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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-8THEFALL-08

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: April 2015
Series: G.I. Joe Season 4
Issue Number: 8

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Isaac releases on Youtube a video that shows the attack on Rashidov, Rashidov’s wife and himself that is ordered by Tomax. This destroys the Cobra sponsored peace agreement and forces Cobra out of the Galibi-Shleteva area, a major defeat for Tomax. Scarlett doesn’t let Siren escape Cobra. The Baroness loves that Tomax has had such problems. Flint’s team wraps up and heads home. Duke and Big Ben decide that their mission is not over until they bring down Tomax. Isaac sets everything right with Rashidov, gets support from Joshua Spinetti and escapes out of Galibi only to find himself sitting next to Duke and Big Ben who all have mutual aims.

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Notes of Interest

A goodbye thank you page from Karen Traviss

Pin up page of Flint’s team with Helix at the center.

Major Players

Joes: Flint, General Colton, Helix, Mainframe, Roadblock, Scarlett
Non-GI Joe: Duke, Big Ben

Cobra: Cadet Isaac Craft, Siren, Baroness, Tomax, Emil, a Cobra Agent

Others: Joshua Spinetti, Nick, (Operational Support), Galibi Separatists: Grigor Rashidov, Stasik, Victor, Senator Anson, President Shefer (Galibi),

Creative Team

"The Fall of GI Joe Part 8"

Writer: Karen Traviss
Artist: Steve Kurth
Colorist: Kito Young
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber
Special Thanks to Max Brooks

Cover Credits:
Cover A: Artist: Jeffrey Veregge
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Dheeraj Verma
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

-- Southern Galibi: One Day after Grigor Rashidov’s emergency surgery
Isaac is downloading and viewing the Cobra Black Ops team’s camera footage. The footage shows the Cobra soldiers receiving an order directly from Tomax (who can only be heard) to take them all out. No witnesses. Stasik asks Isaac to visit Rashidov and thanks him for saving the life of his friend. Isaac then after a conversion with him asks Rashidov to record a message.

-- GI Joe Safe House, Galibi: Next Day
Scarlett sends a message to Flint through Mainframe, that they are supposed to snatch Isaac and take him directly to the American Embassy. Mainframe remembers the last time they tried to extract Isaac. (See GI Joe Season 3 #13)

-- Cobra Consulate, London
Siren is downloading Tomax’s files, but the Baroness is in the computer room monitoring the activity. And she can easily guess what Siren is up to and why. But she let’s Siren get away with Tomax’s data. Later at Siren’s home, Scarlett is waiting for the data. Unfortunately, she has no update on her son.

-- Astakh, Southern Galibi, One Hour later
Spinetti is waiting for Isaac to bring to him the data card that came from the Cobra soldier. Isaac has included a message from Rashidov and feels like he hit the jackpot with Tomax himself giving the order. They head down into an office. He records a separate message that introduces himself and then introduces Rashidov.

-- Myuretz, Southern Galibi: Eight Hours Later.
Duke shows to Big Ben, Isaac’s video of the assassination attempt on Rashidov , on Youtube. Rashidov in his bed with bandages calls Tomax a killer and that Cobra are not peace keepers. They need to be kicked out. The world now knows that Cobra is not what it seems. Flint’s team is watching it also.

-- London 700 Hours
Scarlett is also watching the Youtube video of Isaac. Tomax calls Siren screaming at her to fix the mess her son has created. She hangs up on Tomax, calling Scarlett telling her to get her out now. Scarlett tells her she has to sit tight and do her job. She will get her and Isaac out later. The Baroness is waiting in the lobby of the building as Siren enters, asking if she can help. Siren begins to prepare a rebuttal.

-- Russell Senate Office Building, Washington DC
Senator Anson, who is in favor of shutting down the GI Joe team, is talking with General Colton about the effects of this whole event on Cobra, the oil industry and whether it’s a good idea to close GI Joe. Cobra as threat is obviously still real.

-- Southern Galibi
Riots are happening around all of the oil facilities, Cobra troops are defending them, Molotov cocktails are burning Cobra armored supply trucks and Tomax is loudly lying that the video is a complete fake, its not his voice. And that Cobra has the right to defend itself against such attacks.

-- Operational Support Office, Astakh
Joshua Spinetti and Nick are packing up the office. They are the ones who Isaac trusts but they both agree they never want to cross him. He is mean, vicious and deadly. But they believe that if they arm him and let him loose on Cobra nature will take its course.

-- CIA video analysis: Location Classified
They have no way of identifying where the video was taken, nor what IP address it can be traced back to. They don’t feel like there is much to do, so the analysis is closed.

-- President Shefer’s office, Galibi, Later that day
Tomax is answering and lying to questions about his involvement and knowledge regarding Isaac and Rashidov. The President demands that the Cobra troops be pulled back to their barracks, he will handle the unrest with his own soldiers. Shefer admits if Rashidov had died discreetly all would have been fine, but with Cobra soldiers killing women all treaties are off.

-- Southern Galibi: Next Day
Flint and Helix are preparing to leave. They watch the Cobra vehicles pull away leaving the protesters with nothing to throw bricks at. Scarlett sends them a message to find Isaac. -- Myuretz, Southern Galibi
Duke and Big Ben are drinking beers cheering the news coverage. They believe the Cobra Black Ops team killed by Isaac where the ones who attacked their contact Victor. Duke still has unfinished business with Tomax and he wants to find Isaac. Big Ben believing the job was over supports Duke by going along with him to find Isaac. Duke pulls out the pictures he keeps in his wallet of his wife Aisha, Snake Eyes, Jinx, Bazooka and Flash.

-- Sklerd Road, Myuretz: Lunchtime
Duke and Big Ben knock on Victor’s door, they are hunting for the house that is in Rashidov’s part of the video. With very little bullying this time he tells them its in a village called Berska.

-- Operational Support Office, Astakh
Isaac is all packing up and ready to take off to continue his fight against Tomax and Cobra. Spinetti hands him a stack of chips that are not traceable. And offers him a ride.

-- Hotel Cassin, Cobra Regional HQ, Galibi
Tomax is on the phone to Emil, a Cobra Agent, explaining his plan to remain in the area and continue negotiations because once the fighting stops and Cobra’s presence is gone both of the President’s are still going to want to make a deal. What Tomax can’t figure out is what part the Baroness played in the whole event. Emil doesn’t know either but he has been keeping a close eye on her as she has been keeping a close eye Siren.

-- Berska, Southern Galibi, 1155 hours
Duke and Big Ben are scouting the home that Victor gave them. But they don’t see much activity except two unarmed guys standing outside. 10 kilometers away, Spinetti drops off Isaac so he can walk in. They both agree that neither Tomax nor Isaac forgive or forget.

-- En route to Tbilisi Georgia: Next Morning
Isaac sitting on train has Duke and Big Ben sit down next to him. Duke says that Tomax is responsible for the deaths of a lot people he cared about and they would like to explore their mutual aims. Isaac’s response “Carry on. I’m Listening”

Summary by Josh Eggebeen