autobot City in Monument Valley, Utah, several heads of state from around Earth including the President of the United States have meet with Optimus Prime in order to begin working on forming an alliance on Earth that can be used to make a deal with the Junkicons and eventually with the Council of Worlds.

The Junkicon shuttle arrives Wreck-Gar holding an almost destroyed Cosmos confronts Optimus Prime. The other Transformers immediately attack the shuttle. At the Matterhorn, Hi-Tech (Operations Support) and Mainframe get a reading from the Junkicon ship just as doors open and a swarm of Junkicon soldiers come rushing out.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen