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YoJoe ID: CMC-IDW-1982-6THEFALL-06

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: February 2015
Series: G.I. Joe Season 4
Issue Number: 6

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All groups are closing in on Isaac and Rashidov. The Joes with Duke and Big Ben follow a lead through Rashidov’s human communication network. Operational Support’s Joshua Spinetti tries to track him down through his contacts. But Cobra Black Ops Team Echo discovers Rashidov’s wife. And after following her, they are the first to find Rashidov and Isaac. Tomax immediately orders the team to take them out and leave no witnesses.

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Notes of Interest

Rashidov's wife is killed

Major Players

Joes: Flint, General Joe Colton, Helix, Mainframe, Roadblock, Scarlett
Non-GI Joe: Duke, Big Ben

Cobra: Cadet Isaac Craft, Siren, Tomax,

Others: Joshua Spinetti, Nick, Gina (Operational Support), Victor, Galibi Separatists: Grigor Rashidov, Stasik, Dimitri, Yuri, Rashidov wife

Creative Team

"The Fall of GI Joe Part 6"

Writer: Karen Traviss
Artist: Steve Kurth
Colorist: Kito Young
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber
Special Thanks to Max Brooks

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Jeffrey Veregge
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B (Subscription): Artist: Dheeraj Verma
Cover Company: IDW

Full Details

-- Dagil, Schleteva: Cobra News Conference
Tomax is announcing a major peace agreement between Schleteva and Galibi. He believes the economic growth that will rise from the peace treaty will raise the living standards of all in both countries. Tomax continues saying “one task remains however – to bring the ethnic Schletevans of Southern Galibi on board.” He announces that both leaders have agreed to discuss a stake in the new energy company created to manage the oil pipeline. He directly invites Grigor Rashidov to meet with Cobra.

-- Rashidov’s temporary headquarters, Southern Galibi
Rashidov, his lieutenant Stasik, Dimitri and Isaac are watching the news report and the invitation. He makes a decision that union with Schleteva is not negotiable.

-- Governor’s Island
Scarlett knocks on General Joe Colton’s door, she shows him a picture of Isaac Craft, Siren’s son, who they believe is responsible for the bombing in Galibi. She informs him they got the picture from Duke and Big Ben, who were working as private contractors. She continues saying she has no plans to share Isaac’s identity with any other agency including Operational Support. Colton is still concerned with how Duke pays his wife’s bills, since they didn’t part on good terms, he is suspect. Scarlett suggests she go to London to contact Siren and use whatever technique works to get some information out of her. Colton agrees and authorizes the action.

-- In London
Siren, looking at her son’s picture, is crying wishing he knew his father.

-- Cobra Black Ops Team Echo, Southern Galibi
The leader is reporting to Tomax that their most recent contact has escaped and they were attacked. He believes they were trained professionals that attacked them. He does share good news. He believes they have located Rashidov’s wife. They are currently delivering supplies to the local village she lives in.

-- Bar Global, Sklero Road, North Myuretz
Big Ben and Roadblock are listening to Victor talk as he recovers from being beaten up by the Cobra squad. Victor explains what he was explaining to the Cobra squad that in order to get in contact with Rashidov, he contacts one guy and waits for a response. Big Ben, who is posing as an oil engineer, wants the contact information. After a little bit of bullying, Victor gives him the name of Dosken. As Roadblock and Big Ben leave they talk about how the phones are now bugged.

-- Operational Support, Office, NYC
Having discovered Isaac’s identity on its own Joshua Spinetti is leading a brainstorm session to figure out who is all connected to Isaac. They figure the bomb material came from Cobra because of Isaac, they know he was the driver, Cobra wants the gas deal to go through and Rashidov is in the way. Nobody knows what Cobra’s end goal is other than the profits of the pipeline. The main question is Isaac working undercover or does Rashidov know he is Cobra? Gina throws out that its possible Isaac could just be a screwed up kid doing his own thing. Spinetti, who has meet Isaac in person, instantly believes, that is what is happening and Isaac is a problem for Cobra.

-- Southern Galibi
Rashidov and several of his lieutenants are brainstorming on what they should do. The villages that support him believe they have won by being admitted into the oil deal. He agrees that an in public in front of the media meeting is the safe and secure way to proceed in order to get the fine print of the deal. Rashidov is headed to visit his wife. He invites Isaac to come along with him. They walk away from the group; Rashidov wants to know how Cobra thinks. Isaac believes that Cobra wants just enough unrest to stay and manage the gas and oil production. Isaac points out that Cobra can’t be trusted. Later, Rashidov and Stasik are actually watching a column of Cobra supply armored vehicles arrive in the town to bring aid. They are concerned about their communication change and its missing people.

-- At the Galibi airport
Spinetti is being picked up by Nick, Nick reports as he drives past a Cobra armored supply vehicle that the network has gone dark, people are missing and he is amazed that the kid Isaac Craft, who brokered a deal with Operational Supply, is actually a kid of high ranking Cobra officer.

-- Myuretz, Galibi
Duke, Big Ben and Flint’s team are all talking about Isaac. Roadblock points out that if Isaac was activity in touch with Cobra then he would have informed them about Rashidov’s location. So he can’t actually be working with Cobra. Duke cuts off the conversation saying his job is done. Flint asks him if he is keeping Cobra’s money they paid him. Which both Big Ben and Duke agree they are, they want to leave. Mainframe points out to Helix that Scarlett is ticked off that they didn’t put the connection of Siren and Isaac together way before they did.

-- Hampstead, North London
Scarlett in civilian clothing is waiting for Siren to leave work. She follows her by car. Siren pulls into a high security very fancy apartment complex. She texts Mainframe to find Isaac.

-- Hotel Cassin, Cobra Regional HQ, Galibi, next morning
Tomax is being updated on Rashidov’s wife’s movements; she is currently waiting at a bus stop, as Cobra Team Echo observes from a distance. A beat up pickup truck arrives and an old man and young man get out. They suspect its Rashidov but can’t confirm it. They link the camera to Tomax. Who instantaneously identifies Isaac, he orders them to immediately take them all out, leave no witnesses. As Rashidov hugs his wife and begins to introduce her to Isaac, one of the Cobra Squad members shoots her at the same time hitting Rashidov in the side. Isaac immediately opens up firing at the squad. They both dive into the ditch and wait. The Cobra squad comes to inspect and confirm the kills. Isaac, filled with rage, kills all five of them.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen